• Whenever it comes to white guys complaining about “who has it worse?”, I usually borrow a concept from Louis C.K.

    Imagine that your gender is a subscription, and ever year you either choose to re-up on ‘male’ or switch to ‘female’. Would there be any year in which you wouldn’t choose male?

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    Matt Stoller has done the absolution work for you in a long tract of emoprog prattery at Salon:


    The funniest part is when Stoller says that voting for a third party may be useless in the short term, but it’s “good practice” for the next crisis.

    Yes, when the zombie apocalypse comes, we will all rally under the banner of Liberal Tinkerbell Jesus.

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    Does it bother no one else that these superfaps are horribly misattributed?

    First off: Sarah Palin should be Rogue. It was her freakin’ catchphrase.

    Invisible Woman: S.E. Cupp. Because who?

    Xena: Atlas Juggs. She even does the Muslim ululation.

    Wonder Woman: Ann Coulter. As in “I always wonder if she’s a woman…”

    Huntress: Elizabeth Cheney. Lame knockoff of the original, but fuck you, you’ll buy it.

    Power Girl: Megan McArdle. Can never remember her origin story or powers, blames you for it.

    Kitty Pryde: Michelle Bachmann. Whether it’s logic or facts or bricks or concrete, they pass right through her without so much as a ripple. Also: attracted to obviously gay men.

    Supergirl: Dana Loesch. Pretentious moralizer who doesn’t realize that what she mistakes for attention and acceptance is actually 70+ years of boys trying to look up her skirt.

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    Wait a second. You mean you’re the chick who was on “Friends” all those years?

    No silly. It means that TBogg is a skinwalker who has taken to wearing Jennifer’s skin as his own. His smooth, caramel skin…

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    The only part of this that gave me hope was the bit about ‘freelance, on-spec work that ended up taking 9x longer than expected.’ I’ve done the freelance world, and on-spec means she’s writing something without being asked for a market TBD.

    This is a good thing. What it tells me is that, for all the puerile nonsense McMegan is allowed to publish, she is capable of producing something that no editorial entity was willing to give so much as a green-light.

    Why is this important? Because otherwise we get nonsense like: “After all, the new gadget represents hours, maybe years, of human ingenuity applied to the problem of making repetitive tasks easier, faster, safer, or more convenient.”

    Yeah. See, the difference is that those weren’t *your* hours. It’s like saying that you get the same feeling of pride from climbing Mt. Everest as you do watching a movie about a guy who climbed Mt. Everest.

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    Thank you dear. As to “selective enforcement,” I’ll just refer you back to the notion of “Until you can do everything perfectly, there’s no point in doing anything.” Which seems like an awfully helpless way to exist in the world, to be honest.

    Or, as Ambrose Bierce so succinctly put it: “A cynic is someone who knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing.”

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    This is an honest question, so I’ll try to phrase it as directly and non-adversarily as possible:

    If Congress did explicit authorize use of military force in this instance, but did so only for the base reasons many of you cite above (oil, rare earths, etc.), would that make it okay? Under what circumstances could Congress approve taking out JoKo that would meet both the constitutional *and* ethical strictures people are insisting upon? Because I’m having trouble figuring out how anyone ticks all the boxes here.

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    I’m not going to pretend that I know whether President Obama’s motives are pure and innocent or greedy and hypocritical. I just don’t think that, when it comes to a religious whackjob who savages villages for fun, that Obama’s motivation should be your primary concern. Particularly with the teenage rape-slaves and all.

    Similarly, if a Republican President had authorized the killing of bin Laden just so he could loop the video on his Youtube feed and watch it while listening to “America, Fuck Yeah!” on his iPod, that doesn’t really take away from the crazy religious mass murderer being dead and all. Barring zombieness, of course.

    And anyone who says “It’s just like Vietnam/Iraq/Sarajevo/Iraq-again/Carthage/Thermopylae” is existing in a frictionless two-dimensional universe in which everything is equal and the distance between any two points is non-existent.

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    Okay, I’m pretty green at this, but I’ll give it a go—

    Shorter Firebagger:

    “Teenage rape-slaves demand to see your congressional approval before they’ll even consider being freed.”

    “Either we’re the world’s police or we aren’t. Or as the headmistress used to say, until you do everything perfectly there’s no point in doing anything at all.”

    “You give me one good reason to hunt down this religious whack-job that I can’t whine into the ground, and I’ll give you my Nader 2000 bobblehead. Still in its original packaging, because PURITY!”

    and lastly

    “The difference between killing Osama bin Laden and killing Joseph Kony is… um… look, a bully pulpit!”

    Do I get a basset now?

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    Fritz Leiber is sadly neglected, and some of his novels are the wackiest romps you’ll ever have.

    Certainly not available for Kindle, but a used bookstore may have his ‘The Silver Eggheads,’ a biting critique of creative typists, publishers, James Joyce, and the reading public. Also, too, it has a man eating ice cream from a robot’s left boob.

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    Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison
    Lord of Light by Roger Zelazny
    A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter Miller
    Darkness at Noon by Arthur Koestler
    Dying Inside by Robert Silverberg
    Perdido Street Station (and its sequels) by China Mieville

    I’ll also throw out an anti-recommendation that’s been offered here: Ender’s Game. EG is the sort of book that appeals to adolescent males who feel alienated from their peer group, not young women like the L&T Casey. The entire power fantasy sub-genre of SF has little to offer her.