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  • So I’m curious – what’s the maximum number of troops you can leave in a country and still declare that the occupation the war the military action the defense of local freedom the search for terrorists “the mission” is over?

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    Just keep this in mind – Yves Smith also advised Elizabeth Warren not to bother trying to run for Senate.

  • Yeah, it’s funny how those really old people expect people who have blatantly lied and been shown to have lied, to account for that. Rice could come out and say, well I was a good soldier and I said what I was told to say – and I was lied to. She hasn’t done that. Or if that’s not the case, Rice could say well I needed to lie to you all, for national security. She hasn’t done that. Or if that’s not the case she could say sorry I lied to you and give us the reason. She hasn’t done that. Instead she’s ducking and hoping someone else will give her cover. Hmm, that’s maybe not the person who should be Secretary of State, eh?

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    Um, people who espouse the view you listed – that morbid wealth is just fine – are no longer liberals. Why are you giving away a perfectly good word definition? Former liberals who spout things like that can be called sell outs.

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    I’m confused. What is at all surprising about this? The definition of TARP was that the Fed got an oodle of goverment money to hand out to whomever they wanted, without having to account for what they did with it, and also there were no strings attached to what the banks would do with the [...]

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    I see the delusional contingent at FDL is alive and well. Um, maybe you’ve all forgotten HRC’s long history of actions and support of gays rights over many years? How she was the candidate who attended invitations to speak and debate from gay leaders which Obama skipped? How she was the one who didn’t cozy [...]

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    Yeah, way to go Diamond. Give up – that’ll show ‘em and it will ensure they never try this on anyone else again. Oh, wait…

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    What would it take? Renounce any allegiance to the Democratic Party and to President Obama and his reelection campaign. Pledge to work to create something better – which would attract candidates we can vote for who believe in AND DEMONSTRATE a progressive philosophy. Further, ensure that politicians who betray their liberal/progressive principles once elected will [...]

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    If the situation room photo shows the people watching Panetta narrate the action for them, what was Panetta watching or hearing? If I were the president, I’d want to see or hear it first hand not second hand narration, eh? Also, I wouldn’t be crouching on a stool in the corner, I’d have a seat at the table.

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    So Nancy Pelosi passes bill after bill with a Democratic congress, hardly any of which see the light of day under Reid’s Senate. But John Boehner gets to put Republican legislation in front of the Senate for a vote?

    Yah I know Reid is hoping to play some political game in which [hopefully] the bill doesn’t pass but somehow this makes Republicans look bad. It’s still stupid to be using congress to play games rather than pass legislation.

  • Project much, dday?

    To me, it appears that our media and dday are projecting their anger at the Bush/Obama failures to address US past crises at Japanese government officials. It looks to me like the Japanese are assisting their citizenry a thousand times better than we helped NOLA during Katrina/Rita and Gulf coast residents during the BP oil slick. Does this mean everyone in Japan is immediately safe and sound after such a massive ongoing catastrophe? Hardly.

    Talk about abdicating responsibility to industry? WTF? Who are you accusing again?

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    So, the Tea Partiers helped defeat legislation that liberals hate. (While at the same time, liberals are betrayed again by Blue Dogs.) If I recall correctly, that would be Sarah Palin’s party. I wonder if I’m going to see anyone giving any credit to Sarah Palin for this. Nah, I’m sure somehow pundits will find [...]

  • ‘ethically bereft’

    Truly this is the hallmark of our first black president. Is he proud to leave such a legacy? I couldn’t believe that there would be a government more amoral than Bush II, but he had some twisted belief in apocalyptic prophesy. No such justification exists for Obama, who seems to be out for mere self-aggrandizement, like some African dictator. OMG, I’ll be accused of racism. Can’t call it like I see it.

  • Well, as far as individual, transparent Senate holds go – it’s my understanding that they are a courtesy granted by the Senate majority leader and not even part of the rules of the Senate. So Harry Reid can (and in certain cases has) ignore them at will. Reid could eliminate that particular stranglehold of the minority by refusing to uphold Senatorial ‘tradition.’ But that would require ….s.

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    Apparently, Michael Shear and Blue Texan miss the obvious. By comparing and contrasting Palin’s comments with Obama’s nationally televised speech, Palin’s status is dramatically elevated. The clear inference is that Shear expects Palin to act more presidential. Keep it up guys, you’ll get her nominated yet.

  • The continuous violence-promoting crapstream coming from the wingnuts is bad enough that we don’t need to exaggerate it. The Secret Service debunked the ‘kill him’ chant allegations.

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    SNL completely misses the target again. They are mocking the one guy on the planet who has managed to shine some light on the illegal shit perpetrated by our US empire and get some attention paid to same?

    SNL joins the rest of the ostrich-like head-in-the-sand media by focusing on the messenger, not the message.

    Also, Wikileaks does not equal 4chan. I’d like to see anybody direct or reign in those guys. Heh.

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    Hey, that’s better snark than in the main post.

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    Wow, Palin got her directions turned around in the Alaska wilderness after weking up one morning. I’m sure that’s never happened to the average person before.

    Attaturk, your Palin Derangement Syndrome is making you look really pathetic and like a sexist jerk. Get over it and move on to other topics. You are unable to say anything illuminating or even factual on this topic. And your snark, it’s just not that funny – I’ve seen a lot better.

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    Don’t mistake action for apathy.

    Staying home and not voting is a choice. It’s a conscious decision NOT to do something. It’s not necessarily a choice made from a motivation of apathy. The motivation behind the choice to stay home can also be “I’m actively not participating in this farce. Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for an evil, voting for something I don’t believe in. So I’m choosing not to do that.”

    Voter apathy is a lazy interpretation of low voter turnout.

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