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    Providing public finance of health care will by definition force changes to over 1/6 of the economy. The only important issue to me with that is how to transition the insurance company employees from tending the tapeworm to productive work.

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    At the level of basic political math, for a party that stakes a claim on younger more liberal voters to slap a mandate to purchase crap health insurance on them is another element of long term political suicide.

    Raising taxes by a few percentage points to finance single payer would not entail these forced purchase negatives.

    I guess that the end game of the tapeworm analogy is that the parasite eventually kills the host through denial of health care while the vampire just creates another vampire.

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    Thanks. At least 20 years ago, Republicans provided the margin of “victory” for NAFTA. Now, the Democrats are suffering from the Stockholm syndrome so severely that they’re actually enthusiastically proud of their handiwork.

    As I wrote 4 years ago, the ACA / Obamacare is a suicide pact that the Democrats made with themselves and which they are carrying out.

    For all vampires, the health insurers and their Democrat enablers alike, there is but one solution, a stake to the heart.

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    When Republicans win elections, they attack the Democrats, when the Democrats win elections they attack the Democrat base. They did this with NAFTA and took the congressional losses attendant with screwing their base in favor of their corporate masters, now they are taking the losses for clamping the vampire insurers onto each of our arms.

  • I’ll put a finer point on it: gay civil rights don’t mean shit if we’re gay serfs.

  • I believe I cast a vote for this fascist monster in 1992 when she faced Pete Wilson’s toady John Seymour after California voters rejected her bid for Governor in favor of PeWi. Aside from being relatively moderate on LGBT issues, Feinstein is Wilson politically.

  • My last client officed with the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. One day this spring, as I was getting to work, I got off of the freight elevator with my bicycle and was headed to my office. As soon as I was out the door, open bursts the door to the conference room and out walks Fineswine and her entourage right past me.

    It was all that I could do to not shout “FREE BRADLEY MANNING,” but gazing at her hideous visage paralyzed me as one might expect would happen with such a Medusa.

  • Between age 16 and the time I turned 18, I must have made as many adult men who could fill a small prison “sex criminals” by pursuing them for gay sex.

    That was in the 1970s before the paranoia over pedophilia set in and before it was even conceivable to make a play for guys my own age at my school.

    In most states but not for most Americans, the age of consent is 16 or 17:

    Of course, explicit power relationships, parents, teachers, clergy, trump the numbers.

    Americans do not have the vocabulary to discuss these issues with any detachment from hysteria, preferring the puritan impulse to deny sexuality wherever it does not comport with god’s divine plan.

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    Back in the day when The Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights had to defend clinics, the folks who volunteered were men and women, gay and straight, it was no big deal.

    Why is it a big deal now?

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    The Tea Party was originally anti-Republican establishment. The renegade right wingers led by Republican activists invited the Tea Party into the Republican fold, they won primaries and were able to win office.

    OWS was an anti-party formation as well, yet there was no symmetry in how the Democrats reacted, other than to crush any formation that threatened their claim on everything left of right in American politics.

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    The Republicans welcomed the Tea Party into their political fold. The Democrats brutally and violently repressed OWS. That says it all.

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    And my husband’s union, SEIU, is standing by idly as his government employer ups his hours to 48 per week…

    Today’s union staffers have never organized anything more complicated than a picnic. They are coasting on the hard work done by people now dead.

    Organized labor requires ongoing organizing. Either the people on the union’s clock, those employed by workers, start doing the work of organizing or they need to make way for those who can.

    The Democrat Party wants to keep organized labor unorganized, that’s their role. And it is the fruit of the poison Ivies, such as Andy Stern, who serve as ruling class moderators to labor’s dwindling power.

  • Any thoughts on how to handle a situation where other sister cities face similar anti-LGBT laws as Putin just signed? I just raised this with a friend who’s a legislative aide in a local city that has such sister city relationships.

    Do we just snip snip them all?

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    Once dreams come true, they’re no longer dreams. Keep on dreaming!

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    SO all this bill does is guarantee employers docile and low paid workers, with all of the hoops and fines and rigamarole for Latino immigrants, nothing for LGBT and more H1-B visas to undercut domestic wages. If you like the amount of women and non-Asian people of color in the STEM (Science, Tech, Engr and Math) fields, then by all means, let’s undercut any attraction these fields would offer by importing a captive, vulnerable workforce fleeing poverty.

    These terrorists in Washington hate Americans for our freedoms.

  • One instance of this failure to respect boundaries on the part of trans fetishists is the treatment of Bradley Manning. Unwilling to accept Manning’s own wishes as expressed on his support group’s website:

    “Everything we know from Bradley Manning’s friends, family, and legal defense team, is that he wishes to be referred to as Brad or Bradley until he’s able to get to the next stage of his life. Bradley has indicated that he’s not interested in publicly addressing this issue.” -Bradley Manning Support Network. July 24, 2012

    Many trans folks and their supporters insist upon prioritizing their need for self affirmation over the stated desire of another individual to express his own identity.

    Hating to go all binary on you (how DO you ever deal with the Marxist dialectic or the subject/object dichotomy?) but for most all gay men, being gay centers around the penis, the biological aspects of being male. The notion that this widely held perspective can, similar to Manning’s stated desires, be blown through by third parties to be recrafted in terms favorable to their view of gender is simply a political non starter.

    While there are social aspects to the construction of gender, the penis, having, having had and knowing what that is like, is central and for most men and gay men it is essential in defining what maleness is. This does not mean that people don’t get to define themselves as male for their own terms, but one had better be prepared if one represents as male to a gay man but is not packing a rod.

