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    What an ignorant group of racist people. And they’re actually so stupidly proud of it, too!! Ignorance has no limits.

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    Lobbyists have been having their way with politicians for decades, and the members of this new commission will be no exception. The halls of Congress are paved with lobbyists’ money and the politicians who wallow at the trough.I think the days are long past when we had a government that was representative of the people or have their interests at heart. Lobbyists are corrupting what should be a functioning and just government. The influence of this scourge continues to feed on weak-minded politicians, who mainly are more interested in the dollar signs they can amass, than governing. No wonder the majority of Americans have disapproving views of the politics and politicians who wreak havoc on our society.

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    Pretty nice. Might entice me to be more active. I’ve always enjoyed the content and reading the threads. Need to familiarize myself with the ins and outs, but its a very clean layout.