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    The poll is very simple and the headline should be:
    ” 59% of the public like Obamacare

    If 43% approve and 16% points of those who “oppose” think it doesn’t go far enough, isn’t that 59%?

  • I’ll still stick with Obama. In August 2008 we LOST 216,000 jobs and the unemployment rate was 9.7%.
    The World bank has estimated that all developed nations will be recovering slowly over the next few years. I believe the estimate for this year was about 2% growth. Countries that buy from us are in a worse slump than we are.
    It is getting better.

  • You lost me at “one of whom is a professional athlete”.

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    let me get this straight. She likes the idea of a President asking a god what to do about situations before acting? A god she doesn’t believe in? A God that almost always seems to agree with what the person has decided to do already? Didn’t Perry, Gingrich, bachmann, etc all say they talked to God and he told them all to run for President?
    I know MSNBC is trying the same format as Fox Five, but with younger and cuter pundits. I don’t hate the show; I think Kristen Ball and Touree are OK. But mostly I get the last 10 minutes before a bemused Martin Bashir comes on

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    Just as they did after defeating the Democratic effort to prove affordable health care under Clinton, the GOP is saying that they recognize that health care distribution and costs are an important issue for the American people and they’ll have a plan if you just elect them to a majority in 2012. What did they [...]

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    I don’t now how and when the story started that all government pensions were free to the worker. My husband worked for a quasi county government near DC. He started in about 1979. He contributed to his pension every single paycheck and his contribution was about the same amount as he paid for Social Security. He’s now retired and yes, he does get a guaranteed pension that goes up with inflation. But he paid for it!! It was not free.

  • If we want to live on this planet a few more years, we need to be honest with ourselves. Doesn’t this sound like the basis for a DoomsDay movie featuring Bruce Willis?

    “Let’s spend precious declining fossil fuel resources to drill down through our dwindling water supplies and pump more water mixed with bleach, benzine and other known carcinogens into the earth so that we can blow up rock and other bedrock in the hopes that we can then use more fossil fuel resources to refine the available oil into more dwindling fossil fuel.””

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    But, but, but:
    Didn’t Romney support the Ryan plan; “anyone who read my book knows we are on the same page”. ?
    As far as I’m concerned, the Ryan plan destroys Social Security. Call it something else

  • He’d better come back from vacation a changed man. Long term Democrats like me (Democrat since 1968) will still go to the polls and vote for him.

    But he didn’t get his majority from people like me. He won because he brought out young people, Hispanics, blacks and others who never voted before. They’ll stay home this time( like in 2010) but you can bet every Republican will be there.

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    By the way, the Stimulus money has not all been spent. Projects that were funded are sometimes just getting going. My small town of Bluffton, SC is just outside Hilton Head. Stimulus money totaling almost $ 1,000,000 is being used to finance the building of 8 (or maybe 10) houses for low income families. The construction hasn’t even started yet. So there will be jobs funded by that money. Although my TPF (Tea party Friends)are fully capable of reading the article in the local paper and still insisting the stimulus created no jobs.

  • I’ve been complaining to Politifact for some time about their new rating for the GOP. The Obama “pledge-o-meter” has a “broken promises” rating classificationn. But look at the GOP- no such rating exists. For the GOP, every promise, include items that have been brought as bills and denied, still rate as “in the works”.

  • has anyone ever given an example of any abortion ( except to save the life of the mother) that was paid for under any federally funded program?

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    I’m 63 and have lived in the suburbs all my life. I do not know anyone who has ever saved a life or been able to defend himself by having a gun. But as a child we all knew about the teenage boy down the block who shot and killed his best friend by mistake [...]

  • Question- If it’s unconstitutional for the federal government to mandate that a person purchase health insurance, how can it be possible for the states or the feds to require:
    –auto liability insurance (I am a good driver and may easily have the assets to pay the minimum personal injury and property damage requirements of most states)
    —that I educate my children(whether enrolled in school or educated at home, why can I be forced to educate my children in any way?)
    —pay taxes that provide coverage I don’t use?(school,tax if I have no kids, trash collection if I go to the dump, library tax if I never go)
    –any federal taxes that pay for defense if I am a pacifist, or disaprove of this war.

    Seems like if the health bill is determined unconstitutional, virtually every government mandate is, including all taxes.