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    Wondering out loud here…but couldn’t you request a of few of your favorite long-term commenters that they start a shared blog and just once in awhile, when Mrs. TBogg boots your sorry ass out of the kitchen, you could wander in to that blog to leave a charming observation abut the crazy that we see on the innertubes and airwaves? I enjoy several of the regular commenters a lot. This would be a win-win for all…but mostly for me, me, ME!!!
    Seriously- I come here for comic relief after I’ve read WaPo and hit a few news sites. I really don’t read other blogs. They’re not funny. They’re too purist and ..dare I say it? …a whole lot of blogs on the left commit the same damn bullshit we see on the right leaning blogs. (Great omission of facts to make the story fit their world-view…but then again, the far right just makes shit up.) Just..everyone…please if there’s a way to keep this cynical, funny, reality-based group of smart-asses from the back of the classroom together, it would be better for our collective mental health. I have a lot of friends to sit down and have coffee with..but not many who are as sick as y’all…or who live close by.

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    Like everyone else, I thought it was Bogg’s usual satire. And I’m joining the ranks who’ll have to scrub our eyeballs and our brains knowing someone of Noonan’s alleged “stature” wrote this AND that the WSJ published it. As a woman slightly younger than these two, I calls it like I sees it and it boils down to Noonan’s great big ol’ jealous obsession with a more accomplished woman. President Clinton II… I like the sound of that.

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    Yes–but here’s one for you. In AZ, there is a law prohibiting tribal elections from being held in the same building or location as the State & Federal elections. Most Arizonans presume that it is a federal law. But folks in New Mexico say, “Huh? What have you been smoking? Native Americans vote on tribals matters in the same locations they cast their state and federal ballots on election day.” Additionally, in 2012, GOP county clerks in the first congressional district changed polling places in heavily Native American precincts within 24 hours of the election–this after the candidate who speaks some Apache and is fluent in Navajo had been up on tribal radio urging them to vote and telling them where. A lot of voters simply did not have time to chase down a new polling place–miles away (population density ain’t what it is in the big city) and still get to their jobs. If that’s not playing the system to disenfranchise voters, I don’t know what is. Pathetic that they can’t win on ideas or show a record that would bring Native Americans out in support of their candidate. The D ended up winning, but it was closer than it should have been given the number of people who just couldn’t find time to adjust their voting plan.

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    Is it my imagination, or is FFVC beginning to resembler Jabba the Hut?

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    Oh-Em-geeee— Dawnuhld Bee has us all wettin’ our pants because he called TBogg the C word. Donnie-boy – nobody here really gives a shit what you think.

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    Just, wow. So we’re back to “anyone who doesn’t believe in my purist, rainbows shooting from the pony’s ass” view of the world is a “corporatist.” To quote TBogg, “Grow the fuck up.” I think that one was said sometime during the midterms.
    The flood of angry commentary here pretty much proved exactly what TBogg said in the first place. There seems to be no agreement on whether Manning is a hero, a reckless doof, or something in between. The people who selected Manning probably believed they were honoring a gay hero without understanding that some in the gay community took a strong exception to that. Gannonguckert said earlier that gays in uniform hold a strongly different view and when they pointed that out, the members of the committee stepped back. End of story.
    Sad to see the vitriol in a year when gays and their straight allies should be celebrating the string of states now undoing a longstanding denial of a major civil right (marriage.) Can we not just feel the joy in that trend?
    Finally, I ONLY come to FDL to read TBogg. He’s a breath of fresh air in blog-land. He’s wickedly funny and relentlessly logical. And TBog’s regular readers/commenters are a community where I find comfort in humor, intellect and reality-based observation.

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    Clearly, Mrs. TBogg is the favorite human in casa de Bogg.

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    Adding to the hilarity…Princess Sparkle Pony has more:

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    “Anybody got a teletransporter to pop these heroes, spur of the moment like, into a war zone, a Mexican drug war zone? Here fuckers, taste some crazy!”

    Perfect! Let’s contact the DEA. Ask them to create a volunteer unit to help fight the drug wars in Mexico! We can urge the keyboard heroes to be the first in line.

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    OMG–you are all making the wrong guesses. This is going to be her master plan to bring down the US economy and win the White House forever for the Real Americans. I mean, with her legions of True Believers buying this book and then going all Galt on the Christmas season, well…you can see how that, along with sequestering all of those takers is going to tank the economy. You can see this…right? Right? Um…just as soon as they put the book down, shop Walmart and stack the tree with more useless crap made in overseas sweatshops, they’ll think about it.

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    About those two excruciatingly bad videos? This isn’t going to end well because we’re smart ass kids in the back row and we’re always out of hand.

  • Agree with TBogg….pretentious…obnoxious… obsessive…batshit crazy… when any of it is taken seriously by large numbers of people, someone has to point out the emperor’s nudity.

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    OH…and that bit about the Prius? Goddamn proud to be the object of her mockery for driving one!!!!!!

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    Holy Jeebus on a pogo stick! My son was better at satire when he was six. I can only say this woman is the very definition of narcissism. A sane and mature person would have the good sense not to be caught on camera looking this stupid, but she thinks she’s clever and doesn’t know we’re laughing at her…NOT with her.

  • A masterpiece, TBogg.

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    Well–someone has to toss up an idiot for you to mock. Have at it. Wolverines!

    If you Google her, there’s a treasure trove of STOOPID just to make you slap your forehead and whine for more TBogg…or the DOGS.

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    TBogg–lures you in with extra cute Basset photos and you stick around for the snark—or is it the other way around? (Okay, I’m forced to admit I also keep coming back to find comfort in the company of other degenerates–er–WOLVERINES!)

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    Gold star for this one… TBogg brings out the best in you.

  • Read your comment out loud to my spouse…we are still laughing….

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    Just watched a state championship girls soccer game where fans from a pretty damn red and mostly white part of the state began chanting when an Asian-born player stepped up to take the kick in a shoot-out…and guess what that chant was???? U-S-A, U-S-A
    Yeah, experiences like that just MIGHT give voters of any ethnicity pause before supporting the “true” GOP.

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