• That letter was BAIT. They wanted you to fall in that 60-day hole they leave open on the sidewalk — you know, the hole that LOOKS like it has another side on it?

    They “advise” you to let it go delinquent, so you can qualify for the write-down. but when you do it, they “lose” your paperwork, and then foreclose with no delay (note that they never lose THOSE papers!).

    Step into that hole when they “advise” you to, and you’ve got Marshals at your door before 30 days are up.

  • Hasn’t anyone realized yet, that this “requirement” (I prefer the noun “gift”) of/to BofA has a perfect get-out-of-jail-free card attached to it?

    The proposed “agreement” is moot before the fact, simply because it requires a 60-day “delinquency” before they will be required to write the mortgage down.

    Any guesses what they will do with that? Start the foreclosure on day 59, is my guess.

    And history supports me in that expectation.

    The stories are already rife, about how they “advise” (I prefer the verb-form “set up”) homeowners to let it go delinquent, “so that” the terms can be then be adjusted according to BofA’s bailout “terms,” (I prefer the noun “excuses”).

    And THEN they go ahead and foreclose “because” it is delinquent!

    Catch 22.

    I’m STILL WAITING for something to be, um, FIXED in this mess.

  • This is the failure of Capitalism as a guiding philosophy. It still works for the small stuff, the details of keeping things moving in the culture. But as a get-out-of-jail-free card, it works FAR too well for those who have endless resources, and far to ill, for the rest of us. And considering that the “rest of us,” in Capitalistic terms, is now 99 percent, the right is now on OUR side, for changing this.

    Money corrupts by making things so much easier for he who has it, that its power is reflexively used to suppress and repress the aspirations of others — for no better reason than that suppressing their aspirations brings in even MORE money and power to the Rich.

    A nickle from every poor person, into MY pocket? What’s wrong with that? They won’t even miss it! Nor the other nickles they send my way, either; through inflated prices, diminished product sizes, diminished job prospects (heck, overseas, you can get a days work, for that nickle, if you are willing to bust heads — as the Rich ARE), increased taxes to counter the taxes the Rich do not want to pay … times all of the companies each trying for another nickle from the poor.

    Well, the poor are OUT of nickles. The failure of this generation of “leaders” is that of Capitalism as well. We have let Capitalism take root in our nation’s ruling center, and it won’t give up without a fight.

  • I see ALL of your “Solar Oven” comments. One after another, there they are.

    Maybe your browser or page is not refreshing. Or maybe you’ve somehow gotten yourself into a subspace dead-end, where the recent past does not exist.

    Wait a few years and check back, and your messages will most likely be waiting…

    Which leaves the very interesting question of why I saw them. So who AM I, anyway…

  • Please someone tell me:

    1) Why no donation pages have PayPal as a donation method.

    I see things I want to donate to, but I do NOT trust sending my CC # out over the web to be stored hither and yon to await the hackers finding it. I will NOT do this. I will ONLY donate using a method such as PayPay, so that I can keep my data secret.

    2) How to do the same thing, if there is some problem doing it through PayPal.

    PayPal has always been good to me, but I’ve heard that they are doing bad things (to Wikileaks?). If that is so, then I’m rid of them, but I still need some way to do the same thing.

    Help, anyone?

  • John Rother, if not AARP as a body, are selling us out, that’s how simple it is. They may be doing it to “save” SS (in their minds!), but what they don’t seem to have figured out, is the voting strength of their own body of constituents. They’ve swallowed the current DC line of tripe: We’re poor, now. We can’t afford healthcare, Social Security AND waging three wars at once, so SS will have to go.

    I came to this story swinging, to defend AARP. But now I find that they’ve become exactly what I thought they never would: patsies of the Koch Brothers’ Scare Stories. They also don’t seem to have figured out that once we fall for these lies on how we “must” spend our money, it’s all over.

    And there is no need! These guys have spent ‘WAY too much time on Capitol Hill being fed the same lies the House and Senate are now drowning in. America DOES have the money we need; we’ve just listened to the fattened lies of the Rich Reich for far too long — so long that we’ve started to believe them. But the logic of the Rich WILL NOT WORK FOR YOU AND I. In fact, it ONLY works for those already rich — which puts 95 % of the citizenry of this democracy on notice, that there is only ONE niche left for them: cash cows to the Rich Reich. No more middle class. The Rich and the Poor.

    Welcome to the Poorhouse.

    As for the clout available: every Senior Citizen in the country will vote ONE WAY ONLY on this issue, and whoever crosses them is GUARANTEED to lose an election. The Banksters are far out of control, but they are now used to getting their way. Seniors will just have to turn out and show them how wrong they are.

  • So what did that quote say? It didn’t say they were caving on anything. It said they wanted a seat at the table, didn’t it? What’s wrong with that? Is there a better place to advocate from?

  • Congratulations. You now get your “mark” badge in the mail from Rupert Murdock, for falling for the lie.

  • So continue to do the job right, and ASSUME that the report in the Journal was conditioned by the fact that Rupert Murdock owns the company.

    Rupert Murdock is the villain here, not AARP.