• We have to face the fact that it will be a long time before some of us are recognized as people, let along male or female.

    Think about my partner, born male in Tennessee where codified in state law, it is forbidden to change the sex on a birth certificate. She happens to have Klinefelter’s with an agonizing childhood of being a scrawny boy with gynecomastia. She’s long since transitioned and had SRS. She’s only attracted to men.

    I was born male in Arkansas. At nine years old, I had my uterus removed after surgery to correct a possible inguinal hernia and cryptorchidism. I have since transitioned and have not had SRS. I’m only attracted to women.

    However, I met my partner after she had transitioned, and she met me before I transitioned. We both fell madly in love. It’s been 11 years that we’ve been together and plan on jurisdiction shopping next year. Her driver’s license states “F”emale and mine states “M”ale. We plan on looking for a place that will accept driver’s licenses and does not require a birth certificate. I play “male” for a few minutes to ensure the she has the legal right to everything I own should some tragedy ever happen.

    What’s most fun though, is thinking about the complexities of our relationship. Since she only likes men and I only like women, we must be heterosexual. However,since we both have a “Y” chromosome, I guess we’re gay. Since we both live as women, we’re considered lesbian. Although, we both know we are intersex, but since we live in the role opposite that which we ere raised, we’re transsexual. The possibility has to exist that we are bisexual, how else could she be with me?

    It’ll be a hundred years before today’s religious conservatives would even consider letting us get married.

    Meghan did what she needed to do. I would have done so in a heart beat. I may not be nationally known, but there are those locally that might think I was a vocal hypocrite as well.

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    I was thinking the exact same thing – and the same people!

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    I personally think it is not a fight worth fighting. I believe in my heart that the amendment will pass, just like it did in every other southern state. Hell, if they are successful in overturning gay marriage NORTH of the Mason Dixon Line, its really hard to believe that gay marriage could ever exist in the south. The only hope we have for the near future is SCOTUS and that is tenuous at best. In the meantime, I’m all for raising all kinds of hell, but the Religious Reich is going to win this one too.