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    Oops, make that “All In” with Chris Hayes – forgot he’s changed the name of his show since he’s on weekdays now. Sorry!

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    Saw it on “Up with Chris Hayes” on MSNBC a few days ago. Obama’s approval rating was at 53%, up from 51% the previous month. Hayes had a chart, and I’m sorry I don’t have a link for it but Hayes was speaking about this since 53% was a higher number than the number of [...]

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    Yeah, the breach of trust is so big that Obama’s poll numbers are actually up since all the so-called scandals have been going on. Wow.

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    Oh, and under what version of so-called justice is Mr. Vitter himself not an “ex-felon” and subject to all these laws he keeps wanting to pass for extra-judicial punishment for those who have already served their sentences?

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    Yeah, because they are unable to respond with – “Well, that may be well and good, but felon so-and-so also has this little girl and this little boy in his family. Are you willing to vote against food for them too?” and then put up a picture of some dirty-haired looking little kids in raggedy [...]

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    This is just a follow-up from a comment on yesterday’s thread about the seeming ability of two “unemployed” guys (Tamarlan and Todashev) to be driving around in Mercedes and how that could have happened. Both of them were well-trained and very active MMA fighters. That means they weren’t “unemployed” in the usual sense. They didn’t [...]

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    Except that they forget that in 1957 the dreamtime they lived in wasn’t even like what they remember – it was a whole other nightmare. Of course, I for one, would like to send some of these sh*t-for-brains back there for a while so they could re-experience it for a while. Then they would realize [...]

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    The State of California has had buildint code restrictions and requirements like this in effect regarding earthquake stuff for decades now. The requirements are so tough that major retrofitting was required on all major public and private building serving the public some years back to the howls and screams of all the building owners. But [...]

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    Only problem with this whole statement is that it has now been revealed that the policeman that was killed in Cambridge was killed by friendly fire – that is he was shot by the police who were shooting at Tamarlan. Tamarlan did not kill him. Too bad, so sad. Over 300 rounds fired at Tamarlan [...]

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  • I would like to be the contrarian voice in at least some aspect of this. For one thing, medical care – and here I am speaking of surgical procedures, or actual care, not pills or items like syringes or tubing but actual care – is different for every patient. You cannot compare one mastectomy to another.

    I recently had a quadruple heart bypass surgery. For the so-called average patient, this surgery takes about 4-5 hours, so the time for the surgeon and the use of the surgical suite and the nurses and technicians and the anesthesiologist are also around that same amount of time. I, however, was on the table for nearly 12 hours due to difficulties with first the vein-stripping portion (getting the veins to do the grafts) and then with the actual grafting itself. So comparing the cost of my surgery with someone elses is like comparing apples with oranges. I had a difficult post-op, complicated with a rare but not unknown inflammation, pericarditis, followed by a bunch of infections (mostly because I am immune compromised), followed by another bout with pericarditis. So my end result is a total costs that is nearly double what the average hospital bill is for this procedure.

    Even for this particular hospital. And comparing my bill to other hospitals is an exercise in being ridiculous. I have no idea if this hospital charges more than other hospitals. I really don’t care. This hospital is one of the top 50 cardiac hospitals in the entire country and I knew I was going to have problems – because I always have complications when I have surgery. Since I was lucky enough to have a choice – I chose them.

    Sometimes price is not the object – the quality of the surgical staff is. And sometimes you have to dig a bit deeper and find out if the difference in the price is more about the patient – and what is actually wrong with them, rather than the hospital being a bunch of gougers. In my case – that IS the case.

    Just sayin’.

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    Hmmm…seems to me that if I understand that Nazarene fellow correctly that he would have been dancing at the wedding, not doing what this bishop is preaching.

    Too bad that so many of the followers of the Nazarene are so bigoted and prejudiced and so worried about others’ relationships (both with their various gods and with other people) they fail to discern and follow the basic teachings of the one they profess to admire and follow in their own lives. Sad really.

    The parable about plucking the log from one’s own eye first comes to mind…

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    Besides, after you pay that 56% of taxes you do NOT have to pay for:
    health care
    child care
    all the other perks of these socialist countries

    So your income is actually enhanced by all the benefits you receive.

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    The same way there were still wealthy people in the USA when the top marginal tax rate was 90%!

    People learn how to make money even with high taxes. Oh yes they do.

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    Dennis kuchinich advocated for a caminet level department of Peace the whole time he was in office. People just laughed at him. He argued that the only way you can actually work for peace is if you acknowledge that it is as important as the other stuff that is in the cabinet. You cannot just [...]

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    Just a comment regarding how anyone anywhere can get radicalized in circumstances by policies that are put into place with purportedly the best of intentions. You mentioned your questioning the “ethics” of the medical providers allowing questioning of Tsarnaev during so-called ‘sedation holiday’ while he is in the ICU. Our medical providers have been radicalized [...]

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    I find that male breast exclusion particularly funny since my late husband’s breasts were one of his “best” erogenous zones LOL! Ears are another one they left out…. Inner elbows… Ooohhh this is getting quite fun! These guys obviously don’t know how to have fun! That said – what a bunch of horses a**es. I [...]

  • More answers: google is your friend.

    Shaker Aamer is a legal permanent resident of Britain. He and his family live in Battersea, South London, England. He is a Saudi national. That’s why they want to send him there. His wife and five kids are in London, and they and all his friends and the MP who represents his district all want him back there (of course!)

    He was picked up in Kabul, Afghanistan, where he had gone to do some work with a Saudi charity he is/was affiliated with. Apparently, if you are a Muslim (Islam requires daily works of charity) getting involved in charity work is an automatic “conviction” of a terrorist plot or something.

  • Sorry, just answered my own question. Just because we cut some secret deal with MI5 and MI6 to send him to Saudi Arabia….

    I have no idea where his family is. I just assumed that since he is a British citizen that they were in England. I did not assume they were in Saudi Arabia. I still don’t think that’s where they are. The whole thing stinks to high heaven.

  • He’s a British citizen. Why would you assume they are in Saudi Arabia?

    Just askin?

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