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    Boooo! He just lied that TPP would ‘protect American workers.’

  • I should have responded with thanks in that thread- I don’t know why I didn’t. I thought about it.

  • Hey, I’m the one she did the grammar nazi thing on and I…

    ….appreciated it! From now on I can state the phrase the right way. (side note- don’t always trust online google translation searches.)

    Je ne suis pas Charlie!

  • There are two things that really frustrate me about this.

    First, of course, is that it is all part of the kabuki theater, proposed only when Obama has less than zero chance to get it through Congress.

    But the other one really disturbs me. Yes, capital gains and inheritance taxe increases are good, as are fees on wall street transactions, especially speedy ones. But these are not just taxes on the 1%. They primarily affect the 1%, but they all can affect others.

    What would be a REAL increase of taxes on the 1%? Something that really would be powerful? Something that would ONLY affect the 1%?

    How about a new marginal tax rate on only the income that the 1% gets? What is it, over a half a million? Or is it higher or lower? I don’t know. But how about a 10% higher rate on that income?

    Then just make Capital Gains the same rate as earned income except for from selling one’s primary home if it is then invested in a new primary home?

    As it is, this proposal would still mean those who earn millions from capital would pay a much lower rate than those who earn hundreds of thousands from salaries. How disgusting that the Duke Brothers pay a lower rate than Louis Winthorpe III who does the work that gets them their income.

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    I do not support acts of terror by the weak and oppressed against the strong who oppress them. I do not support the murder of people engaged in the constant stream of speech that is propaganda that creates popular support for the continuing oppression and violence against the weak. I do support the right of [...]

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    PBS belongs to David Koch. Even NOVA has stopped presenting true scientific explorations and now focuses on historical revisionism.

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    Thank you! I am so sick of liberal advocating for the draft because it will stop war. It’s bad enough that too many folk are duped by the propaganda to volunteer or too many have no other real options to earn a living due to the distortions of our economy. But these supposed anti-war people [...]

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    Nope, Obama is not delusional.

    What he is is an excellent liar propagandist.

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    Oh, you make me feel better.

    I am sensitive on this, probably too sensitive.

    What kind of vacation setting do you want? I can recommend some wonderful locations for varying tastes.

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    I saw the headline on HuffPo yesterday and didn’t even waste time reading it, knowing it wasn’t true.

    But after reading this I went back and read it. The article had been re-headlined from “War Over” to “War Formally Over.” It also had some nuance in it, explaining that thousands of troops were still there and would be still engaged in combat missions.

    But the damage was done. In the comments were three kinds of response. The few astute commenters who knew this was a lie and pointed out how it was wrong.

    Then there were the Obama supporters who were either praising him for ending the war or blaming Bush for it.

    Finally there were the Bush supporters who were defending Bush from the Obama supporters attacks on Bush.

    What was frustrating was how many of those supporting Obama, praising him for this, and all thrilled by him, how many of them didn’t bother reading the article and getting the reality that the fighting continues, that USA troops remain and will still engage in combat missions. They seemed to even miss the comments around theirs that explained this. Instead they seemed to think the war was really over and isn’t Obama wonderful?

    Get this! Some of the Obama supporters were going on and on about how their great and wonderful leader had ended TWO wars now. The willingness of some folk to live in delusion is incredible.

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    I don’t have a problem with Jon. Jon is someone I expect to take seriously my complaint and no longer ignore Washington.

    It’s that this seems a universal problem. Jon is just being impacted by the national attitude to dismiss or ignore Washington. Everybody seems to act like Colorado is the only state where weed is legal. I mean the NY press didn’t send reporters to Seattle to get high. “Two and a Half Men” didn’t make a joke about Washington state when Ashton’s character encounters someone stoned.

    It’s not just with weed, either. It seems like it’s with everything.

  • There is NO due process when police are accused of crimes and will NEVER be until there is major reform. Why?

