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    Sorry I’m so bloody late to the party…

    I just wanted to add my Congratulations to everyone else’s. Along with my sincere thanks, and hugs and kisses and promises of dinner Siciliano-Brit-style at Casa Tornello should you ever deign to visit the feverest Fever Swamp of them all, that is, the state most responsible for the first of Bush II’s disastrous terms.

    Bravo, Sir. I’m so glad your keeping on keeping on.

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    Unless He was delivered via C-section–and I don’t think He was–a vagina was the first thing Jesus saw (not counting cloudy amniotic fluid). This is all about Bill’s misogyny and mommy issues, just like other fauxtrages he’s ginned up. Where is Neo-Jesus of the Holy Throwing Star when you need him?

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    Better gear up, libtards. It’s #WAR.

    Kidding! Thought I’d see if there is some kind of thrill or buzz associated with typing stupid shit they way they do: uh, no. You just feel inane, not to mention in need of a hot bath.

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    (Sweet merciful Jesus, there is a big yellow ad for concealed carry permits RIGHT ABOVE the comments! Yeah, I know. Still: shameless, even by algorithmic standards.)

    As for Big RigorMortis, I think we’re going to see the whole Largeness franchise turn to stone before long: Sarah Palin is running around the blogosphere saying she is Andrew Breitbart, and he is here (or something). Once Mrs. Palin blesses something with her anti-Midas touch, its demise is pretty much a forgone conclusion (see also: Newt).

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    Superb post. It is so simple and so true: Frame it as a business decision, a choice that sponsors are making in the best interests of their company in order to protect their brand. Because that is exactly what it is. I’ve heard a bit of rumbling on the left about “censorship” and people being [...]

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    How about…

    Shill Mill?

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    As a UF alum, I ought to all excited and stuff, given that yet another Gator is out there getting what is rightfully his, even as us non-athlete Gators get to choose between basking in the reflective glory of football Gods and being satisfied with that, or having the world view us as ungrateful, uncoordinated, un-penis-having spoilsports whom they’ll never invite to a Superbowl party.

    But…nah, can’t do it. That Tebow is a sanctimonious git just makes it easier to justify my football-hating.

    (There is an ad for a Christian university right under your post, TBogg. I am here to tell you that if you *really* want to put the fear of God into a young person, send him to the University of Florida.)

  • Maria, one of the big problems in modern-day news coverage of political events–and even world affairs–is the incessant need to play nice and give equal weight to all “sides” (even when one comes from a place that is fact-based and the other is simply making stuff up), to follow some list of rules that must have been formulated well after I’d graduated from J-school.

    When ideology and belief systems are given the same “face time” as hard, scientific data–and the media misuses the dread word “controversy” about matters that have actually been settled by science, law, or both–we remain in one spot as opposed to moving forward to a more knowledgeable, actionable place. Thus, instead of having the collective will of the nation behind addressing, say, climate change, we have this faux controversy for everyone to conveniently get mired in and do nothing.

    How can writers address this, and how can real pressure be brought to bear on the networks and publishers responsible?

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    @watou–I had the same thought: there is another Orlando somewhere? Because the Universal Cineplex–which is huge, by the way, with 20 theatres, so hahahahaha to a whopping great crowd of…25 people–is in the Orlando that the beleaguered I-4 goes through, and parking only costs $3. Plus there are all kinds of dinner-movie deals one could avail oneself of, given the number of chain restaurants in the general area. To get to I-95 you have to keep driving east, then northeast, through a few more cities and yeah, more than 20 miles. No actual Floridian or even visitor would mistakenly identify the I-4 as another highway: the I-4 is our official state clusterfuck, with strict obscenity laws being the only reason we have an orange on our license plates instead.

    I think the Pee Bots are randomly picking cities, throwing out what they perceive to be a decent attendance number (25 seems popular) and adding in a bit of geographic detail for authenticity. And authenticity, obviously, is where they run into trouble. None of them would appear to know what it looks like.