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  • It’s all theater and propaganda, Obama is hell bent on starting WWIII. It’s the only way he and his handlers can think of to rescue the economy. Provide employment for youth, bring back the draft. Focus our attention on flag waving. Destroy democracy and become our first dictator. That is the plan. Unfortunately for him, the rest of the world remembers Hitler and the Third Reich and are making moves to stop him in his tracks. Internally people have finally figured out that what’s being advocated is arming Al Qaeda to get their help to make Syria a smoking ruin. Typical US foreign policy since WWII. Meanwhile get that passport ready to flee the US when the draft returns. We are seeing the Vietnam bullshit all over again.

  • We have to hope other nations will continue to push back on our insane, evil government. We can’t control it. We can obstruct it a little, but Obama keeps saying he can make war whether we like it or not. Where bank fraud is concerned our hope is that the European Union will force regulations as a condition for doing business with the USA. Where war is concerned, we can hope that other nations will push back and threaten retaliation. Where global economic meltdown is concerned, the BRICS have already decided to develop their own world currency against the dollar. That won’t happen overnight but it’s a decision that could end up forcing some changes to our bank regulation. The emerging nations decision is a vote of no confidence in the USA as the world’s banker and that is all we’ve got since we’ve been de-industrialized, that and our war industry which can’t be funded if our economy collapses. That said, our hope is that sanity will come from elsewhere because it’s not evident here. How Roman citizens must have felt when they opened the doors of their cities to invading foreigners, anything is better than this.

  • Our only hope is that other nations will force bank regulations on us in order to do business with them. Reform won’t come from within as long as we have a D.C./Wall Street partnership in crime.

  • No worries! Obama is going to appoint Summers who will complete the ruin of our economy. Maybe then things will change. Our Wall Street Bagman in Chief can’t wait to help the banks destroy us and leave this nation a smoking ruin as our elites have done to other nations. 95% of the wealth of this nation goes to the 1%. Funding the Fourth Reich, while we sink into third world realities. D.C. and Wall Street have become a plague driving us to ruin. Our government is a danger to the world. We need to keep pushing against this and hoping other nations will come to our rescue or we are done for.

  • The good news is the New York Times editorial changes have made it once again a somewhat reliable news source. The other good news is we have a voice of sanity to counterbalance our elite fascists insanity. Russia brought about the end of the Cold War unilaterally because they came to realize their militarism was destroying their economy and society. They advised our presidents to do the same, but of course that fell on deaf ears. Meanwhile the great American propaganda machine assigned credit to Reagan, whose push for Star Wars technology was not about the Cold War at all, he was convinced aliens were about to attack the Earth. Read Icarus Syndrome”, an excellent analysis of our decline via the dumbest foreign policy on the planet, about Reagan’s lunacy and other revealing facts about our leaders since WWII.

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    I think he’s lost his mind. What a rambling, contradictory embarrassing load of nonsense, lies and raving insanity.
    We’ve got our own Hitler at the helm. Great. Nixon, Bush, Clinton and now this. Stoking war on yet another nation our lunatics in D.C. want to reduce to a smoking ruin. Advertising it to the gormless as a ‘humanitarian’ effort. The only good news is we stopped him, for now at least, with help from emerging powers. Although he now says he will focus on domestic issues. Oh no, say it’s not so! What he means is appointing Larry Summers, destroyer of worlds, to the Fed chair. Great. Together they can complete the economic ruin of the world. I feel two ways about that, one is bring it on, the sooner industrial civilization and capitalism collapse the better. But realizing the devastation that will bring to pass, I have some hope the American people have come to their senses and that we will continue to get help from other nations to stop this insanity. Our elites are nuts, their agenda is pure evil. Obama is their front man, having trouble selling the message that evil is good for us. Like crack. The Pusher in Chief will move on to convincing us that dirt is chocolate.

  • It is typical mainstream media propaganda hard at work again telling us that the US is in the right and Assad in the wrong. We are arming rebels with chemical weapons, no doubt about it. But who has to disarm, Assad. It’s the good guy bad guy, white cowboy hat vs. black cowboy hat infantile nonsense again as usual. Justifying murder of millions to provide profits for a few. All of this high-minded posturing is ridiculous, the USA has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons, nuclear weapons etc. in the world, but who is talking about making us disarm? We are the only nation to have used the atom bomb, on civilians, and dropped millions of bombs on Southeast Asia, are drone bombing civilians, left behind depleted uranium in Iraq, have left nations smoking ruins and we want to talk about having the high moral ground?! Attila the Hun might as well have been given the Nobel Peace Prize. What a miserable farce.

