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  • N Korea is about to do a country’s version of suicide by cop.

  • magster commented on the blog post North Korea Threatens To Strike Hawaii and U.S. Mainland

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    I was watching a documentary on the Korean War. Had McArthur not gotten greedy and provoked China by trying to crush N. Korea right up against the China border, the course of history would be so different. Has to be one the greatest military f’ ups, strategically speaking, in US history.

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    Congratulations on opening a new chapter and thank you for making me a smarter progressive. You are a daily must read.

    And….I’m glad you aren’t going the Bill Watterson route of dropping off the face of the planet. I look forward to seeing where you pop-up next.

  • magster commented on the blog post Prop 8 Proponents Will Appeal Directly to Supreme Court

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    Exactly. The judges framed the issues so that a straightforward application of Romer could win the day. Plus, the evidentiary record for the Prop 8 proponents is so bad, the conservative justices just might go by the axiom “bad facts make bad law”, deny cert, and wipe their brows in relief that the 9th circuit bent over backwards to limit the scope of the ruling to one state and save the million dollar issue to another day.

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    … and a hearty “Whew!” and “Yahoo!”

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    Saw a Kos story and a separate Kos diary stating that the deadline given to the President to make a decision on the Keystone Pipeline might force him to say “no” because they do not have enough information or even a pipeline route to say “yes” to. In other words, the Repubs may have inadvertently killed Keystone by forcing a decision before one could responsibly be made.

    If this all is true, that merits a hearty LOL.

  • magster commented on the blog post Obama Decides Against Releasing Bin Laden Photos

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    Maybe Obama should just have some photos available by appointment to the media or to the public at the national archives?? Somehow make it available to public but in a manner where it can’t be copied and dissemenated.