    Because due process means a proper trial of the accused whose rights are protected. The trial means a prosecution. The rights protected means a defense.

    If either of these are not there then there is no due process.

    When police are ‘tried,’ if ever gets that far, the formal prosecution is actually part of the defense because of the bias of the DA’s office to support the police due to the police being vital to anything the DA wants to accomplish. Pat Lynch’s type of behavior, typical for police, is all about intimidating DAs and other governmental figures to ALWAYS be biased for the police ‘or else.’

    So I spit on Pat Lynch and his fascist police state desires. If I was writing a shoddy novel with obvious names for characters I’d name his character, a police figure who supports the murder of Black men, exactly what he’s named. God must believe in irony.

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    …and once again the state of Washington is treated like it isn’t part of the nation.

    So weed is legal in Colorado but elsewhere in our nation the states are spending billions arresting people for using it. That makes sense since I guess Washington State is in Canada, right?

  • This Jeff Folmer fellow was on MSNBC tonight on All In With Chris Hayes (without Hayes hosting tonight.)

    He is one scary person. He didn’t seem very intelligent and he seemed totally devoid of any empathy or sympathy for Rice or Crawford. He had a presence to him that I can only describe as a Thousand Mile Fascist State.

    He demanded an apology because, according to him, the police who killed Rice and Crawford were ‘doing their duty’ and dealing with ‘males with guns’ in dangerous situations. He insisted the police were right to kill these two men and that the job of the people is to “do whatever we tell you.” In his view not instantly obeying a police officer is justification for them to kill you.

    He paid no attention to the facts that both of these victims had no time to obey, weren’t given orders, and were summarily executed simply for being black.

    It is good that I am committed to non-violence, because my gut reaction if I ever see this fellow would be to smash him in the face. Of course I wouldn’t. I am committed to non-violence. (Also I’m too intelligent to do something as stupid as that when I’m an old, fat, not very well woman and he’s a fascist cop with a gun and hordes of muscles- not to mention the ones in his skull- and he’d probably beat me up. But he probably only beat me up; I’m a white hippie. If I was a black man he might shoot me. Cops like to beat up white hippies but they like to shoot black men.)

    I understand the anger and the fury. I don’t support violence at all, but I understand it. What I don’t understand is why the furious riot where they do. Sooner or later they’ll realize and act on what I don’t even want to mention about where the rioting could occur.

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    There already is a Sunni state there. It is no better or worse than any other state there. Like all these states it has good points and bad ones, especially cruel and unusual punishment. But it is anti-USA and so we focus on its bad qualities while ignoring those dictatorships that do the same practices but are ‘our guys.’

    GET OUT. Let them deal with their own issues without the imperialistic intervention of the American Imperial Project, which always paints itself as operating for the good while really operating for the interests of the 1%.

    Who knows, maybe one day we’ll give the Islamic State most favored nation status like we eventually did the ultimate American Imperial Project’s nightmare from my youth- a unite communist Vietnam.

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    More and more the rich own the wealth of this country. This article misses a salient point- it’s not the 1%. It’s the 1/10 of 1%. A very few own vast amounts of wealth and they also run things. The link at the end of the article is to a report on how the plutocrats run things in this country and our democracy is a sham.

    Yet many people, many of my friends, think our economic and cultural problems in this country are due to the poor and not due to the rich. They have been convinced the problem is unions, especially teacher unions, or other governmental employee unions demanding job protection and their pensions. They have been convinced the problem is workers wanting higher minimum wage. They gave been convinced the real problem in our country are the most marginalized of all, the very bottom of the food chain, our own untouchables, those below our caste system- undocumented immigrants.

    But that’s not true. The threat to the economic health of the 99% comes not from the bottom but from the top.

    There’s a meme out now on Facebook and other places about how much we’d save if we deported every undocumented immigrant. It claims we’d save half a trillion in governmental spending in schools and other state spending.

