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    The nuclear crisis in Japan is now in the ‘hands of God’, the EU’s energy commissioner, Guenther Oettinger, has said, rattling financial markets. (http://euobserver.com/9/32003)

    But seriously, if you don’t think God has a voice in policy making, or if you think clerics have “lost their secular role,” you just aren’t paying attention. The name Pat Robertson ring a bell? Billy Graham? For a look into one ongoing cohabitation of Church and State, you should pick up Jeff Sharlet’s book The Family — the Jesuits in the court of Portugal had nothing on these folks. And we all remember the Ds trampling each other trying to be first onto the Jesus train after the 2000 election debacle, right?

    Bad news: Lisbon didn’t demonstrate anything that wasn’t forgotten in a generation or two. Good news (I suppose): Tomorrow is another day.

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    it is about in some way endowing group with the capacity mature individuals have

    Who do you imagine will do this endowing? Just contemplating the (as yet unspoken) techniques makes my blood run a bit chilly. (Shades of Mary Shelley, TS.)

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    Seems to me, fwiw, that a large part of what’s been happening lately is blowback from fifty years of the white middle class living like Eloi: blissfully ignorant of the laboring classes of all colors that upheld our privilege. (RFK was not just moved to tears, but genuinely astonished by poverty in the US, for chrissakes.) A condition now much aggravated by our having exported a lot of the slavery that makes our bliss so blissful.

    The Morlocks, seems to me, are understandably trying to get a few licks in. They know they’re doomed; they’ve been living with the Perrys of the world longer than we. But they just get a kick out seeing us, rejetons of the Enlightenment though we may be and so sure for so long about how the world has to work, panicking at the realization we might be doomed, too, and in exactly the same way.

    As for the Enlightenment…phooey (see John Gray). At the very least, that’s a sword that cuts several ways. Robespierre, for instance. Pol Pot, for instance. And Jefferson, seriously, a pain in the balls in so may ways.

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