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    When the unemployment rate goes up, guess who the first people to lose their jobs will be? The oldest and the sickest. The people with marginal skills and abilities occupy the lower end of the employment spectrum, sometimes for years. But they are the first to lose their jobs when more qualified workers will take [...]

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    I made many of my gifts this year. The best was my first gansey. lynnb54 on ravelry.

  • And last night on Jennifer Granholm’s show, Peter Fenn actually promoted Erskine Bowles for the next Treasury Secretary. And I thought Timmeh was bad.

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    Is this the same type of mining that was recently approved at the Starved Rock state park in Illinois?

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    If only the Girl Scouts could be more like the Boy Scouts. . Refusing to allow LGBT scouts and leaders. Of course, like the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts have their own history with abuse of children. Predation on children is fine, but no gays allowed.

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    In an interview last weekend on Ring of Fire, Celia Wexler of the Union of Concerned Scientists reported that the pharmaceutical industry outspent every other sector in lobbying last year, spending $700 million. And it is aimed at the FDA. With the dwindling pipeline of new medications, the industry needs to figure out how to [...]

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    Proud to be a former Girl Scout and a girl! Wish the Boy Scouts weren’t still back in the Dark Ages -

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    Timothy Wu covers this topic well in his book”The Master Switch”. Business and government have a long history of working together in communication industry, usually with negative impact on innovation and benefit to the public.

  • Not only do you have to sing it the “right” way, but you have to listen to it the “right” way. The HuffPo article about this I read yesterday cited the Federal Law about the National Anthem, which appears to have been passed or revised in January 2011.

    Hands over heart everyone! This type of mandated group obedience and nationalistic fervor makes me very nervous.

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    Provider cuts – what a great idea. Medicare patients in my area are already having trouble finding doctors to take them because of the rates Medicare pays for primary care visits. Both of my parents have “lost” their doctors in the last year because they started boutique practices and wanted to charge $2000 a year for the privilege of being in their practice. They are having trouble finding new doctors who take Medicare.
    The other problem with provider cuts is that doctors have to make up the money somehow. So, they overbook, and make visits 10 minutes long, or have the office help collect information. It all results in poorer quality care.

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    I just finished reading “Our Town” by Cynthia Carr,a book about the last lynching in the North in 1930. It is a fascinating and appalling narrative about the Klan in Indiana. After reading her interviews of local residents and members of the Klan, there I’d no doubt in my mind that racism is at the heart of the Tea Party and the Birther Movement. I highly recommend this book. She makes a strong case for a South Africa style reconciliation in this country.

  • John Nichols was on Thom Hartmann Friday and said that Governor Lucey’s defection is huge. He is apparently a beloved elder statesman in Wisconsin and candidates try to enlist him as co-chair of their election committees. Join thought this was disastrous for Prosser.

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    A caller from Newago to the Thom Hartmann show this week said the local media is not covering the story. Considering how local papers, like the Jackson Citizen Pat have been decimated, it isn’t s surprising that many people dont know this is happening. Oh, and my relatives can’t afford the gas to drive to [...]

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    Thank you to all the wonderful bloggers at Open Left.  I will miss you.  There are very few sites that posted in-depth articles, including historical perspectives, about current events.  If only we had the same financial resources on the left to keep sites like this up and running.

  • unless Dick Cheney needs a heart

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    His writing demonstrates signs of a “thought disorder”, including tangentiality and looseness of association. These occur most often in psychotic illnesses. Taken in the context of the paranoid flavor in his writing, schizophrenia would be a strong possibility