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  • This is refreshing. A singular Fed official or pol surfaces, who is not in bed with WS for a change.

    Though rare, it can’t be accidental. It means there has been introspection resulting in extricating, that is, freedom from the corrupting career aspirations toward WS. A better muse is at work.

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    It was a good speech, at long last.

    I’ve been trying to sort out the news blackout on O’s speech. Too bad. It was done well, short enough for a change, and without too many moving parts.

    Maybe the MSM thinks in the end it’s inconsequential, since it’s (nominally) temporary, and O cannot issue green cards or “real” Social Security numbers that way — only ITINs would result anyway, which anyone here can get already, and obtain without the threat of deportation for merely applying for such. Maybe there will be “ITINs in drag,” that is, called Social Security numbers without actually being quite such.

    None of this seems a big deal in the end, except for hopeful Dreamers who got short changed, and are rightfully unhappy for now.

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    I agree.

    But the observation is useful only for consistency obsessives. It’s a truism without consequences, but yes, satisfying to note.

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    Regarding Bank of North Dakota. . . wonderful in theory

    Move to Bismarck, and rent or own property so you can cash a check.

    There is one BND branch in the entire state, checking and savings accounts are available — for ND residents only.

    No ATM cards, no ATM machines, no credit cards, no debit cards, no on line bill pay. So, in person, bring your ND driver license and proof of ND residence to open an account.

    They’ve insulated themselves from conveniences which most retail customers will want, and from any customer base beyond the state border; otherwise, the big commercial banks would have cajoled the U.S. Treasury or Comptroller of the Currency to go after BND. I suspect it would be the same anywhere else.

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    So, then. . .

    I read big heart, versus alarm about the family jewels.

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    Thanks for link to Krugman’s blog.

    I think it’s incomplete, though, and not as benign as K suggests.

    For someone who is low income, or the uber wealthy, either the subsidies or excess money of one’s own will keep them whole, more or less. But what about the middle class? The deductibles there can be devastating should one dare to get sick and need help. I don’t see that impact on K’s charts. The middle of the bell curve gets screwed, period.

    If healthcare is a “right” as seems to be the trend in thought nowadays, then in theory no one should pay directly for it and it’s floor of benefits should be standardized. The healthcare itself should be blind toward income/wealth. Money can be collected, indirectly, through a much more progressive tax system. I can’t answer for what happens to the poor insurance industry.

    K seems to trying to boost or at least excuse ACA. At this late date, wish him luck convincing the public.

    Single payer.

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    Regarding it might have been a cold day. . .

    Here’s a handy chart for wind chill obsessives. I think it updates every hour.

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    This is a Petri dish to watch. It isn’t just st about taxis, but also about the rent a room upstarts like AirBNB.

    Concern about Uber is well taken. It appears to be an expanding cartel already, which is crowding the much larger, older, comfy, highly regulated, corrupt taxi cartels — these are are old time hack competitors in bed with municipical gov’t connections, no? A little bit of the pie gets carved up here and there, and the rider is none the wiser. Sorry, maybe it’s time for a re-validation.

    So nowadays the field is bogger. Advise from Uber there is also Lyft, Sidecar, maybe others?, which are much smaller upstarts nipping at city hall’s heels. . . and at Uber’s as well.

    From the customer’s perspective, the most valid concern might be how any of these upstarts might be insured for when there’s a wreck or mishap. Who, exactly, is liable? Do we think about this on a ride to ride basis? Probably not.

    Maybe that’s a sham, too. That is, what sort of complicit wrench might have been levied against insurers to help protect the old status quo? Dunno. I’m not saying a stable, reliable, officially approved taxi enterprise is bogus. Still, shouldn’t the passenger paying for such be a bit more educated if (toxic?) competitors offer a ride for less? What, exactly, do those expensive official medallions pay for? But, also, if my Uber driver hits a pedestrian, will someone come after me for the med bills?

    So a tourist visitor to Manhattan wants a ride from, say, the WTC site up to Central Park. What should the visitor do in their own self interest? Or is that even relevant?

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    Not especially good news from HK, but seems to have been in the mill recently. . .

  • There should be a deduction for potential fans who would get bored to tears by basketball, and choose to something productive in their lives instead.

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    None of this is that complicated, if . . .

    I think it was five years ago, more or less, that Barney Frank predicted that the GOP would unwittingly cause single payer to ultimately result due to the GOP’s juggernaut against ObamaCare.

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    Uh oh! Maybe so, but depending.

    Is getting “a pass” for any President’s “legacy” based on what motive? Code words support an agenda, or are at least suspect.

    So, does it have to do with the public good, or is it a wobbly construct for something else and cages in that way? How, and who, scurries this way or that may offer a clue. Too soon now, so wait and see.

    A delightful witch’s brew, but better not even ask the question yet.

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    Whether the changes to come are ultimately called repeal in toto, or just knocking out some critical rungs while keeping some beneficial trimmings . . . Is that what it’s about?

    I think they amount to the same thing in the end. Keeping the age 26 benefit, of course. Can’t cancel or deny coverage, yes. I think what will get excised will be the most important goal, universal coverage, indirectly, based on eliminating mandates and a fiat that any waivers uttered by POTUS will be deemed blanket and non-discriminatory. It can’t function that way though.

    I still expect that some day a path to single payer will finally open up, but it will take awhile. Another cycle? Sooner the better.

    A lot has been made of Gruber’s faux pas with “stupid” aimed at a segment of the populace as opposed to some particular act. It was an honest gaffe, and should have been handled with “unmindful” or “distracted” or some such (and most especially here in Mass). His body language was especially unfortunate, seemingly gleeful. Synergy, there. But it’s no more disrespectful to the public that anything else said going back to the Cicero brothers.

    Gruber’s “stupid,” even several times, pales in importance with the sleeper, that the denial of subsidies to Fed run exchanges was intentional. So, no drafting error after all. Hmmm. . . That one may have legs where it counts.

  • Good for the activists there.

    How do you have a dairy farm without cow crap and phosphate everywhere? The name “Riverview” suggests a really bad location for that activity. Don’t drink the water.

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    I was curious what this remarkable ceiba tree might be related to. I looked in Wiki and found around 10-20 species plus links through the genera and family. A few of the species are described, and there are pictures. It’s no surprise it needs those buttress roots to anchor itself down! Ceiba is closely related [...]

  • Yes! Replace one shell game with another. Recycle, reuse, as they say.

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    “. . . ISIS is planning to mint its own currency in gold, silver and copper, the group said Thursday. . .”

    What, no paper? If they wanted that I understand it would have to be printed in Belgium, the UK, or the US to be “legitimate” and contain up to date security features. So. . . No paper. Exception, NK has produced excellent forgeries of US currency, so maybe. . .

    What sort of logo will appear on coins? Certainly not a human head. An olive branch no doubt on the back?

  • This sounds like a well prepped Gruber in a friendly Frontline interview. The poppycock has to do with Massachusetts as a test bed. The premise is all wrong.

    Mass is small geographically, but exceedingly wealthy, and with many hospitals, the finest but most expensive health care — all to begin with. Add hundreds of millions of Fed dollars and anything was possible here except a valid result to learn from.

    The PTB should have picked a more representative state, or a few of them, to see how it would work in practice. It seems that wasn’t the intent at all.

  • Well, yes.

    Nancy P’s pole vaulting would be a threat following “going around” and “parachuting in” as I recall from back then.

    I wonder if she has her dad’s thumbscrews hidden in her desk.

  • I just knew something was amiss when pole vaulting became uttered as a threat.

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