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    By the by, this is Judge England.

    Which perhaps may give you an idea of the level of chutzpah Taitz possesses to stand in front of him and compare herself to Thurgood Marshall while trying to unseat the first black President.

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    Also, Casey should get on the mailing list for Improv Everywhere. Their annual Black Tie Beach event is August 18:

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    Central Park.
    Museum Mile on the East Side and the Museum of Natural History on the West Side.
    Prospect Park in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Botanic Gardens and the Brooklyn Museum.
    Greek food in Astoria, Queens, Indian food in Jackson Heights, Queens, and Chinese/Afghani/you name it in Flushing, Queens.
    Counterfeits: watches on Canal Street, bags from the African street vendors who lay their wares on a sheet on the sidewalk so they can roll it up fast when the cops come.
    There’s a great craft fair in Lincoln Center in September. There are also a lot of holiday markets in pockets around town, usually in pocket parks or smaller parks, like Bryant. Usually great jewelry and interesting handmade goods.
    Hot apple cider and donuts at the Greenmarket.
    The best street vendors for jewelry and trendy accessories are in Soho, around Broome and Spring off Broadway. These are often up-and-coming designers who sell the stuff they make. Many other sidewalk vendors just sell someone else’s stuff.
    Red Hook Park has great vending trucks, including a lot of Mexican food, though the park itself can be hit or miss.
    The IKEA in Brooklyn has a water taxi from Wall Street. It costs $5, but if you buy something at the store and present your ticket, you get it back.
    L&T Casey and Mrs. Tbogg should go for bra fittings at Orchard Corset (Orchard Street, Lower East Side, just around the corner from Economy Candy and Toys in Babeland) and/or the Town Shop (Broadway in the 80s). Orchard Corset is unlike any store they’ve likely seen, with no merchandise on display, just a lot of boxes on shelves and a Hasidic man who stands behind the counter in the very narrow store and asks you your bra size. You know you’re not wearing the right one when he cocks his head to the side and asks you, “Are you happy with that bra?” Then he scurries up a ladder, pulls down some boxes, and sends you behind the curtain with his wife, who will feel you up while she’s putting you into the bra. Be sure to get there early on Sunday morning (closed Saturdays and Friday afternoons), because tour buses will pull up bearing ladies from Harlem who swear by the shop once they get out of church.
    The Fashion District is worth a look, not just the fabric stores along 7th, but the beads, buttons, notions and trimmings stores along 6th.

  • Why does the “mangina” get no luv?

    I know a whole slew of fellers with hourly/daily/weekly/monthly mangina problems and once they’ve been thoroughly mocked for having mangina problems they tend to shut the fuck up.

    Is that sexist?

    Why “mangina”? Do you find ladyparts as objectionable as Ari Adler does, that you equate them with weakness and need to attach them to men in order to insult them?

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    And wouldn’t it be better than a trial and to have victims testifying and cross examined?

    That’s a threat if I ever heard one. Especially given that they’re trying very hard to shut down SNAP and oppose efforts by SNAP to lift the statute of limitations on claims of childhood sexual abuse. They’ve had some success; in New Jersey, for instance, where this priest preyed on the youth of several parishes, being moved around by the Diocese when complaints started coming in.

    That priest, by the way, was my parish priest growing up. I remember being in the rectory, and that housekeeper.

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    Why are his arms so stumpy?

  • Oaksterdam =/= Oikos.

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    So whatever happened to Mary Katherine Ham?

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    And PP is a doormat, so they’re in the make-nice-repair-bridges mode. Gah.

    Are you kidding? They’ve won. They got Komen to back down; they’ve let it be known that they are more than prepared to start another shitstorm if Komen decides to de-fund them in the future (don’t forget, it was PP who publicized the decision in the first place); they’ve raised multiples of what Komen pulled from them, so they can not only fund breast cancer screening, but expand the program; they’ve exposed Komen as a branch of the right wing; they’ve gotten more people to think of them as a provider of women’s health care rather than a provider of abortion services; and they’ve shown weasels like Brinker, Handel and that doofus in Congress that they’re *not* going to roll over.

    They’re not doormats at all. They just have no need to be ungracious in victory.

  • However, it’s worth remembering that the Coca-Cola Company survived New Coke.

    The New Coke fiasco occurred just as the company changed its formula to replace sugar with HFCS, which significantly altered the flavor. I think that New Coke was always meant as a stall so that the company could make the switch to the new formula without the old formula still on the market for comparison.

