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    The “looming” financial crisis that Republican’s are so worried about will happen–in the most abrupt possible way–in about a month if a budget deal isn’t reached and the US begins defaulting on its sovereign debt. Ignorance and stupidity at this level among right wingers is just plain evil.

  • Don’t get sucked into the “it’s not as bad for you as (insert your intoxicant of choice here).” The core issue is not whether toking is better or worse for you than coffee, but whether or not people should be assigned the status of “criminal,” and deprived of their libery and property, simply for using natural or chemical substances that change their state of mind.

    Then, when it comes to debating the incorporation of anti-drug sentiment into law, ask your interlocuter if they can think of a single principle that they would use to justify continued criminalization of drugs that they would choose to see applied consistently in every other area of the law to which it applies. I’ve debated the subject in many public forums over the years, and that’s the question that I’ve never gotten a single, even remotely satisfactory answer to.

    When it becomes obvious that the question cannot be answered satisfactorily, it becomes equally obvious that reason plays no role whatsoever in justifying continuation of the WOD. At it’s root, it’s all about using the law as a means of enforcing uniformity of thought while at the same time claiming to occupy the moral high ground. There is nothing moral about using coercion to manufacture conformity to an arbitrary set of norms concerning how one contols their own thoughts and emotions.