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  • litvak36 commented on the blog post Ferguson in NY as Cop Acquitted after Killing Unarmed Man

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    I believe that both cops in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner killings will be indicted by the Feds on Civil Rights charges as the Rodney King cops were indicted after their state acquittal and the folllowing riots.

    In New York in the mid 90′s,a cop named Livoti killed a Hispanic kid named Baez after a dispute caused by a football hitting a police car.Livoti was acquitted by a Bronx County Judge in a non-jury trial but the Feds indicted and convicted him on Civil Rights charges.I recall that he got 7&1/2 years in Federal prison at sentencing.

    There is no way in hell that the Obama Administration will let these 2 killer cops walk away from this crap.

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    The problem in Israel is polical which has been caused by the demographic change in the Jewish population since1948. Israel was founded by mostly Eastern European and GermanJews who were largely people of the left.The Labor party ruled the country from 1948 to 1973 when the right wing Likud party under Begin took over due [...]

  • In Mississippi,if extremist McDaniel indeed wins the Rethug primary,Democrat Childers,a conservative Democrat but still less of a wingnut than either Cochran or McDaniel,would become competitive in November.I think and so do political pundits down there think,that enough of Cochran supporters would be pissed off enough at McDaniel to vote for Childers or to stay home.

    We shall see what happens in November. We know what happened to Mourdock in Indiana and Todd Akin in Missouri.

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    I have been reading that the Iranian Army(Shia) might be the only force capable of saving the Maliki(Shia) regime. What an irony that would be.Israel is very worried about this possibility since they think we might drop our objections to their nuclear program if they manage to save the Maliki regime.

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    Toppling Saddam Hussein was the biggest foreign policy blunder since Vietnam. And the ironic part is that Ronald Reagan,the wingnut God,used Saddam as an ally against Iran.

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    If the 114th Congress will not have a single Rethug Jewish member,so what? It shows that the great majority of Jewish voters are Democrats and the people who seek public office who are Jewish are mostly all Democrats.

    The Rethugs are now so far to the right that even conservative Orthodox Jews are being turned off.

  • Someone is going to rat Christie out,maybe Wildstein,maybe Bridget Kelly,can any rational person believe his staff would pull shit like they did wiithout fatso’s OK?

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    As a lifelong Democrat and New Jersey resident,the main reason Christie is popular is that he stood up to the public employee unions and put some limits on their ever increasing wages and benefits.For instance,arbitrators are now limited to 2% when giving raises to cops where prior to Christie,they often gave up to 4% which is why they are grossly overpaid in New Jersey. He also forced teachers to pay more for their very generous health insurance benefits.He also put a cap of 2% on a municpality rise in property taxes to 2%.New Jersey property taxes are huge,I pay $9500 on a house worth approx. $400,000.However,I voted for Buono because Christie pissed away 12 million on the October 16 Senate election which should have been yesterdeay at no added cost,Christe was afraid that Cory Booker would cut into his media publicity be winning big on the same day.

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    As of 7 A.M. EST it appears that McAuliffe has won by more than 55,000 votes which come to approx. 3%.Women did win it for Terry especially unmarried women.The latter fully realizes that if abortion is ever outlawed,their sexual freedom is for the most part,gone.

  • Once the Democrats get the 5thvote on the Supreme Court(Scalia and Kennedy can’t live forever)political gerrymandering will go the way of malaportioned districts did in Baker vs.Carr et fact there already 4 votes to declare political gerrymandering unconstitutional around 7 years ago in Jubelirer vs.Veith and even Kenndy said it was unconstitutional but he could not figure out a remedy.He would have been the 5th vote.The next Democratic Justice to replace him or Scalia will figure out the remedy,trust me.

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    I take any poll by Gallup with a grain of salt.During the 2012 election,they consistently underestimated the Obama vote compared to the other polls and their final poll also had Obama with less of a percentage than he actually received.

    They are still living off the magic name of Gallup from 50 years ago but their methods have been severly criticized in the media.

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    Sorry people but we cannot elect an Elizabeth Warren in every state much less in Georgia. If we can elect a moderate Democrat over some batshit crazy Rethug,this is a huge victory.Politics is the art of the possible,please don’t ever forget that simple maxim.

  • The present gerrymandering which favors the GOP is a result of the 2010 elections which gave them control of the Pennsylvania,Ohio and Michigan legislatures plus the 2009 Virginia election. There is a good chance that before too long the Democrats will control those legislatures once again and will win the Governors office.These states can be ungerrymandered even in the middle of a cycle as the Supreme Court ruled in the Texas case and certainly after the 2020 census,the present gerrymanders will end.

    Also,I expect that as long as the Democrats can keep winning the Presidency and it seems that this will be the fact for the foreseeable future due to the extremism of the GOP,Scalia and Kennedy will be replaced by death or retirement within the next 7-8 years and a newly liberal Supreme Court will throw out political gerrymadering like they threw out unbalanced districts in the 1960′s in Baker vs.Carr et al.Political gerrymandering was only upheld by a 5-4 vote less than 10 years ago.

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    These proposed laws all are blatantly unconstitutional and will surely be tossed out by the Federal Courts.There already is an injunction on the Mississippi “admitting privilege” law.The fools who vote for these bills know full well that they will be tossed by the Courts,its all a game to forestall primary challenges from the tea party [...]

  • Ashley Judd has as good a chance to beat pruneface as any other Democrat in Kentucky.TheClintons should stay out of it,none of their damn business.I have no problem with a woman for President in 2016,Elizabeth Warren for instance.

  • Iraq was just more U.S. imperialism,no different than the Mexican or Spanish-American wars or the war against the Filipino people which followed the latter.Surely no different than Vietnam or the various invasions of the Banana Republics in the old days.Just more of the same.

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    DOMA will be struck down on federalism grounds. Marriage is a state issue in this country,only the states can authorize marriages.No one can get a Federal marriage license. Therefore,Congress must respect all marriages equally for Federal puposes. If a state permits SSM,Congress has no right to say that this marriage will not be recognized for [...]

  • All that has to be done is to raise the cap to $140,000 from the present $113,000.Of course the insane tea party dominated Rethughs would never go along with this simple solution.

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    God save us from another Bush Presidency,hasn’t his family done enough harm to this country.

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    If you think “Refill” is a good song,your taste in music is quite deficient.Its just another girl singers lament with no real beat to the song.Last week Fontella Bass passed away.Her great hit “Rescue Me” is only about a thousand times better than “Refill”And its also a great party song.

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