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  • Profoundly hope you’re correct, though I gravely doubt the RepublicRats will heed such pleas. (A more developed version of my preceding comment is on my blog, Outside Agitator’s Notebook, lorenbliss.typepad.com.)

  • What every commentator seems to have missed thus far (my apology for again calling my inner news editor out of retirement), is that Obama and his cronies have once more conned Moron Nation — this time by talking the voters into crashing the congressional communications system with their demands for undefined “compromise.”

    Thus, with Barack the Betrayer as its eloquent front man, the Ruling Class and its RepublicRat minions set the stage for the silent genocide of death-dealing cutbacks in Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Such is the capitalists’ Final Solution to the problems of poverty and unemployment.

    Indeed the only truly apt historical analogy is to Munich in 1938 — Neville Chamberlain’s duplicity falsely disguised as compromise for “peace in our time,” Obama’s anti-Working-Class treachery similarly camouflaged as compromise “for a government that lives within its means.”

    Those who still believe in prayer should pray I’m wrong…though I’m usually not.

  • The Obamlican tax plan is obviously the kiss of death for Social Security.

    More importantly, it is the final proof Barack the Betrayer is (and always has been) the ultimate fraudster of U.S. politics — a closet Republican who hid behind dark skin, Big Lie slogans and a Democrat label to do precisely what he is doing: destroy forever the credibility of the Democratic Party, complete the destruction of the American Experiment in constitutional democracy and finish its conversion to tyrannocapitalist despotism.

    Indeed it is now obvious Obama uses the Democrat label merely as a shield against criticism — the most viciously hypocritical ploy in U.S. political history.

    This explains not just why he received unprecedented financial support from Wall Street but why despite the Democrat label he governs as if he were a Republican. (The Republican “opposition” — to which he shamelessly surrenders every time — is merely the theater of con, an unprecedented application of the technique by which shills are used to lure the con-man’s marks into maximum vulnerability.)

    When we examine the facts, no other explanation is plausible.

  • This damn website software utterly destroyed my post above (#275), making it effectively unreadable by jamming seven paragraphs into one.

  • The (suppressed) technique of objective analysis — the (Marxist) Occam’s Razor of politics and economics — assumes that consequences prove intent, which explains perfectly the role of Obama as Barack the Betrayer.

    For example, the U.S. capitalist Ruling Class has made war on government services and living-wage employment for at least 100 years. Thus objective analysis postulates the sudden economic downsizing inflicted on us in`2008 is functioning exactly as intended: condemning millions of workers to genocidal poverty while simultaneously eliminating the socioeconomic safety net that might have ameliorated their potentially deadly afflictions. Objective analysis also recognizes this is a new, malignantly euphemistic Final Solution: extermination of excess workers — in other words, forcible population control — diabolically structured so all blame is transferred to the victims: “it’s their fault they made fatally bad choices.”

    Objective analysis reveals Obama’s function as well. By being a Black man in the White house, Obama reanimates the Ku Klux racism of U.S. whites, the Nazi-like hatred of minorities the Civil Rights Movement forced into the closet as unfashionable — though only until wearing sheets and pillowcases became stylish again. At the same time, by being Barack the Betrayer, Obama inflicts a demoralization so profound it effectively destroys what little remained of the humanitarian Left: “change we can believe in” proven an ultimate Big Lie, “hope” proven to be not “audacity” but imbecility.

    Thus — as other posters have observed — did Obama deliberately facilitate the Republican landslide last month, just as he is now laying the foundation for a Republican victory in 2012.

    Since the Republican Party is historically the U.S. vessel of fascism — note its anti-New Deal links with Mussolini and Hitler in the years before World War II — what we are witnessing today is obviously both the fulfillment of plans laid nearly a century ago and the death-throes of the American Experiment in constitutional democracy, which is already dead in all but name.

    Obama is therefore merely doing what Wall Street is paying him to do. No Democrat or alleged Democrat has ever received anything approaching the contributions (bribes) Obama got from the banksters: Google OpenSecrets.org for the details. In return for this largess, the Betrayer has deliberately made himself and the Democratic Party a pathetic Lame Duck after only half a term.

    And as objective analysis demonstrates so wrenchingly, the winners are the Ruling Class: they gain absolute power and unlimited profits while we are condemned forever to tyrannical subjugation and genocidal poverty.

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    Using economic discrimination to deny elderly and disabled people medical care is literally genocide by neglect, the U.S. version of the Final Solution. Not only does it spare the Ruling Class the expense of building and operating concentration camps, it also facilitates blaming the victims: they have no resources, they cannot work, they doomed themselves by their own bad choices and therefore deserve no mercy. (Translation: they were kept hopelessly poor all their lives by shit jobs, now they are no longer exploitable for profit, and the principles of capitalism demand they be discarded like worn-out machines — that is, murdered by abandonment.)

    Believe me, this is exactly how the Big Business/Wall Street aristocrats and their toadying politicians and bureaucrats think about the rest of us.

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    A SUGGESTION FOR JANE: a wild, probably stupid idea but one that might work nevertheless. What about collaborating with Martha Stewart to produce a protest satire called Catfood Gourmet? Given how Ms. Stewart was victimized by the Ruling Class, especially given her experiences in the Joint, it strikes me she might actually go for it. Might be worth a try, anyway…

    Loren Bliss

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    As things are going, many seniors will not even be able to buy cat food.

    For example in Washington state the Department of Social and Health Services has arbitrarily changed its Medicare-supplement and food stamp recertification procedures to make it extremely difficult for recipients to fulfill the requirements. This catch-22 enables DSHS Eichmann wannabes to eliminate recipients for alleged non-compliance rather than impose the cutoffs that will openly condemn us to genocide by abandonment.

    Interestingly — especially given the long DSHS record of institutional hostility to males — it appears the victims of this bureaucratic sleight-of-hand are all elderly males. Elderly females, it seems, are still able to re-certify their Medicare supplement and food-stamp eligibility via the old, much easier process.

    This is significant for two reasons: (1), that Washington is a notably Democratic state with Governor Christine Gregoire herself a Democrat (which again demonstrates that in terms of pampering the rich by savaging the poor there is no meaningful difference between Democrats and Republicans) and (2), because of the long-ago admission by Watergate Felon Paul Ehrlichman that the state is a favorite Ruling Class proving ground for techniques of oppression.

    Combined, these factors suggest we will soon be seeing the tactics developed by the Gregoire Administration applied elsewhere.