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    Once in a while (full disclosure: quite often) I find myself getting hung up on a song for its message, its resonance with my own particular experience of life in these United States. This is one of those songs, by the late great Mr. Gadget. So, then, here’s a question: Which song has a [...]

  • It’s not so much that unleashing mink is heroic per se, so much as keeping them in captivity to begin with is a reflection of a degraded humanity. I’ve lived with several ferrets over the years and have loved them all, as a species and as individuals. Where people fall down in the muck is to see such animals as mere resources to be harvested without regard to their very special and beautiful qualities. We try to force them into our sick sense of the world and as a result we suffer right along with them, whether we have the intelligence to recognize that fact or not. They are not ‘resources.’ They are a reflection of our own health, or the lack of it.

  • Rotten from the top to the bottom and from the inside out; that is the essential state of U.S. institutions today. That may have always been the case. The question is this – Are there any countervailing forces in effect today, or merely merely random individuals, ever expelled from any meaningful context from which to bring about any positive change?

    I become a bit more friendly towards the antinatalist/declinist philosophy with each passing day.

  • “Police found bolt cutters and and wire cutters. They charged the two with “possession of burglary tools,” a felony.”

    This kind of thing is always a worry to me as so many of us possess various tools and implements which can always be characterized as burglary tools (or worse) at law enforcement’s convenience.

    I can easily see my kitchen drawers as being said to be full of implements of murder what with a bone saw, meat cleaver and various knives to be found there.

    Paranoid? I kind of hope so.

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    Evidently spitting in the face of the public is not only habit forming, but highly lucrative as well.

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    Well, a coffin’s cheaper than a hospital bed, and the US couldn’t give less of a shit about suffering. Shit happens. A cousin of mine came back from Vietnam minus an arm. The same mortar (or whatever it was) took off another guy’s head. Joe would invite me to stick my finger in his pincher, which always creeped me the hell out when I was a kid. The Tate-La Bianca murders were in the news back then, along with the Zodiac killings. Quite a childhood. Wouldn’t trade it for anything. Okay, I might trade it for some semblance of sanity, but that was never available. Nor is it today, though we must go on, despite it all. I wonder if those dead soldiers haven’t got the better end of the deal in a way.

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    This is why it’s so important to maintain a climate of fear and distrust at all times: divide and rule has been a highly successful tactic in these states that dare to call themselves ‘United.’ A state of perpetual chaos provides many opportunities for those who look to profit from every form of suffering, human and otherwise. There’s no other way to address any of it other than to reject the whole paradigm and to accept the sacrifice that entails. And that, of course, is the sticking point: we’ve been conditioned to except a certain level of material comfort for a very long time. I’m certainly not immune to any of that, myself; my wife, though, largely is. I’m pretty grateful for that fact.

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    True, perhaps, but so what?

    “His work is the sadomasochistic, blood-and-death-loving writhing of the American soul.” Is this not what we’re wrestling with up until the present day?

    Never had much use for James.

  • Witnessing the decline and fall of public institutions in the US is always fascinating. Sometimes I’m filled with dread; at others there is a glimmer of hope. Any semblance of justice always seems the first thing to go, doesn’t it? I wonder just why that should be, considering the legions of public servants who seldom hesitate to speak to the great virtue of the American way. I would almost appear to be by design, all that noble speech, intended, perhaps, only to mislead.

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    I’ve been wondering for some time now just where the tipping point is for the U.S. public; that threshold between apathy and declining prospects/comfort levels. Do people here possess the ability to take sane and organized action against proliferating outrages? Or will we devolve to ever-increasing levels of random madness and violence? I’m not very [...]

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    Oh man, do I love Louis, along with Sidney Bechet, Fats Waller, and so many others from that era. Beautiful, soulful and spirited stuff. Many thanks!

  • Kevin, I just wanted to leave a quick note here expressing my regret over a recent comment I left regarding John Kiriakou and what I perceived at that time as an obsession on his part regarding certain sexual activities going on in the prison where he is incarcerated.

    It was a dumb comment and has bothered me ever since I left it. After reconsidering it for some time now I have to say that I’m not in Mr. Kiriakou’s shoes and cannot say just how an extended stay in prison might affect me, and that the man deserves nothing but support from us. Sometimes my cynicism gets the better of me.

    I appreciate the sacrifice Mr. Kiriakou has made and wish him and his family the best of luck. I also want to express my appreciation for the work you do here at The Dissenter, and for FDL in general. It is one of the best politically-oriented sites on the ‘net by far. I have not been able to donate due to being generally in bad shape financially, but hope to be able to do so in the near future.

    Again, my apologies. I will try to be more thoughtful and considerate in the future. Best to all here at Firedoglake. May you all be well in these hard times.

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    Society is, in a sense, a debtor’s prison of sorts. The poorer you are, the less margin of error you have, then the penalties begin to accrue and it all snowballs from there. If you’re lucky you can go in and discuss your tardy utility bill with a sympathetic person. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible [...]

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    Input. Output. Byproduct. The U.S. betrays its nature for all to see. That a relative few choose to see is just another symptom.

  • The unimonetary can put its mandates where the sun don’t shine, where the light at the end of the tunnel is a train. This turnip is bled just about dry.

  • The thing about people like Bundy is that, since they live and operate out in the back of beyond, so to speak, they generally enjoy the advantage of flying under the radar of the mainstream media. It’s rare for their practices to come under any kind of scrutiny. Most people, most of the time, are just not going to be paying much attention to some rancher out in the desert. While it’s a mistake to assume that Bundy is unique, it would also be a mistake to hold him up as representative. I grew up in the west. There are all kinds of people out there. A substantial portion of those people are users ans abusers, manipulators and exploiters, as it is everywhere. That cowboy hat Bundy wears functions as cover much as religion does in other contexts. He’s covered himself up with cowboy mythology. An unfamiliarity with actual American history on the part of most American citizens enables this state of affairs. That needs to change, like yesterday.

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    Excellent. Thank you. Stuff like this really lays it all out about life in the U.S. today. We’ve all been U.S. ed. I don’t think a damned thing will ever change until people just quit: quit going to work, quit spending money, with all the hardship that implies. Just a pipe dream, I know. But [...]

  • This link is new to me and I can’t vouch for the numbers, but a quick search gave me this:

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    I wonder what Hunter S. Thompson and Michael C. Ruppert knew, along with the recent spate of financial wizards launching themselves from high places. In Ruppert’s case I suspect he might have come to see just how badly he was used at one time by the ‘justice’ system. But this is all speculation on my [...]

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