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    The simplest way to refute Nocera’s argument is simply to substitute one product for another. I like to use the example of heroin. Following Nocera’s logic, since the problem in both cases is demand and addiction, the proper social policy should be to decrease the cost and increase the supply of heroin, making it somehow [...]

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    Oh dear. There is so much to agree with in this post that I feel a bit odd to criticize at all, but I think there’s something important to say here.

    It may not have been the intent of the author to imply that the primary usefulness of the Occupy movement is “shoving the Overton Window away from the far right end of the spectrum, far enough away to make talk of meaningful solutions possible, which is the first step towards making them politically viable”, but that was the impression I got from that paragraph.

    In my view, the Overton Window, and all political possibilities follow the developments in social conciousness, it does not precede them, much less produce them. It is that social conciousness that is the wider platform upon which the Overton Window moves.

    The greatest value of the Occupy movement will be, and must be if it is to be of lasting value at all, to deepen the waters of consciousness if you will, to develop a more refined understanding of who we are, a more subtle discernment of why we live, a more developed virtue of compassion (meaning to suffer or feel together). This is the great potential of this movement.

    Politics always lags social reality. The Overton Window will move automatically as real conciousness grows.

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    Western corporations got the oil contracts, remember?

    Mission accomplished.

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    I recommend in stark contrast “Atlas and the Fat Man”, an extraordinary essay by Thomas Merton, found in his The Behavior of Titans.