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  • But just a few weeks ago, on The One True Network, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow had a one-hour special on the true motive of the Iraq War. After weeks of breathless build-up, Rachel revealed that the war was started over -surprise- oil!

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    I disagree that a weakened dollar would further hurt the economy. American goods would be cheaper overseas, and this would create increased sales and truly create jobs here. It would also make life harder for the Debt and Deficit Chicken Littles, who are already disappointed o see deficits decrease under Obama. . We have been [...]

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    The second part of my double standard argument is that right-wing commentators are upset that some older workers might leave the workforce because the only reason they work is for health insurance ( America is the only advanced nation that ties health care mostly to employers). They know that transfer of wealth to the 1% (who they work for) depends on exploitation of labor, the foundation of capitalism. Low wages means more profit for the non-working investor class. So by their reasoning, it is OK, even noble, for the wealthiest to retire in any fashion they chose, but a working class or middle class person who chooses to retire is a lazy, ungrateful bum, even if she worked modestly paid jobs for 45 years!

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    There is a double standard. Right-wing ideology (which is promoted by Obama and the rest of the DC Dem con artists) says it is perfectly OK for a non-working investor to us a rigged international financial system to make millions or billions without creating any real wealth or jobs. When Wall St. hires the best math , physics, statistics, and engineering grads to invent formulas to manipulate the rigged, computerized financial system, they are destroying America for their own limitless greed. Adam Smith (father of capitalism) and Marx agreed on this – all wealth is created by labor. Writing software code to take advantage of technology and Wall St.’s grip on Congress and the White House is not productive labor, it is shifting numbers from one computer screen to another. How long can this last?

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    American ignorance of many important things is driven by two reasons that I can see. One, a hopeless skepticism that their voice/vote will ever really matter. And who can blame them? Obama himself has said he keeps Beltway discussion of issues “between the 40-yard lines”. This is a football analogy meaning he respects the limits of debate set by the Beltway/ Wall St. power elites. He means that as quarterback for the middle class (his self-congratulatory pretend role) he guarantees he will never advance the ball beyond the opponent’s 40-yd. line! Thanks Obummer, you so sincere!!!
    The other reason for American ignorance is that the Beltway/ Wall St. media have redefined journalism. Journalism used to be a proud profession dedicated to informing the pubic and exposing corruption. Now its most famous members are part and parcel of the fairy tale Beltway scene, with taxpayer money fueling a gleaming city with all the right clubs and bars to meet and kowtow to politicians and lobbyists, with free cocktails and shrimp. So corporate journalists (CNN, FNC, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Beeswax or whatever, NYT, WSJ, WaPo) have become flunkies who serve as mouthpieces for the power elite.

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    I wouldn’t say Boehner folded, because he did exactly what he and every politically perceptive person knew he would do all along. The last thing any Beltway Repub or corporate Dem would do is tear down this criminal financial system which redistributes wealth from the 99% to the 1%. These debt limit “fights” were staged by the Repubs to drum up debt/deficit hysteria for the purpose of cutting spending on the American people and American infrastructure. Also to impress reactionaries who have absorbed “government bad, private good” propaganda for decades. Of course Obama, Wall St.’s Best Boy, played along with his abhorrent Simpson-Bowles failed committee, and his public boldfaced lie about “the federal government budget is like a household budget.” As if every household has its own fiat currency and printing machine! The American public is poorly informed about economics, and the economics profession itself is in a kind of crisis (read Krugman). But our con-man president perpetuates right-wing economic mythology. Does the One True Liberal Channel (MSNBC) comment on this charade? No, the hosts just wave their pom-poms for everything he does, and congratulate each other on how “great” they are as they invite each other onto their shows. So we have hosts interviewing other hosts and mostly Obama-friendly pols, and people who actually study particular issues are squeezed in occasionally.

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    In the final analysis, Cruz is just as much a supporter of the power elite as any other corporate Repub (or Dem), and he will back down from his phony position as he has done before. Remember Ted reading children’s stories in the middle of the night on the Senate floor? That was a phony filibuster which Harry Reid let him have to save face. He is putting on a show for the yahoos. TX is in no danger of a yahoo shortage. I was amused every day at commentators/pundits who thought (or pretended) that Boehner might let this incredibly criminal financial system collapse. Boehner plays golf with its greatest benificiaries. He owes his position of power to the fact he works for the 1% of the 1%. Have you heard Ted’s plan to bust up the too-big-to-fail banks? Neither have I.

