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    I wonder whether the corporatist positions Obama takes now should be identified as “centrist.” After all, he was elected the first time when he was pitching a program that was far more in keeping with a traditional Democratic Party agenda than what he switched to once he was in office.

    Indeed, polls that ask voters about issues tend to show that the majority supports that agenda, especially when it comes to protecting entitlements and the prudent use of the military. Unfortunately, we have a electoral system that’s driven financially by moneyed interests and always presented on a big-media stage controlled by those interests, in which the majority of us don’t have the option of voting for a candidate who will follow the policies we prefer. Obviously, Obama and his handlers, as much as the GOP, believe that the money is more important than the votes, as long as everything is kept under this control and the public doesn’t really rebel.

    I think you’re probably right about the final outcome in ’12.

  • The reason not to vote for a 3rd party progressive candidate in the general election next year is that they’re not going to be elected, and casting such a vote will therefore be no more than a gesture — and one that’s more likely to show, or seem to show, the weakness of the left [...]

  • If the bottom-line point here is to consider the realistic prospects of Ron Paul’s presidential bid, let’s not leave out this extreme likelihood: that he’s NOT really going to elected, let alone nominated by the GOP. If he came anywhere near either goal, the political power-brokers would strive to bring him down, and most especially [...]

  • If Romney has to fight with Rick Perry and his fundamentalist followers for the nomination, the public will get such a snootful of ‘Mormonism = weird’ code from the Perry camp that the Obama folks won’t have to refer to it at all.

    I’d like to differ on the significance of Mr. Romney’s connection to the LDS church. He’s not just a ‘regular’ member of the church, like, say, Harry Reid or Gladys Knight. He’s a descendant of a founder and key figure in its 19th c. history, Parley P. Pratt (Huntsman is descended from the same guy.) The LDS church is pretty much a big ‘family’ business run largely by descendants of founders, so this makes him something more equivalent to, say, a second cousin of the Pope and a few cardinals, as opposed to a regular Roman Catholic.

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