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    This morning I was watching English-language Deutsche Welle (Germany’s CNN) and their reporter in Ferguson was asked by the anchor in Berlin what he made of Obama’s statement last night about how, in Obama’s experience, race relations were now actually better in the U.S. The reporter was clearly agitated by that and reported that, in fact, it was not true. The reporter and his crew had been speaking with people in Ferguson, presumably white (Darren Wilson supporters in a bar, an ex-cop owner of a gun shop), and, a touch of alarm in his voice, the German journalist insisted that racism is a BIG problem in America. Now you and I may go, “Well, duh” — but of course it was actually quite a shock to hear anybody like a TV reporter state the simple truth on the air. An American TV reporter would probably have been fired for saying such a thing.

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    P.S. Loved your suggestion that the USA’s new motto should be “better to have false hopes than no hopes at all.”

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    I’ve been thinking a lot these days, DWB and DSW, about an old (New Yorker?) cartoon: Two lab rats are talking to each other and one says to the other, indicating the scientist in the lab, “Boy, have I got this guy trained. I push this lever and he gives me a pellet of food.”

    As voters we’re just caged rats in a system designed to look like we’re exercising free will and making a choice, and indeed being given the opportunity to benefit from that act of choosing, when in fact we’re simply being put through our paces by a system rigged to benefit others. And to press the analogy further, it’s not of course even the scientists (or politicians) who are the ultimate “powers that be.” It’s the moneyed interests that built the lab and decided who would get how much money for which experiment.

    The problem for us is that we’re not just trapped rats pushing a lever for food, but that the food is increasingly free of any nutrition whatsoever, if not in fact actually poisoned by things like plutocratic oligarchy and the ruthless assault on the most vulnerable in society — the sick, the poor, the elderly — torture and endless war abroad (exemplified not least of all by unremitting support for a murderous, racist regime in Israel), and a national security state of Orwellian surveillance and Kafkaesque secret “law” — the only “rule of law” that counts for anything anymore.

    I voted today more despairingly than ever in my life. It felt not just like an empty exercise, but the heedless perpetuation of a truly corrupt system. How can that despair ever even get expressed except by not voting?

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    Perhaps your best line ever, Jane. (Though of course I also still cherish the one about “stupid motherfuckers.”)

  • When are people going to catch on: Obama and his ilk do not implement policies because they are good or legal or even reality-based. Just as when he murders American citizens abroad, he is simply doing what his sociopathic sense of power compels him to do.

  • Thanks for the report, Kevin — but, honestly, who even listens to this lameduck turd anymore. Not least of all because he says things like “we tortured some folks” with all the institutional gravity of someone hurrying past you on an escalator. Obama justly deserves to stand in the docket with Bush and Cheney themselves, and the very idea of treating him as anything other than the sociopath he is makes me want to puke. His commitment to a criminal government just gets confirmed every day (look no further than his defense today of fellow liar and sociopath John Brennan).

  • You apologized too soon… as any sane observer of the sociopaths in Congress should have known not to do. The Republicans’ earlier blocking of the bill had nothing to do with any objection to Israeli war crimes.


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    Two points:

    Isn’t this “oh, it was a terrible mistake to get rid of our nukes” lament ultimately just cover for allowing that loss of Soviet weaponry to be redressed by stationing NATO missiles on Ukrainian territory? You know… just to protect Ukraine’s sovereignty.

    Which leads to the more interesting question: Isn’t the conclusion that the meddling in Ukraine has all been a debacle for neocon U.S. foreign policy a bit premature, seeing that whatever shred of the Ukraine is left intact is bound to be more securely dependent on Western military presence (as well as on the neoliberal crooks in charge of Europe and the IMF)? One way or the other, the West’s menacing front vis-à-vis Russia seems to have pressed eastward.

    Of course, the crisis has been a disaster for actual Ukrainians. But mere human beings were never anybody’s concern, were they?

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    A brilliant — and funny — insight. I could’ve sworn Yuri Andropov was 103 at the end, but Wikipedia insists he died at age 70. Being a soulless apparatchik ages you in a most alarming way, and no more so in a communist oligarchy than in our increasingly farcical, corporatized version of a “democratic” national security state.

    It’s not really that the Central Committee can’t get somebody else to push their Animal Farm, Big Brother agenda besides Biden or Hillary. But how do you top a cunningly sheep-draped wolf like Barack Obama? Better just to put one of the obedient and fangless older wolves out there for all to see. Counterintuitively, it adds to the general air of hopelessness in the herd.

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    President Obama is our leader and will continue be be so for at least three more years.

    Emphasis mine.

    Normally, erik, I wouldn’t touch your postings with a ten-foot pole — but this conjured up the scariest future I could imagine this New Year’s Eve.

  • I second that sentiment.

  • Checking around the Internet for legal reactions, Kevin, I see that most are picking up on that same excerpt from the ruling that you include here as the first blockquote, which states in pertinent part:

    Congress did not intend that targets of section 215 orders would ever learn of them.

    As one commenter has noted, that whole section amounts to ruling that the secret surveillance cannot be illegal because it is secret. Whory cow.

    Also, the WSJ online has provided a quick demonstration of who the idiot is between Judge Leon and Judge Pauley:


  • Judge Pauley is the same judiciary goon who denied the ACLU’s FOIA request that would have revealed the 215 dragnet. He wasn’t interested in the American people’s constitutional rights then and he isn’t interested now.


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    Correction: Item 3) should have stated that fewer people may be insured after Obamacare than before (owing to the millions of cancellations versus thousands of new enrollments by January 1).

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    The policy impact should be small given that the qualifications for the exemption are narrow and the penalty in the first year is small.

    Well, whether the impact is small or not remains to be seen, but there is certainly reason enough to expect substantial effect from these wedges:

    1) The admission by the administration that many will or have found Obamacare on the exchanges unaffordable.

    2) The exemption, based on that unaffordability, that is being accorded the formerly insured whose policies were cancelled, but not to the uninsured. This creates a whole new measure of inequality in the application of the law that touches a great many more people than simply those who had their policies cancelled.

    3)The net effect is that fewer people may still be uninsured after Obamacare than before Obamacare, and what this says about the law’s ability to reach its own rather limited goal of expanding (unaffordable, sometimes junk) insurance coverage.

    It seems to me these issues will do nothing to improve people’s opinion of the law or motivate any desire to keep it staggering along.

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    In particular, I recall Jon hammering away at how the ACA incentivized destroying good health insurance by making an employer’s comprehensive (so-called “Cadillac”) coverage a liability for the employer and leaving only junk insurance available to employees. The trick to reducing health care costs in the ACA was quite simply in reducing health care. And the unwinding of employer-based “Cadillac” insurance is a debacle that hasn’t even begun, of course. Jon is sure to prove right on that point as well.

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    Schroedinger’s suspect: Alive and in custody at 11:10 and 11:58, dead at 11:20 and 11:36.


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    Los Angeles police spokeswoman Officer Norma Eisenman said a suspect had been taken into custody and was believed to be the only one.


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    The suspect is reported to be in custody (11:10 a.m. in the L.A. Times updates — Reuters also quoted a police spokeswoman to the same effect) and ten minutes later it is reported that the suspect has been killed. ???


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