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    It’s a free country. But I, for one, am glad you’re staying.

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    I can’t even handle love triangles, and here’s TBogg trying to sell me on a love dodecahedron. Dude, when gossip requires a flow chart, it’s time to put down the Internetz and open a beer. ;-)

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    I liked Jesse Taylor’s tweet last night: “Harry Reid has collected all the fucks in Washington and refuses to give any of them to anyone.”

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    John Cole FTW:

    But the important thing now is to not back down. Komen is backpeddling, which is good, but it doesn’t change who they are. All that has changed is that they realized they were just a tad too brazen this time around. The nature of the beast has not changed, the same people who cut stem cell funding to Hopkins and other universities are still there, the folks who attempted to play petty partisan games by attacking Planned Parenthood are still there, and they will do the same sorts of things in the future, only this time they will try to be more sophisticated in the PR efforts. Keep up the pressure. Keep calling companies and pressuring them to drop Komen. Don’t do what liberals always do and stop just because it appears we have won. Keep your foot on their neck, no matter how many times Nancy Brinker whimpers “uncle” through mealy-mouthed PR releases. We need this to be an object lesson in pain for anyone else who wants to try some bullshit like this in the future.

    Basically, pretend you are a Republican and we are talking about ACORN.

    That’s it. (And before you point out that ACORN didn’t actually do anything wrong, let ME point out that THAT’S NOT THE POINT.) Keep the pressure on and keep the pressure on and keep the pressure on until Komen dries up and blows away.

    “We need this to be an object lesson in pain.” Because that’s how free markets are supposed to work.

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    This is a PR disaster of the kind an organization and its brand do not deserve to survive.

    The Atlantic piece mentioned by @dww44 quoted a communications guy for Komen saying that top brass figured that if they did this, the right wing would leave them alone. His tone suggests that he, himself, did not believe it, which is foolish because look at all the times that right-wing bullies have gone away once you’ve given them the first thing they ask for.

  • Oh, I think God is involved, all right. I think he’s using Tebow to pay John Fox back for being hung out to dry by Jerry Richardson (Panthers’ owner) for a year before being fired. That’s all.

    Relatedly, Bob Costas, as a matter of fact I CAN question Tebow’s faith. I just choose not to care about it all that much.

  • I’m trying to decide whether Thiessen doesn’t know he’s drawing a distinction not recognized in the applicable law and UN treaties, or whether he knows and just doesn’t care.

    I’m going with doesn’t care. That seems his speed.

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    As a 1982 Davidson College graduate and former WDAV employee, the more I read about this case, the angrier I got. NPR tried to fire Simeone … who was a freelancer … for a contractor … for the network. That’s like NPR trying to fire me. What’s more, they tried to get my alma mater [...]

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    You don’t want to be extreme? Frankly, I think we haven’t been nearly extreme enough on this.

    Also, who are you and what have you done with Scarecrow?

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    Hey, I’m just relying on the same standards of evidence as Gallagher.

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    And I’m sure that jump in out-of-wedlock births has NOTHING AT ALL to do with sbstinence-only education, which got a big push after Dubya stole took office.

  • Somewhat OT: In addition to writing “Saturday Night Special” to rail against handguns, Skynyrd also recorded “That Smell,” the best anti-drug rock ‘n’ roll song ever recorded (surpassing Steppenwolf’s “(Goddamn) the Pusher”). I always thought that instead of saying “Just Say No,” Nancy Reagan should’ve just taken that song on a boom box everywhere she [...]