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    Repubs did not cut Soc Sec because they saw it was political suicide. Even the Repub base, older white men and the women who love them, love Soc Sec and their Medicare, including the benighted ones who think these are already private programs (a recurring Repub dream). W went on a national tour to promote his privatization of Soc Sec, and every day more people tuned against it. It was hilarious for W-haters. The Repubs retreated to repackage for another day (the Ryan plan, etc.). So this was not about the filibuster.
    The problem with the filibuster is simply something many 3rd graders understand – 41 is not greater than 59. This is a direct attack on democracy, and it is to the great discredit of the American people that we allow this. And it is shameful that many Americans (most?) don’t know what the filibuster is. This is partly due to hopelessness and apathy, partly the fault of Beltway/ Wall St. “journalism” which acts as a PR outlet for the power elites, rather than as a source of accurate news and analysis and exposure of malfeasance.

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    Yes, every filibuster is now a Harry Reid filibuster, ever since he said a few months ago that he wasn’t “personally ready” to alter the filibuster in any meaningful way. The Senate has been intentionally rigged by both parties to maintain the status quo by making it impossible to pass meaningful legislation. The DC Dem leadership is dominate by Third Way type corporate/financial sector cheerleaders and enablers. Obama, Wall St.’s Best Boy, makes sure 95% of his recovery (which is mostly stock gains, not actual production of wealth through labor) goes to the 1%, much of which is made up of non-working investors. Are progressives supposed to do cartwheels over Hils, who recently took 200k to give a pandering speech to Goldman Sachs? Note well that Bill C. relies on billionaires from around the world to finance his personal foundation. Obama will be doing the same in 3 years.

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    Well CPA, do I get to quiz you on things I know the most about? The world of information has exploded for many years now, and most people can’t keep up with much of it. It has taken me years of reading economists like Krugman and Baker on their websites every day, and many books [...]

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    Most people, even well educated ones, have little understanding of the finer points of all things regarding economics beyond their own household. And even the “great liberal” Obama has patronized them by repeating the right-wing lie that “the government is like a household”. I have heard of a few movements to pressure pension funds away [...]

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    I think the REPUB base was not enthused in 2008 because 8 years of Boy W ended in complete and utter world economic disaster 3 months before the election! It took a few months for their leaders to create three opposing narratives. 1. “W wasn’t a true conservative, and the economy tanked because he didn’t [...]

  • Yes, Sullivan is in a fantasy world. I quit reading him because he seems to not want readers to be able to comment on his musings.
    Maybe the most ridiculous claim he makes is that Obama has achieved nearly universal healthcare. Er, no. Tens of millions are uninsured, millions more underinsured, and millions cannot afford to take their meds on schedule and at recommended dosage. Obamacare has done nothing to change the fact that the US pays 2-3 times as much per person on healthcare as the rest of the advanced world. Obama let Big Pharma and Big Health Insurance control his agenda from Day 1. Just as he let Wall St, particularly Goldman Sachs, control his economic agenda from Day 1.
    And defense is not being “cut”. There is maybe going to be some slight cuts to the Pentagon’s Wish List for the next decade, but defense spending will rise steadily.

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    Right-wingers have a theory, actually a religion, that applying for a job creates jobs. And of course, tax cuts create jobs. Because Greenspan, von Hayek, Ayn Rand, Herbert Hoover, and the Great Economists Rush, Sean H., and the One Who’s Not Steve Doocey say so, with never a doubt! We can all see what wonderful [...]

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    When I was a kid, I remember the constitutional amendment to grant equal rights to women losing, after it seemingly was going to pass. I’m pretty sure TN was a state that passed it, then reversed. And to this day, women do not have equal rights according to the Constitution. And no significant amendment has passed since.
    I remember well that one main reason it was defeated was the absurd claim that it would require all public restrooms to be unisex! Yep, men, women, and all children forced to share the same bathrooms, enforced by Big Gummin!
    I’ve lived in TX and the South (mostly TN) my whole life. Why do my neighbors vote for the same old rascals year after year, decade after decade, as their economic standard declines? The analysis that it is a result of race-based propaganda from the 60′s is true, mixed with a highly-tuned class system , which dares not speak its name. I swear, a person making 70k in a small town thinks he’s in the national 1%! Why? Because he has a 51″ flatscreen, and the next biggest on the street is 39″.
    There are a few fine colleges in TN, but the students are already in the upper class, or will play along to get along.
    Like millions of progressives, I will be faced with Wall St Romney vs Wall St Obama in The Year of Our Hell 2012. I never thought America would come to this. The status quo is destroying itself, but how long will that take? I hope I get to see it, it may take as long as 8 more years. More or less.

  • Santorum had to tramp all over barely-populated rural Iowa for months to scare up a fair share of 120k total votes in a nation of 300 million. The same old dull white boy (Me Myself White Boy!) Big Guns of Evangelism, who the MSM has subjected me to for decades, have had their meeting in TX, so let’s see how their Guy Santorum does in SC. If the endorsement of 150 Evangelical leaders has not much effect in SC, can we please move on, and will the MSM quit giving these guys TV time they don’t deserve? These people have a lot of money and media sophistication, and I guarantee you they don’t allow dissenting ideas on their airwaves!

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