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    The “global elite” as described in this excellent article are aware their days are numbered so they are looting as fast as possible. Like Rome their corruption will allow the Vandals to loot them. They will never know what hit them. Best response is to try to live without them and keep them from looting [...]

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    A&E, like the GOP, bought into Southern values when they adopted them. Duck Dynasty is like putting lipstick on a pig. Nice family values show. If you have “Christian” rose-colored values and think those who did not fit into the Klan did not risk their lives in the rural areas of the south, think again. Those guys hunted more than Ducks and they are proud of it. Travel in any rural areas of the red states and risk your life even today.

  • IF medicare-for-all had been approved the current health care cartel would be out of business. Payments to providers are regulated and the typical 30% profit factor is reduced to under 5% for administration. The power of the cartel would have prevented passage. Instead the Senate, with White House approval, gave the cartel final edit of the House bill. Half of the full-time employees of large corporations do not receive health care. Medicaid in the red states is blocked. If those who die from lack of health care were ever featured in the corporate media there may be some public sentiment to help them. In the UK where everyone receives care without cost at the time, the media constantly complain about their health care system. Instead we shame and ignore those with no access to health care. The US is a monument to lack of moral compassion created by vulture capitalism.

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    Does this mean they can bet on the stupidity of their students?

  • It would be nice if CA would rewrite their proposition system to limit both the words and the money to California. Prop. 8 was funded outside the state largely by the Mormon Church and evangelicals. These large propositions become part of the state constitution when they win making them almost impossible to change. CA was seriously effected by Prop. 13 that was a boondoggle for commercial property and wrecked public systems due to under funding. The legislature is lazy letting the proposition system do the hard work and keeping their donors happy. CA always gets a D in quality of governance.

  • Thanks for the evidence. Not a surprise. Anyone not doing the oligarch dance is an enemy. That means me and probably you.

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    Wiah we could put Issa and his gang of thugs on leave for dereliction of duty and for corrupt love for fat cats.

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    There must be a way to run a Progressive candidate soon to give an alternative to the Clinton corporate give-away Presidency. A blend of Howard Dean and someone with integrity. Who? Can’t think of anyone. Bernie Sanders is old but good.

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    Montana was presented with a bill that allowed corporations the vote. Only Rachel Maddow and Ed Schultz have covered the ALEC bills nationally. They are all ugly, all pander to the extreme evangelicals and corporations, all restrict the vote and cheat when they can. If you like fascism, as some on these posts do, prepare [...]

  • mulp I live on $700 month social security. Maybe 5% is chump change to you, but if Obama cuts my check 5% I will not live long. I have no idea what you are talking about. Obama has no business tossing “entitlements” on the table unless he is talking about oil company “entitlements” or corporate farmer “entitlements” or Wall Street “entitlements”. Get a clue. The GOP lies. S/S is good until 2030 and never added a penny to the deficit. They are names I can not write on this comment.

  • Another reason the GOP is trained to chant “entitlements” may be that Wall Street realized how close we got to “medicare for all” and the “public option” which would seriously effect their cash cow of using the sick to extort lots of money through the health care cartel. When your health care premiums go up it is because Wall Street wants more return on the stock. The sheeple are easily fooled by the big propaganda machine and money from Pete Peterson and other billionaires to pretend Granny is the reason for the unaffordable and unsustainable health care rip-off.

  • The righties are loving the sequester seeing a big win. Taking the ax to the federal government has been their goal since Reagan. In the red states the wealthy and corporations have control. Crash that federal government and see fascism rise through the red states. The brown shirts are cheering today.
    People don’t count because they think they live in fairy land where nothing can happen to the “good” guys with guns.

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    Good point about resistance being multi-national. Some unions have that message too. Time is of the essence.

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    Easy to not be concerned about pollution when Canada can export its pollution to the US with the leaking pipeline so they have a port to sell to China. How stupid can the US be?

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    Republicans are better organized, funded and have had a 24/7 propaganda machine running since Reagan. They primary anyone who does not walk the party line. Ends always justify the means. Red states are more fascist than democratic in terms of respecting the popular vote. Small voters can not go up against the billionaires. Only common sense and the horror of seeing 26 mostly children machine-gunned to their death in under 10 minutes may cause the people, but not the Congress, to respond. Even Republicans felt horror, but their conditioning makes them return to their fear their guns will be taken away. Progressives need to force primaries on the Blue-Dog Democrat/Republicans to help make their positions stronger. We need organized resistance and somehow avoid the infiltration of Homeland Security like Occupy has experienced. The US is not a nation that puts people over money or “popular vote” over the interests of the wealthy.

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    When the airline industry took the pension money and pushed their employees into the federal government program that paid 30 cents on the dollar, it was a signal that retirement funds could be put in the pocket of the CEO’s and friends (Romney) and it would be ignored especially by the corporate media.

  • We could start by demanding proof of ownership of the mortgage BEFORE being allowed into court. That ownership document needs to be valid and not fraud.
    If it is fraud the court has a right to give the home to the “owner” as some judges have done out of frustration with the corrupt banking system. Next put some money into regulation of mortgages under the new federal laws. It is not difficult to check a mortgage application before sending the paperwork to underwriting. It is not difficult to keep records when loans are funded and when they are later sold. Bankers don’t want to hire people to keep the system legal. Bankers will do it if it is cheaper than getting sued.

  • No reason to try to make the GOP “feel good”. They lost the election. They screwed up the economy. Instead keep the pressure on Obama. He has been the weak link. Medicare should go either to age 55 or for everyone. Congress should go onto Medicare for the experience. It is not as easy and generous as their own plan.

  • The lawsuits are good. DeMarco is not. He will be replaced with a Wall Street stooge. Rumor is there is already a give-away settlement in the works.

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    In Sacramento we have Blackstone and other hedge funds buying short sales on a massive scale. Now the ex-home owner who was pushed out by the pumping of money into the housing market through fraudulent loans can rent from a slum absentee landlord. Maybe even the same house where my son put on a $50K tile roof required by the Homeowners Association and new wood floors. When real estate crashed so did his “home improvement” business. The wealthy scammers are still busy creating markets with their billions. Problem is there are no jobs. Not a problem for a fat cat. Only for the mouse he chases. Good that my son got out in 2012 with an actual sale proving he is out (probably no legal loan ownership papers in existence) so the IRS and “bank” can not go after him for more money. The short sale will be a credit problem for several years. Not that anyone in their right mind would want to take a chance on ownership in these tracks bought by Blackstone soon to be slums.

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