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    Regarding $225 billion for Iron Dome. The link and Haaretz both cite $225 million. But Haaretz also has a figure over $400 million.

    Any money that way will just extend the war. Since the rockets aren’t very effective, Hamas’ demands for an end to blockade don’t have much backing them up. IDF will finish off the tunnels and rockets over time, weeks?, then Netanyahu becomes more flexible. . . after hundreds more have died.

    Nothing serious is going on at UN but ponderous talk. Surely there’s a tipping point.

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    Hooray! We’re in the double digits finally. It must be a lot more than 17 though.

    Consider the DOD budget, and how far much better half of that could be spent, and we’d still have the largest military in the world by far.

  • For those of us in eastern Mass, recall this is the spawn of Adelphia.

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    Ha! Excellent.

    A cascading process may ensue.


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    That may satisfy the cockles of one’s heart, which is about all we can do here.

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    Sounds like the best of choices, all of which are bad.

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    That’s an interesting link, especially comments at the end. Argentina made a mistake issuing those bonds under NY rules. Could have gone somewhere else which didn’t apply Pari Passu, though maybe the bonds wouldn’t have sold (or sold with a higher rate).

    Whether the bond holders are “vultures” or not, in addition to hedge funds holders include thousands of individuals, including Argentine pensioners. How will that situation steer the course? Probably won’t, blogs notwithstanding.

    There is no easy out for Argentina. Default, and get kicked out of the market for years. Pay up, and more enforceable claims will gobble up about half of Argentina’s dwindling foreign reserves. That would be around a $13 billion tab out of the remaining $28 billion reserves.

    Kirchner could have a third option. Start another suicidal Falklands war to distract the lemmings. That would really bankrupt the country, and create even more victims with troubles far worse than now. Maybe she’s dreaming about the UK, which this time has no functional aircraft carrier with real planes. The danger is an illusion Argentina might win.

  • Add MA to your list. Beacon Hill wants to tap into the Fed Exchanges, as of a few weeks ago. The contractor working on the state exchange project got fired, and at a big loss to the state.

  • Unfortunately it was both. False diichotomy there, I think.

  • How would human hostage-shields in German cities, bombed to smithereens toward the end of Nazi Germany, fit into this? Albeit on a smaller scale today. . .

    Just wondering. . .

  • Agree.

    But Jon is right there will be a WH request for enbanc, and then a political decision will rush in. OTOH then SCOTUS may have another take. Or not. Watch Kennedy.

    I think the first inkling about this was published in WSJ around Oct 2010. The bill was kept close hold during a time when conscientious Devil’s advocates should have had access, not just the ACA shills in hiding. Too hot, though, and here we are now.

    It is possible the wording was careless oversight. OTOH it might have been intentional, a sly threat to states which might decide not to set up their own exchanges. Of course, Roberts mooted that factor out later, but it could have been in play while the bell was drafted.

  • Oops! #22. . . Didn’t apply. My bad. Deleted.

  • Had we had top 2 in Mass in 2010, Charlie Baker would be Gov instead of Deval Patrick . Tim Cahill got around 8% as a straw candidate to deflate Baker’s take.

    This time I was glad the system “worked” that way, corrupt as it is. The ends always justify the means, no?

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    Regarding older Biden. . .

    Even Hillary is too old. Getting there myself, I’m becoming an ageist. A candidate’s age is a single issue disqualifier for my vote.

    Try Warren instead. She ‘s younger and has better positions, assuming she would be able to implement them. She needs to study her stage presence though — window dressing, but somewhat important.

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    No snark intended, but not so fast. I doubt Hamas had any illusions contradicting the reality, ineffectiveness of its rockets. They knew that, but forgot what had changed since 2012. The error was in assuming much the same for 2014. As before, rockets were to stake out political ground. This time it went awry when [...]

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    So, good for Snowden.

    He’s at risk of being taken over by the T-Shirt marketeers, though, unless he doffs the eyeglasses in public on camera or when making a point.

    It’s much the same with our pols. Levin may be the most suspect of all, but Bill Clinton too, occasionally.

    Make no mistake, these contraptions are a prop.

  • So what?

    Conjuring up 1996 for today, rather than when it counted, seems to be on an errand for. . .?

  • The “hot mic” trope getting a bit worn.

    Sooner or later folks will conclude these aren’t accidental or careless. A new WH (or DOS) staff member would be hired just to monitor this risk, and nothing else.

    The last one believable as truly a gaffe had to be “flexibility. ..election. . ./. .I’ll tell Vladimir. . .” No President would intentionally spew such over a hot mic. Maybe Medvedev set him up.

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    Regarding vulture funds. . .Argentina

    I think the link seems to be cheering the apparent success of the Argentine stock market:

    “. . .Argentine stock markets have risen to record levels based on the expectation that the country will eventually reach a deal with the vulture funds. . .”

    Rather, it may be the opposite conclusion — no more than a symptom of the collapsing Argentine Peso.

    It seems odd either way. Maybe one of the economics mavens lurking nearby can clarify.

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    Regarding Kerry. . .evidence. . .MH17

    I’m not sure waving a bony finger at the separatists/Russians actually changes or enhances anything. Still, Kerry has to do that. But normal people can connect the dots and probably most have already done so.

    It’s worth recalling what impact the disastrous KAL-007 shoot down had among the USSR’s PTB back in 1983. Those of them still alive are freer to reflect today. It would be interesting to hear what they have to say now, following MH17. Are they surprised at all? Were no lessons learned the last time?

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