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    Two things they probably don’t want you to know. Just because they are fundraising using a particular event doesn’t mean the money has to be spent on that event (you have to pay close attention to the language) and as a 501c3 organization expenses you would consider fundraising they can call program expenses.

  • re: The unexpected response. This doesn’t surprise me at all.

    I worked at AOL during their change to unlimited pricing debacle. They truly had no idea they would get such a huge response — none. Their highest response projection was about a tenth of what happened. This primarily came about because the place ran like a boys club and actually being prepared for something that huge interrupted too many golf games and liquid lunches. Sounds quite a bit like our government …

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    That was my question too — what the hell is bisexual marriage? Isn’t that already covered under opposite sex marriage and same sex marriage? Oh wait, I know, it’s hermaphrodites marrying each other! Yeah, that must be it.

  • I live in a rural county where most are too poor for private schools and there aren’t any charter schools. At my son’s school there are enough kids qualified for free meals that the entire school eats for free. Luckily for us there is a casino in the county. Part of it’s taxes go straight to the schools, so they have good teachers and money for books, supplies, etc.

    Maybe that’s the answer — casinos for everyone!

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    I hope this works, it’s such a brilliant idea. Have they said anything about the projected lifetime and maintenance expectations?

  • Thank you for that fine rebuttal. I feel betrayed by the man, I love his books, always recommended Ender, but never again. He’s hateful and delusional, he’ll never see another dime from me.

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    You’re getting results that are inaccurate because they get their information from companies that use their service. If you’re not doing business with one of their clients then all they have is publicly available information. A lot of that information is aggregate information rather than individual information, so if you’re outside the norm for your [...]

  • If the DOD acknowledges her gender change she will not be incarcerated at Leavenworth Disciplinary Barracks — it’s for men only. Females are sent to the Naval Brig in San Diego. But somehow I doubt they’ll go for that. It’s been quite awhile since I did the tour but they had vocational training in addition [...]

  • I loved Ender’s Game and I would like to see the movie, but I’m not going to. Orson Scott Card’s association with the Mormon church as well as his nasty views on LGBT’s in general and his views on equal marriage are enough for me. But my reservations also have to do with women’s rights. His female characters in Ender’s Game and in the whole series tend to be males in disguise as far as his characterization goes. When there are any — two females in the entire book that aren’t simply extras? Gimme a break.

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    You’ll find similar language on most fundraising order forms, it’s industry standard. This really isn’t grounds for outrage against just NOM.

    All donations, unless specifically earmarked* for a particular project, go into general funds. That doesn’t mean the projects highlighted are not funded, it just means that your particular gift goes into general funds and funding for the project comes from that. Probably what most don’t realize is that if a fundraising campaign raises more than the project highlighted in the campaign needs, it doesn’t mean the project will get more money. The excess will go to administrative expenses or other stuff not sparkly enough for a fundraising campaign. Most non-profits wouldn’t survive without that disclaimer.

    *Most non-profits won’t earmark a donation unless it’s pretty large, say $1,000-5,000+ depending on various factors.

  • I have nothing but contempt for Portman and his ilk. So now it’s okay since your son is gay? I’ll take it but he’s not getting any cookies from me. I have no reason to think his values are still centered around what benefits him and his and not much else. He still doesn’t qualify as a decent human being.

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    Have you ever operated equipment in a surface mine? How dare you. Those miners are just trying to earn a living in a place where very few jobs are available. I think this kind of mining is horrible and needs to be stopped but you have no right to impugn the skills those miners have [...]

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    Slamming his head on the ground? So, no bruising, no x-ray for possible head injury, no mention of concussion or possible concussion, and two cuts that didn’t require stitches — the medical report doesn’t really fit with that description of what happened. So far I’d have to lean towards unjustified killing.

  • Regardless of either side’s political actions I still have to favor renewable energy sources over non-renewable. A wind farm or solar farm or the like are superior to coal mines and oil derricks and plants that burn the stuff or the waste and risk from nuclear energy. Sustainable living requires sustainable solutions. In response to [...]

  • As if a ham sandwich is an essential part of the spectrum preventative health available to women according to medical experts. Try making a reasonable comparison if you want to be taken seriously.

  • No one is being forced. If they don’t like the rules that apply to the public sector then they can get out of it. A church is a religious institution, a hospital is not.

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    A survey by the Public Religion Research Institute released yesterday says 98% of catholic women have used birth control at some point.

  • I’ve never been impressed with SGK beyond their ability to market themselves.

    Their financials tell an ugly story in my opinion. (I’m a former fundraising/marketing analyst for a large environmental non-profit.)

    Here’s their most recent financial statement. Page 5 has all the goodies.

    Awards and grants is the line that most donors would be interested in seeing most of their donation going to, I should think. Unfortunately, it’s only 38% of their total expenses. Also, I think it’s notable that a large portion of their expense for education is going to staff (half of their total salary and benefits expense) and costs associated with having an office, as well as professional fees. That all may be quite reasonable but it doesn’t quite match up with their “for the cure” image.

    On page 19 they detail joint expense. (It’s a legit accounting practice that a portion of fundraising expenses for a 501(c)3 may be allocated to an education program, based on content. They all do it, some just push it a little further than others.) This means that 33% of their education program expenses were associated with fundraising.

    They won’t be getting my donation dollars.

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    The 99% message isn’t getting through to police because they aren’t representative of the general population. They are conservative, suspicious, practice deception as part of their jobs — probably to the point that it is no longer seen as a bad thing, bigoted (in a general way, as in all others are bad or against them, have a sense of entitlement, and have a sense of righteous superiority. All my just my opinion, I have no citations. Really thinking about who they are and addressing them in a way that fits their personalities and needs will be more effective than shouting “you’re one of us” will ever be.

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    MSHA is a joke, just as corrupt as the rest of the federal gov. My husband is a surface miner. His stories of the violations that are ignored scare the crap out of me. I can’t imagine what it’s like for an underground miner. This will change nothing.

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