• Who we see as unnecessary corporate middlemen, Obama sees as new corporate donors to his 2012 presidential campaign.

  • John Leighton commented on the blog post State Level Fights Offer Opportunities for Progressives

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    I think this is a perfect demonstration of why progressives lose and the far right win.

    The right have an effective two step program to getting their way:

    Step 1: Never, ever, under any circumstances support or vote for a Republican who betrays their core values (ex. George Bush I, Arlen Specter, Lincoln Chaffee, etc.)

    Step 2: Support politicians at the local, state and national level who do support their fundy beliefs.

    And what do progressives have? Step 2, that’s it. Because when the clock ticks down toward Election Day, most progressives will put away ideology and throw their vote behind whichever Democrat, whether they are a Reid, Pelosi or Obama, who has the best chance of winning against their Republican rival, i.e. the lesser of two evils strategy.

    And for the last 35 years the Progressive One-Step has failed while the Conservative Two-Step has kicked ass and moved the country further and further to the right.