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  • lmka commented on the diary post Post-Election Watercooler by Kit OConnell.

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    Why would you ‘disappear’ someone at all? I can see suspending someone’s privileges if they engage in some truly vicious namecalling, though I suspect different people would define that differently, but that is no justification for ‘disappearing’ them entirely, it seems to me. It’s a basic police state tactic to rewrite history by disappearing someone [...]

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    I don’t find the LGBTQ enthusiasm lovely, even though I claim to belong to that community. I find it incredibly and depressingly narrow. Have we truly reached the point where to be ‘progressive’ means espousing the interests of a section of the population, regardless of the rest? When a drone blows up a family in [...]

  • lmka commented on the diary post The Morning After by Kate Flannery.

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    I meant to say, folks like Springsteen and Bono…

  • lmka commented on the diary post The Morning After by Kate Flannery.

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    I used to love Springsteen, but ever since he decided to sell his soul to jump on the ObamaWagon, presumably because he needed to make good to Sony for his 100 million dollar deal, and he figured the publicity could help him sell records and tickets, I can’t listen to him. Why doesn’t one of [...]

  • lmka commented on the diary post After Obama Wins, Republicans Need Reality Check For Believing Biased Polling by John Wright.

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    I love the reference to ‘real news sources’ – all of them basically owned by the same small, interconnected entities. Who is living in a fantasy world? You keep looking in the same mirror over and over again to reassure you that your view of the world is right, but you call the mirror by [...]

  • lmka commented on the blog post “There are real problems in the world.”

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    It’s all so utterly juvenile, isn’t it? How do Dems make themselves feel better about their loathesome party? Why, they hate on some Pubs. And you know what? The Pubs do the exact same in reverse. Does it make you all feel better as the Uniparty drives the nation and the world into hell?

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    A very important thing to notice is that progressive movements have had a tendency to get attached to war pushers, such as LBJ, FDR, Wilson, Teddy Roosevelt, and – arguably – Lincoln. It’s something to think hard about. We can’t succeed that way, though it might be a deal with the devil that could appear [...]

  • lmka commented on the diary post An Open Letter From Greece by GREYDOG.

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    What they are doing to Greece, they have been doing to us in slow motion, and will soon be doing to us more swiftly, regardless of whom we elect.

  • lmka commented on the diary post Dissenters’ Digest for September 2012 by MSPB Watch.

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    It’s my understanding that the Obama administration has been the most savage ever in pursuit of whistleblowers.

  • lmka commented on the diary post Trotsky’s Continuing Relevance by Isabelle Hayes by Anti-Capitalist Meetup.

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    Such prophetic words from Trotsky

  • lmka commented on the diary post Chavez 54.4% vs. Stein 2% by fairleft.

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    Populism is what we are talking about here. We’ve allowed that to become one of those dirty words that no one wants to talk about. It’s a mistake to allow that. Populism is precisely what we want, and need, and have needed for over a century now. Populism has been equated to fascism, when fascism [...]

  • lmka commented on the diary post Maybe Obama is actually up to something by David Seaton.

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    Obama is a talking head with a hypnotic voice. Got to love the way his fans twist themselves into pretzels to defend him, even from himself.

  • lmka commented on the diary post They Want to Destroy Social Security (circa 1935) by Alan Grayson.

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    It’s so true. Only the Right Wing is after social security.

    That is, the Dems truss Social Security up and lay it out on the table, while the Right Wing wields the knife…

  • Is this part of that “smart power” we keep hearing about?

  • lmka commented on the diary post Earth to Allen Quist: It’s 2012, Not 2009 by Phoenix Woman.

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    The Washington Post is your fact checker?


  • lmka commented on the diary post Anti-Capitalist Meetup: “And the eyes of the world are watching now” by KibbutzAmiad by Anti-Capitalist Meetup.

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    Unions are just one form of political mobilization that we need, but an important one.

  • lmka commented on the diary post Frankenfoods: The Monsanto Monstrosity by Gamma Globalist.

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    Labeling is just a start. As far as the science is concerned, I don’t necessarily believe this study, but I CERTAINLY don’t believe studies by GMO corporations, or by ‘independent’ scientists whose funding comes ultimately from the same places (and that’s most scientists today, btw). In any case, we know better than to trust a [...]

  • Thanks Bruce for helping give us Obama. Nice work (for a corporatist/fascist).

  • lmka commented on the blog post Libyan People Protest, Drive Militias Out of Major Cities

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    Stevens was, I believe, one of the people who was most responsible for the overthrow of Gaddafi by the US and Nato. If he was killed by the chaos that resulted from that overthrow, is he not then at least to some extent personally responsible?

    It’s awfully strange to speak about the people of Libya as being ‘newly empowered’ when Nato and the US basically overthrew their government, and installed a government of US/Nato choosing. No doubt there will be a carefully managed ‘election’ to rubberstamp this process of imperial subjugation.

    It appears possible, even likely that Stevens was killed by the ‘Green Resistance’, by Gaddafi loyalists. It’s possible, if not probable that reports of pro-Nato-controlled-regime demonstrations are a public relations move, intended to convince folks that Obama and Nato, etc., didn’t themselves unleash the extremists on Libya, as they in fact apparently did, and as they are now doing to Syria.

    We know that the media have lied to us from the beginning of the Libya takeover, shamelessly. WHY DOES ANYONE CHOOSE TO BELIEVE THAT THEY ARE TELLING THE TRUTH NOW?!

  • It’s more than some lobbying and some buy-offs. This is Obama, and those who run him, seeking to do to Iran what they’ve done to Syria. We describe it in terms of “lobbying” because that makes it seem like, however bad it is, it’s really just a bunch of guys in suits jostling each other in the halls and bars of DC. What it really is is human depravity. It’s about trying to create civil war, ie. carnage, in a place that resists US/Nato/Israeli global hegemony.

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