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    There is one battle going on in this world, assigning political labels to it just confuses the issue. It’s a class war, most of us against the thin layer of global elites destroying our world. This democrat vs. republican nonsense is just more obfuscation of the real issue. Neo this neo that, left, right, means [...]

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    The prevailing culture in this country is a cult of violence in all forms. Our government has been destroying nations and murdering people all over the world for the past 70 years and more. This violence has corrupted our society completely. Worship of militaristic institutions is a major part of this. Our schools and workplaces [...]

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    Also Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia where there are still bombs killing farmers tending their fields, people walking down country lanes…we dropped more bombs there than were dropped in both world wars. Or how about entire nations we destroyed in South and Central America. Murdering people all over the world for capitalist elites and their political [...]

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    Aidelle’s chorizo sausage sliced, sauteed with onions and some power greens in olive oil, then add eggs, scramble.
    Also some cheese of choice. Serve with salsa, sour cream and tortillas. Delicious. I serve it with three salsas, mango pineapple, bean corn and verde. Make yourself a breakfast burrito by folding it all into a hand made corn tortilla. Serve with a mai tai. Mai tai: dark spiced rum (I like Kraken), triple sec, pineapple juice, amaretto, a splash of lime juice, a dash of grenadine for color. Portions change with mood.

  • People want to believe we still have democracy. When in fact we never did. Rule by elites is what we’ve always had, as our founding fathers intended. We are Rome, not Attic Greece. We only get to vote for which enforcer for oligarch policies is the least bad.

  • Yes I think you are right, as I think back on what Obama has said, he’s always been aiming for one party rule. We just didn’t understand what party he meant. What he wants is what they want. Perpetual war to keep the war industry going, a police state to control our disappointment as the plan to put corporations totally in control of our lives is put in place. As it will be if the ‘free trade’ deals Obama is pushing come into being. What corporations have always wanted, slave labor, and end to democracy, freedom, our prosperity, the middle class, the poor and elderly.
    Western economies are failing and the solution ruling classes always come up with when this happens is oppression, confiscation, another form of enclosure to keep the game that is totally rigged in their favor going without impediment. Until it collapses from it’s own idiocy. China is breathing on the house of cards we call an economy and it’s coming down. If we are to survive this coming debacle, we need to push for more anarchy, not unity, unity is the enemy of freedom and democracy. Do not be deceived. What the USA and the EU need more than anything else is economic collapse and secession. And the magical thinkers in charge are engineering just that while thinking they are taking up the ramp over the moat. Fooling us. They do not understand the power of the information age. That is our advantage.

  • He expects to achieve the uniparty government he was aiming for from the get go, domination of our lives by corporations, minimum wage slavery for us, genocide of the elderly and poor. Only the highly productive have a right to live and prosper, he’s an elite determined to create a society by and for elites. He’s aiming for dictatorship, but knowing how hard it is to achieve that in a country that persists in believing it’s a democracy, he’ll settle for moving the plan forward by establishing one party rule and that will be Republican rule. Obama is the hope of the Republican party. And if HIlary comes after him, she is the hope of the Republican party. If you listen to what he’s really saying right from the start, this is perfectly clear. We read into him what we wanted. We were wrong. Those of us who voted for him the first time. Those who backed him a second time were just not paying attention.

  • They don’t work for us, they work for corporations. The few who don’t succumb to this are a tiny voice wailing in the wilderness.

  • They mean to steal our benefits to keep the government going. Obama as usual is ahead of the curve in terms of wanting to destroy incomes for existing retirees, a form of elderly genocide. We though we elected FDR but we got Robert Mugabe instead.

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    Well at least they aren’t disappearing people. Yet. Seems nobody thinks it’s a problem that he’s been imprisoned all this time without evidence, due process or speedy trial…because Obama thinks he’s guilty. Rule of law, forget about it. Yet this fascist nation has the nerve to call Assad, Mubarak, Khadafi tyrants and use that as an excuse to murder them as vicious dictators who persecute their own people. We thought we elected FDR and got Robert Mugabe instead. This government created and funded all the Latin American dictators who disappeared their people. I guess the current crop of sociopaths listed above wasn’t compliant enough.

  • The Fourth Reich can’t have their secrets being published, after all, how can they maintain the illusion that there is a ‘free world’ otherwise. This time it’s global. Hitler failed but his vision lives on.

  • Just another cog in the Democratic machine that is California politics. Liberal fascists. Working for the man while pretending to be for the people.

  • Nonsense. The Abomination is busy destroying medicare and social security, so we can have nothing…not even life.

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