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  • Not to jerk your chain, but I will. I think you have your facts mixed up. Doghouse was 59, when he died. I was a great fan of his, and through what little biographical info he’d included in his posts, I determined that he was a year older than I, at least school-wise.

    I just recently turned 59, on July 8th to be precise, a birthdate, if I’m not mistaken (and I rarely am), I have been gracious enough to share with with you lo these many years. From the biographical info I have gleaned from reading you for these years, I have determined, and verified, that you are a year younger than I–hence 58. So, you are not older than Doghouse, though close enough to put the fear of God in you.

    So, in less than a month, I am losing two of my favorite bloggers, who have kept me as sane as I could possibly be throughout these insane years, and have given me hours of laughs, which I always treasure. Laughter is the best medicine, after all–straight from Reader’s Digest.

    I’m going to miss you Tbogg. With you and Doghouse gone, there’s hardly a reason to read the innertubez.

    Shit, I guess now I’ll have to go out and finally do something with my life.

    Enjoy your life, your family, and your dogs. And I will always remember the rather Rubenesque lady standing in line ahead of you at the grocery store, who looked like she had a litter of puppies dancing in her Spandex’d legs.

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    Well, now that it’s the 8th, and several hundred messages later…Happy Birthday!

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    You do all realize that according to some article that reported this development, whatever is left of the original organization is morphing to another (with another url), and that they are allowing the state chapters to continue with their work.

    We ain’t heard the last of these people yet.

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    Chiaroscuro-city. Watch out Caravaggio.

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    I’m always amazed by your ability to get your dogs to provide a 3/4 pose when their eyes are lasered in on you and the camera.

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    That is one FANTASTIC picture.

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    Well, I was going to make some snarky remark about the “wisdom” of getting married the day after your birthday, but I decided against it. So, I’ll just wish you an early Happy Birthday and Happy Anniversary, and volunteer my services to help keep the L&T Casey as safe as I can in the borough of Manhattan.

    Is it Columbia or NYU? Just as a heads-up.

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    Not to mention the “‘s” in “he prefers” in the first paragraph.

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    I especially like Wembley’s ear-scratching near the end. What an intelligent feint that was.

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    I never thought I’d prefer a Kindle to a good old fashioned book … but, Tebow help me, I do.

    This sentence just breaks my heart.

    I’m embarrassed to admit this, but because the rest of my family had hooked onto the Easton Press 100 Greatest Books routine, I, like the lemming that I am, joined the club, so to speak. Who could pass up Corinthian leather?

    So, my wife and I have 50 of these books, some of which I have read, none of which she has read, sitting in what masquerades as a bookcase in a Manhattan apartment. Then, one day, a delivery from QVC included a Kindle-lite. When I asked her why she bought it, her response was that it would encourage her to read more books. She’s had some of the classics sitting in front of her face for 20 years, untouched by her, and she needs a machine to prompt her to read?!?!?!

    And now you have joined the dark side.

    I’m just a year older than you…exactly a year. How am I so out of touch with convenience?

    And, what is more important: Is nothing sacred???????????????

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    Wait a minute…Whatever happened to that young Republican who was filmed kicking some captured and downed female protester at one of the last conventions, and then denied it when questioned on camera?

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    Considering that Roberts, as his first public duty, screwed up the Presidential Oath of Office, you might be right.

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    That, by the way, if my most favorite sign ever.

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    The women, in her mid- to late-thirties, is an idiot, and she’s paid for it.

    I need that gig.

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    Totally OT, but that is my usual wont.

    Twice I’ve noticed your use of a possessive pronoun used to modify a gerund (e.g., for his defending). Of course, it should have been “his defense” considering the sentence, but that’s neither here nor there.

    You sure paid attention during that day of rhetoric, didn’t you?!?!?!

    Bravo, sir.

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    Wait a minute. Isn’t Fenway wearing Breitbart’s outfit?

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    Well, I can’t choose one from this year, but the one post I will always remember, one that convinced me, after having been a fan for at least a year, that you were a man after my rhetorical and curmudgeonly heart, in a non-gay, non-pinko, non-baby-eating kinda way (purely bromance) was when you described a woman ahead of you in line at your local green grocer who was wearing spandex and shouldn’t have been. Something along the lines of a puppy farm having a disco party in her legs. Sexist, perhaps, but it had me ROTFLMAO, and when I read it to my wife, I could hardly get through it for laughing.

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    ‘Course, she sounds exactly like my sister, who is 63. Bodes ill.

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    In the words of the great Doghouse Riley: The woman is 38. 38!!!

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    Yeah…like who put on the lights and applied that ribbon garland? Some dyslectic?

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