    I am sure that is very frustrating to trans men, but frustration is no license to reconceptualize others in ways that don’t reflect others’ reality.

    But the main point of identity politics is not to shed light on reality to help us understand and change our environment, rather it offers proponents a cudgel to wield in order to bolster their previously held positions.

    To wit, another play party this past winter, I’m feeding it to porn talent half my age who is providing expert oral talent, and a group comes to play next to us. One participant has a pussy and titties, nice ones. They play, we play, and this individual’s moaning is several registers above anything else in the room. As one with a sordid bisexual history, that’s no biggie to me.

    After everyone wraps up, I tell this individual that it is nice to see some diversity in the space. He asks me what I mean, I say gender diversity, and he affords himself a gotcha moment where he goes on a lecture about what gender is and what it is not. “I am male, this is a male space, there is no diversity.” Uh, huh, yeah, right.

    The only way that “it’s all good” works is if boundaries and self determination are respected across the board and totalizing theories are not imposed by a minority upon a majority, especially when those theories don’t describe reality to anyone but their ardent proponents.

    Perhaps the aversion to binary thinking blurs the barrier between subject and object and proponents of gender as be-all and end-all really don’t give a shit about anyone else?

  • I went into Contact wanting to be thrilled, I came out of it underwhelmed. Star Trek has been far more useful to me over the decades.

    If you’re designing theory to be debated within the academy, then burn yourself out in the echo chamber.

    But once it ends up on the real world as actionable, then it becomes relevant to my reality and has to heft its own freight.

    You’re suggesting a theory as complex, with as many sharp moving parts as the Contact device that will produce as improbable and indeterminate outcomes.

    An elegant queer theory would not have to so many special cases and would not need to shoehorn so much of other peoples’ realities into itself in order to square the circle.

    We are told that LGBT struggles are united because we are all hated for the same reasons. True as that might be, that view offers no coherent theory on why there are gay men, why there are lesbians, why people are bisexual and why people are transgender. Similar to Marxism, it fails as an emancipatory basis because it defines people in terms of the “oppressor,” terms unfavorable to emancipation.

    In previous successful liberation struggles, India, South Africa, a consciousness raising movement was critical. In those cases, the majority was raising its consciousness to resist colonization. But what I think we’re seeing with the emergence of the cult of gender theory is a similar coming of age, consciousness raising. But instead of a majority raising consciousness, a minority of a minority is coming of age. The only difference here is that the minority-minority is attempting to redefine the consciousness of the majority-minority in its own terms in order to strengthen its hand as it raises its own consciousness.

    To my mind, the attempted dominance of gender theory in queer theory represents a small minority of folks for whom gender is very important attempting to enforce a gender-centric view on the majority who fall at the top of the gender bell curve.

    I mean, the twisted interpretations of what maleness and masculinity is that I’ve heard from some trans folks and gender theorists, not to mention the looks in their eyes when they’re at play parties and they see the real equipment throbbing and squirting betrays a disconnect from native males.

    Whatever works for them is fine with me for them, but outside of their sphere, there will be resistance unless there is respect and cooperation demonstrated as allies should.

    This is part of a larger phenomenon that I call activist goggles or maybe in this case theoretician goggles, where people very close to and invested in a narrow issue presume that everyone sees the world in their terms and rages against them for having not and ignores the needs of other legitimate stakeholders in moving their narrow agenda and rages when called on that too.

    But isn’t the whole point of identity politics so that nobody ever has to go outside of their comfort zone to buy people into their politics?

  • Are you suggesting that it is worth the cost to a theory to incorporating the exception to the general case at the expense of the accuracy of the theory describing the accurate case?

    The point of the hopelessly muddled Contact, aside from the absurdity of a backup trillion dollar machine being constructed and hid behind the curtain, was that perception was hopelessly subjective and personal, the only evidence was that there was time for perception, no common ground on what was perceived.

    There is no possibility for one grand unified theory of queer. The problem space is too complex, too contradicted.

    If a theory cannot be grasped by the people it is supposed to describe, if the theory cannot be used by them to describe the reality they face, and if the theory manages to meet those tests if it cannot be used to change the world, then that theory needs work. I suggest that most lesbians and gays cannot use gender theory to grasp our reality.

    Academic parlour games such as these are what they are and nothing more, insider baseball. The idea that non-binary gender has anything to do theoretically with lesbians and gays other than defining us all in negative terms relative to the the phobes truly strains credibility.

    This is a theoretical quibble, not a civil rights quibble. Everyone is entitled to full civil rights to live their lives as they would. Nobody is entitled to recast theory onto other people and insist that a theory that does not speak to their experience is relevant to their reality.

    The only way that trans folks can expect for folks to honor their autonomy to chart their own course, to define their own existence on their terms is for that tolerance to be reciprocated and for the areas of contradiction to be negotiated cooperatively and collaborative as allies should.

  • ce·leb·ri·ty

    A famous person.
    The state of being well known: “his prestige and celebrity grew”.

    fame – renown – reputation – repute – notability – glory

  • Of course there are multiple genders but they are rare and don’t go far to describe reality. Their rareness likewise complicates their elegant integration into other theories.

    There is no grand unified theory of queer, just multiple disjoint sets, some of which overlap, some of which don’t.

    The fact that the ‘phobes hate us for the same reason is their error, no basis for anything but the most reactionary and broad/shallow points of unity, nothing aspirational and affirmative.

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