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    am i the only one who heard the announcer say:

    “anti teen (pause) pregnancy campaign”


    even with all the pauses placed in the appropriate places (which he doesn’t do very well), this title is, um, kinda dangerous.

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    OMG!! i’ve lost count of all the crazy ass books out there that actually merit lawsuits (swiftboaters most notably; john dean reviewed their book and said kerry had a case)! it really would be fun to launch a class action suit against regeny press, for starters.

    but, seriously speaking (really), i’m just waiting for george soros to sue glenn beck and fox. that, as the man said, would make my day.

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    well, to liz’s site’s credit, they actually posted my comment. as her article was posted yesterday, there is only one comment after mine, which actually responds to mine, as such:

    “for the poor and underserved” …would you like fries with that?

    i’m going to assume this is some denigrating reference to “chirping sound bites,” which is interesting as i went on to repeat the phrase followed by “the least among us.”

    sheez, the willful blindness of these people is astounding.

    honestly, folks, get over there to that site and unload! they really need a good dose of reality.

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    hey, everybody should head over to st. liz’s site and post a comment. mine went something like, wow, thanks so much for making this stunning argument; completely turned my head around 180. how compelling the point about this wretched situation, how dangerous for the poor and underserved not to have access to safe and dignified choices. i will now forevermore take it as my Christian duty as a caring and loving citizen to see to it that i support legal avenues for this choice for the poor and underserved, “the least among us” is how i think christ would put it.

    but, they have a monitor, and i daresay my comment will never show up. it would be intriguing to see just how many such comments were, um, dismissed.

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    hey! i just actually talked to jonathon adkins! really really nice guy.

    he stressed that the radio station had taken that point out of context, and he acknowledged that it is a right wing station, but he was stressing that everyone needs to be alerted to be safe. he speculated that a lot of folks are out there walking to work who haven’t been doing so much in the past, and now they’re talking on their cells and texting, etc.

    i told him my reason for calling was to respond to that possible explanation for the increase in walking, but also suggest that another reason might be that traveling via any means but walking (even cycling) has costs. and folks just don’t have money.

    he was very nice, clearly appreciated the call, and asked that the word be spread: be safe.

    so, this really was another one of those situations of the rightwingnuts taking perfectly reasonable information out of context and slathering it in, dare i say it? nacho cheese soup?

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    hm. now palin knows how obama must feel, being blamed for everything but the broken kitchen sink. no, wait; that too.

    oh wait again! the things palin is being blamed for are somewhere within reality; things obama is blamed for, not so much.

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    This from DN! this morning:

    The US military believes the leak can be traced to Private First Class Bradley Manning who has been held in solitary confinement for the last seven months and is facing a court martial next year. In an on-line conversation with computer hacker, Adrian Lamo, who would later turn him in. Manning said, “Hilary Clinton and several thousand diplomats around the world are going to have a heart attack when they wake up one morning and find an entire repository of classified foreign policy is available in a searchable format to the public. Everywhere there is a U.S. post there is a diplomatic scandal that will be revealed. It is open diplomacy, worldwide anarchy in CSV format. It’s Climategate with a global scope and breathtaking depth. It is beautiful and horrifying.”

    The grandiosity of this kid sorta says it all, don’t it?