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  • Obama’s Tax Cut deal with the Republicans for a 2 per cent reduction in the payroll tax for workers set the trap for cutting Social Security. The payroll tax cut will expire in December. Republicans will say letting the payroll tax expire is a tax increase on middle class workers. When Social Security continues to have a shortfall in revenue Republicans will then say we can’t afford to pay seniors subsistence income.

    If Obama wanted to save Social Security, he could have given the exact same tax cut to workers from general revenue instead of payroll, unless, of course, the point of the deal was to undermine Social Security.

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    A third party candidate or anyone challenging Obama in a primary will fail unless liberal elites, who make fun of white working class tea party folks, figure out how to have empathy for people they don’t respect. Such a candidate must be a political wonk who understands and deeply cares about the everyday issues affecting working class people; jobs, housing, health care, education and a secure retirement. Hillary was such a candidate, she understood and cared about the bread and butter issues that mattered to the working class. That’s why she got their vote. But now the same elitist college snots who called anyone who voted for her a racist, and sexist blogger boys who trashed her viciously and chose to ride Obama’s feel good unity pony, predictably didn’t vote in the mid-term election because Obama predictably disappointed them. Boohoo. Until the liberal elites learn to “feel their pain” as Bill Clinton did in 1994, they can forget about forging a coalition capable of defeating the Republican vampire squid.


    “The trouble with the Democratic Party…is that it has not discovered a way to recombine the populist and progressive modes of its liberalism in a way that matches the force of the New Deal coalition…

    It needs to build an analogue of the Movement Conservatives, and that cannot be done without the majority of the white working class once again agreeing that its material interests are best served by this party.”