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    Thumbnail Recent ideologically-driven attacks on collective bargaining have inspired a national conversation about the role of organized labor in 21st Century America. The headlines have focused on teachers and other public employees, on whether it is unseemly for people who work for the government to assert any rights on the job. But the same hard-right forces [...]

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    Well, that underscores the problem, right? People need more staying power and focus. If they give up just because it now appears that Genachowski might push through a policy that does not expressly prohibit paid prioritization, then how can we build a movement of people committed to the long haul?

  • Lowell Peterson wrote a new diary post: Why Fanboys/girls Want Net Neutrality

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    The WGAE represents content creators – people who write programs for the internet and other digital distribution systems (e.g., to mobile devices). We have argued in favor of Net Neutrality because our members want the opportunity to reach audiences directly, without major studios and other large corporations deciding what to distribute. But what about the audience? The [...]