    The Komen thing was overreach by wingnuts and really shitty PR. They’ve clearly gotten some better PR, since they’ve just told us they’re going to do what they announced on Tuesday anyhow (cut PP’s funding), but everyone’s acting like they really caved.

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    She must live in Cobble Hill. The brownstones there were owned until 10 or so years ago mostly by Italian immigrants, mainly dockworkers. Then it got gentrified.

    And the projects were there long before Katie Roiphe’s house hit $2 mil.

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    The Truthers like to proclaim that Building 7 was untouched (aside from “a few small fires”) by the attacks. They don’t like it when pictures showing the massive damage WTC 7 suffered are exhibited.

    I worked in the building that was kitty-corner to WTC 7 (and across the street from the Burlington Coat Factory Mosque), and we had fusellage on the roof and in some of the windows. Those planes didn’t stop when they hit the towers, they kept going — and one of the first things they hit was WTC 7. My building didn’t get a lot of damage because WTC

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    What’s your (you all) excuse for the collapse of Building 7?

    Rudy Giuliani, who stupidly created a command center with 20,000 gallons of fuel stored in it just a block from the site of an earlier terrorist attack.

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    I have been an FDL member since the days of MediaWhoresOnline.

    Really? ‘Cause your member profile doesn’t have a single comment earlier than June of this year. Nor do you have any diaries, group memberships or friend connections.

    IOW: Concern Troll Is Concerned.

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    “purely grade-based achievement” – WTF??? So Harvard Law just dispenses grades randomly? It doesn’t take hard work? You don’t have to actually know anything?

    Sort of. Law school is a tremendous amount of work, but the line on Harvard Law is, “Pay your fee, get your B.” You have to work really hard to distinguish yourself, and you have to work really hard to fuck up. Yale has long had no letter grades for 1Ls, just high pass, pass and low pass.

    That said, the top law schools don’t want people failing out, so they pick people who are likely to make it through (I don’t think legacy status counts as heavily at HLS as it does for Harvard undergrad). I went to a different top law school, with a tougher grade curve (that was, mercifully, changed my first year — prior to that, 40% of the class had to be below a B, and there was no B minus), and there was a guy in my first-year class who had sort of unraveled the previous year, failed a lot of his classes, and was given the chance to wipe the slate clean and start over again.

    By contrast, I now work at a law school where failure is actually an option, where the school tries very hard to prevent student failure by teaching them the skills they need to get through law school. But the atmosphere is very different.

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    Does it occur to Ross that maybe it’s the urban, well-educated stratum of society who can afford to have the genetic testing and pay the abortion doctor, and maybe not the poor who live on about $2.50 a day?

    And that maybe the poor who can’t afford such things might find other means of ensuring that they only raise sons?

    Or maybe, just maybe, that the problem isn’t the availability of abortion, it’s that women are so devalued that it’s considered a reasonable thing to ensure you don’t have any girls?

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    tejanarusa — is your kitty pooping? Because not only is not eating a very bad thing in cats, but not pooping is awful as well.

    I’ve had a cat with the liver thing (and it is really awful; what was worse was that I hadn’t even noticed until she was half-dead that she hadn’t been eating, because my other animals ate her food), and another who got a hairball stuck and stopped eating/threw up everything she ate and then stopped pooping.

    Fortunately, the stuck hairball moved, and her system restarted, after several days of force-feeding her hairball remedy. The other one needed hospitalization, surgery, a transfusion and a month of force-feeding before she started eating on her own again.

    Shorter me: get that cat to the vet post haste.

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    Peachy. But I was talking about Ed.

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    I disagree. He still called her a slut, which is a label slapped on women who get uppity, no matter what their political orientation. There are a hell of a lot of words he could have used after “right-wing” that *didn’t* insult half of humanity — and more than half of the Democratic base.

    The English language is full of gender-neutral, race-neutral, sexuality-neutral insults that pass muster with the FCC and *don’t* give Fox the opportunity to trot out the faux-feminist butthurt. A smart progressive ought to know that and make use of them.

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    It’s not the language that’s offensive, it’s the whole concept. He called her a slut to insult and demean her. But why is it a bad thing for women to have sex, or to — horrors! — enjoy it?

    Absolutely, the Republicans took the opportunity to pearl-clutch and get the vapors about civility, but it wasn’t just Republicans who were offended. There’s a reason that feminists fight against this stuff. You may want to look into the recent SlutWalk movement, which arose after a Toronto cop said that women could avoid being raped if they didn’t dress like sluts. Which is of course bullshit, both because rape has much more to do with the rapist than the victim, but also because the really insidious thing about “slut” is that it doesn’t have an actual meaning — it means whatever the user wants it to.

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