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    Are you quite sure they care, given that they’ve probably got Diebold on board, and given further how conveniently large chunks of votes turn up just as progressives are about to win elections? Not to mention how easily any elected official can get a lucrative job to supplement his very nice lifetime pension and health [...]

  • Having recently been before Judge Facciola, I’m not hugely surprised. He seemed to have a very strong sense of basic fairness, along with a lot of common ssense. It would be surprising if Judge Lambeth granted the mandamus; from what I saw, I can’t imagine Judge Facciola not being the subject of considerable respect. Bravo, Judge, and good luck, Lt. Choi.

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    We should impeach Obama and every Dem who votes for this.

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    My recollection is that there were as many members of Congress strongly opposed to the Civil Rights Act as there are now opposed to a clean bill raising the debt ceiling until after 2012. LBJ knew how to twist arms and make deals and do whatever it took to get the job done and he did it. Our noble leader, by contrast, can think of nothing to do but call on us to twitter. Pitiful.