    I want to call crap on that. Our problem in this country is that we spend TOO MUCH on social services. It’s that we Spend WAY TOO LITTLE and it’s because we let the 1/10 of 1% hoard their wealth. Even worse, our government GIVES them subsidies, gives them bloated contracts to build bombs that don’t add to our infrastructure but destroy others across the seas, and gives their agro-corporations vast amounts to create cheap junk foods of High Fructose Corn Syrup, Partially Hydrogenized Soybean Oil and over processed white flour, so as a nation we are sick, diseased, obese (like me… over a year of eating healthy and still suffering from previous eating.) We are destroying our biosphere with burning fossil fuels and yet our government pays vast subsidies to the oil companies and engages in endless wars to secure oil and gas in the Middle East.

    Once upon a time there was a vibrant summer recreational program in the city parks of my town. My life partner worked there during summers and I often volunteered my time simply because I wanted to be there with her. But then new leadership came in and thought it would be wise to spend LESS. Or course with spending less the program didn’t do as good as a job. Their supposed wise response to that? Why it meant they deserved LESS money and they cut the program. It only took these Scrooges a few year to entirely kill a good social service and end the program.

    We will not solve our nations’ ills by reducing what we spend on education and social services by removing the undocumented. If the demagogues got their way on this, they’d turn around and have some new poor group to blame and some new argument that we spend too much on them and we need to find a way to get rid of them.

    I know my views are not mainstream on this. I know I stand against the tide on this. I know many, even friends of mine, see me as too extreme, too radical, too far to the left, as not “American” enough. I don’t like standing against the tide. But I do anyway.

  • Obviously this ceasefire, which Putin worked for over and over, is working. Why is it obvious? Because for the last week the media and mainstream ‘news’ webpages like HuffPo have totally forgotten the Ukraine exists. You see, they don’t want to report anything that might diminish the propaganda they’ve developed about how terrible Putin is and how he’s trying to take over the Ukraine. So they’ve had a blackout on the subject.

  • Obamaites now have created this mythology that Obama did NOT want to bomb Syria a year ago and wisely, using 11 Dimension Chess, acted like he did and put it to Congress so they’d vote against it. They also now advanced the idea that Obama welcomed Putin’s peacemaking actions and worked behind the scenes with him.

    That’s all a load of crap. Obama wanted to bomb but didn’t want to take the responsibility and expected Congress to go along. He was frustrated with Putin’s finesse for peace.

    So Putin has been demonized since then and this time Obama is willing to take the heat for his actions. He is not going to Congress because he knows he doesn’t need to. Congress is happy with this, they can support him verbally without voting and then condemn him if it all goes south. That way they please their MIC masters and yet can distance themselves for the voters if public opinion turns. Obama knows he won’t have an election to worry about over this since the mid-term will happen before things can blow back enough to tarnish him. Also, he doesn’t really want a Democratic majority, because they couldn’t then play kabuki theater acting like they actually support progressive ideas, like the recent proposed amendment, all the time knowing their fellow servants of the MIC will keep it from happening.

  • I wish the Enabling Act, I mean The Authorization for Use of Military Force, didn’t give the president the power to do this, but it was an open ended granting of power of the President to wage war against any ‘future terrorist threat’ to the USA. Oama gets to decide what is terrorism and what is a threat to the USA. It always was intended to be a way to transfer all war power to the President forever.

    We do not live in a Republic anymore (if we ever did.). Remember Augustus didn’t get rid of the Roman Senate, officially he ‘restored’ the Republic and resigned. That’s the date we consider the Empire really took over.

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    “Who here is behind Obama going to war with ISIS? Please name a few names.”

    I wasn’t talking about commenters here. I was talking about the ‘liberals’ in Congress and on television and over at HuffPo.

    But I wouldn’t call the commenters here ‘liberals;’ I’d call us leftists, at least the people I respect and find insightful.

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