• This post also misses the point – and in a more dangerous and fundamental way. The problem with Obama is not his “policies,” as screwed up and often nonsensical as they are, it is with Obama himself. This was alaways the issue: competence based on native ability and experience. His thought processes are abyssmal, and his experience in the world is Zero. The most importrant thing for the US now, especially from a liberal perspective, is to get rid of this jerk. We would be far better off had those of us who saw what was coming had had our way. If McCain had been elected, the Republican party would be less crazy, and the Dems may have put up a reasonably competent candidate. And ‘backlash’, which was stamped on Obama’s forehead, would now be a problem for the conservative party, not the Democrats.

    Don’t be fooled again: this guy is nothing but trouble for this country: he is a combination of stupid and poorly directed.