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  • marchan1940 commented on the blog post White House Selects Jim Yong Kim to Head World Bank

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    Dr. Kim is one of the co-founders of Partners in Health, the absolute best nternational health service. I encouraged all FDL readers to read the Paul Farmer biography to learn how all that is PiH came to be.

    Larry Summers is an ass. Dr. Kim is a brilliant physician, administrator, advocate for the health needs of the poor (PiH’s slogan is Whatever It Takes)
    and his nomination gives me a hope of integrity for the World Bank for the very first time in its history. Now I can hope that the WB will be a humanitarian organization instead of one that exploits the poor in favor of the 1% regardless of the country.

    THe Clintons know Dr. Kim because, among other reasons, of PiH’s long time and phenomenal work in Haiti.

    Thanks so much for picking up on this miraculous event,, David.

    Blessings to all

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post GOP House Looking for an Agenda? How About This? by Scarecrow.

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    TCU: Haven’t heard any comments even hinting at the possibility that the GOPTP folks have any kind of budget to propose, much less meet your fine criteria. Scarecrow, love your in-your-face list of problem facts and invitations/challenges to resolve the issues, knowing full well that the GOPTP folks probably have no responses. But equally important [...]

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    To Bobster33, re: “I think we need to start a group like anonymous. we log in, people post who a our target is, we vote and then we pounce on the issue with snail mail letters, emails, phone calls and campaign contributions ($10 or less) to their opponents. That way when the candidate checks his [...]

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    Thanks for reminding us of the issue history regarding enforcement. I don’t understand why and how the propagandists perpetuate their false hoods and how we can stop them. To tell the truth in Congress or MSM (would that either could be so) would likely be totally irrelevant. Ever feel like the voice crying in the [...]

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    RE above. There was a Harvard (?) med school prof on Charlie Rose last night talking about his new book on the medical system crisis with some interesting proposals that might help in regard to some of the reality problems in rural America you describe so well. Afraid I was half asleep, so can’t give [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Liz Warren Tells Only Half the Story by Scarecrow.

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    Amen for your succinct analysis of the past and present insanity. I’ve prayed that Liz Warren be protected in setting up the agency and its operations. Thanks for reminding me that that prayer needs to be continued.


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    Bless your heart, Masaccio! I adored your post! “This time the President got it right: nobody can stomach you or your pestilential business. You got the money. You won’t get the love.” I hate it that they got the money. They sure don’t deserve our love. Thanks for all the great writing and analysis you [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the blog post In Excelsis Deo, Indeed

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    Bless you Peterr; terrific “sermon” indeed. I so appreciate you.
    Grace and peace in Christ,

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    This is essentially off topic, but I want to call attention to a memoir book I’ve just listened to: SON OF HAMAS Hamas by Mosab Hassan Yousef (and co-author middle-east journalist, Ron Brackin), whose father was one of the top Hamas leaders in this last decade. The father functioned as a kind compassionate, taking care [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Fake Net Neutrality: Like Letting Enron Write the Electricity Rules by Scarecrow.

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    Sorry, Sebastos, but I probably can’t confirm or totally disavow the headline or article I thought I saw, but I’ll see what I can find. I printed up a recent (Nov. 19) article at Alternet that I that I’ve been wanting to reference for some time; this may not be the right thread to do [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Dinner Theatre: Food Supply Makes Millions Sick Every Year while DHS, Media Warn of Terror Threats by Kirk James Murphy, M.D..

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    As always you are terrific, Dr. Murphy. When I saw the TV “news” on the terror threat I couldn’t believe the insanity of their position when so little if anything is done to protect our food otherwise. But then the “disclosure” seemed to me totally consistent with all the other insanities of our governmental and [...]

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    “What would happen, I wonder, if we began to do democracy as it was meant to be done? If WE picked the issues – and the STANCES on those issues – that WE care about FIRST – then recruited candidates who must pledge to represent us on those issues? Without corporate money. Without concern for [...]

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    Amen thanks for the analogy; helped so much in better understanding the crisis. What are the potential remedies for this travesty? Who would have standing to contest in court? Who could fund such a legal campaign? I’ve been following the “censoring” actions by Rayne as moderator in criticizing some of the more “radical” writers here [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Do You Hear What I Hear? by Rusty1776.

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    Obama is not the only cause; in many ways he is just a pawn of the real power brokers – the real owners of the US. I praise God for your way with words and images filled with such passion and clarity. I wish I knew more about you. There are many at the Lake [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the blog post On Foodstamps: One in Seven and Getting Worse

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    Thanks for spreading the word, Peterr.

    The stats are horrendous and I had no idea it is so bad.

    St. John’s food bank is directed by a man who has an incredible capacity to get all kinds of donated foods from businesses, in addition to a few cans from individual donations. Thank God there are regional food banks that feed the neighborhood centers. But his connections have been an incredible gift to our downtown community. This coming Tuesday night we’ll again be hosting the Safe Ground group – organized homeless folks who in better climates are living in tents (or not) on the river. We prepare a nice hot meal for them and give them warmth and safety for a night. They have developed a system of “elders” from among themselves that developed their own rules of participation and monitor the behavior of the participants. In the winter, the group lives as nomads between the several churches who are participating in this response. Most are recently homeless from loss of employment and housing. But there are also some
    MH problem folks, some of whom are older women who are particularly vulnerable. We desperately need all kinds of special shelter service programs.

    And lots and lots of donated foods for the many food closets at churches and social agencies who are trying to serve the many homeless and potential homeless individuals and families.

    Blessings to all

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    Don’t know if you’re the only one with that view, but I for one would welcome some “Christianizing” of federal, state and local policy making (which is not to say I’m hoping for a theocracy, Christian or otherwise) and I’m certainly not recommending the kind of “christianizing” in the manner of Palin or any of [...]

  • You are always so incredibly gracious; can’t comprehend how you pull it off in the face of ongoing hypocrisy, etc., but I salute you as always.

    Had no knowledge of Kessler, much less his sponsors. Thanks so much for that info.

    I wonder how much longer I can tolerate watching NH; the more I see, the more I see appalling statements and biases. So sorry that’s true.


  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post A Message to FDL From the White House by Rusty1776.

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    Fantastic post. I salute your cleverness and grieve for our losses.

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Moral Vision and the Experience of the Soul by Rusty1776.

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    Thanks, WendyDavis, I appreciate your underlying question. What the heck is Obama really about. Here at the Lake, at other blogs, HuffPost and even MSM commentators at times presume to divine his intent/methods/meaning and I usually wonder, how do you know. How even do you presume to know? Surely we have seen his presumed lies [...]

  • marchan1940 commented on the diary post Moral Vision and the Experience of the Soul by Rusty1776.

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    Watched a bit the current video of the Vermont Senator repeating the same facts and figures I’ve heard from other liberals and I wondered where the passion and soul were with these men. The unseated Florida representative was much more effective by showing pictures of the far right TV and other personalities with info about [...]

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