• Mari commented on the diary post How the Transnational Elite Created Islamic Terrorism by GREYDOG.

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    “Islamic Terrorism” has its origins in the original British sponsorship of the Muslim Brotherhood, and was escalated in the 70s with the advent of the “Bernard Lewis Plan”.


  • On the whole, a good article — except that I don’t see how promoting a drugged population should be regarded as “progressive.” It seems to me that it plays right into the hands of the 1%. To paraphrase Marx, Marijuana is the opium of the people.

  • Mari commented on the blog post CNBC Caught Soliciting Op-Ed Calling Climate Change A ‘Hoax’

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    Is there more climate change skepticism in the underdeveloped countries? That would make sense, since all the proposed solutions involve trapping them in colonial status.

  • I agree with so much of what FireDogLake has to say. I am puzzled as to why FDL squanders its political capital on a pro-dope crusade.

  • Wayoutwest alluded to this as well: there are indications that Benghazi was a transshipment point for US weapons being illegally sent to Islamic radicals in Syria. To my mind, this ought to be the focus of the investigation. It’s a serious matter, and also would tend to explain all the obfuscation and outright deception about the Benghazi attack.

  • According to the American Lung Association, there are 33 cancer-causing chemicals contained in marijuana. If this were a new energy source or industrial technology, you would be demanding that it be banned. I should also point out that the Drug Policy Alliance, which provided this commentary, is owned and operated by George Soros, one of the billionaire oligarchs whom we ought to be fighting, not supporting.

  • The National Council of La Raza is set to declare Obama “the deporter-in-chief.”

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    President Obama has a fervent desire to help Wall Street, and while in Saudi Arabia, he fawns over the monarchy (as seems to do whenever he sees a monarch.)

  • Mari commented on the blog post UN Climate Change Report Says Worst Is Yet To Come

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    The world’s food supply is at risk for a number of simple reasons that could be easily addressed: first, a significant percentage of food production is going to the production of biofuels, a technologically regressive and environmentally destructive boondoggle. Secondly, soil is being harmed by the practice of monoculture by the food cartels. But most significantly, there has been a half-century of neglect in terms of water management. There is plenty of fresh water, but it needs to be diverted to where it is needed, and the environmental movement is guilty of obstructing the necessary projects, while turning a blind eye to water-wasting activities such as biofuels and fracking. Don’t blame nature or climate change for problems that are the result of human neglect.

  • It is important to recognize that the British Empire did not “slip beneath the waves.” It privatized. It re-emerged as a multinational financial and raw materials cartel, with the resources to buy up “Western” news media en masse, and to determine the outcome of U.S. elections. So Obama’s administration is not acting like a new version of the British Empire; it is acting on behalf of the old one.

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    She doesn’t deserve to be popular. She has debased herself, carrying out Obama’s foreign policy agenda.

  • “Sustainable development” and related policies are generally designed to thwart the efforts of Third World countries to achieve economic self-sufficiency. These policies restrict poor countries to being exporters of cheap raw materials and cheap labor, making them easy prey for neo-colonial looters. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that a “hedge fund billionaire” should be supporting these policies.

  • We’re also seeing this movie in Ukraine, Syria, and Thailand, among others. The policy of the US Department of State is rapidly becoming “universal regime change.” I say, “regime change begins at home.”

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    The big banks like HSBC have been happily servicing the dope trade for almost 150 years.

  • Mari commented on the blog post Pussy Riot comes to Brooklyn

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    If someone disrupted a service in a church or synagogue over here, it would likely be prosecuted as a “hate crime” which carries serious legal consequences. The degree of intellectual depth that these gals demonstrate in their political views reaffirms for me the famous dictum of Homer Simpson: “Rock stars — is there anything they don’t know?”

    I should also add, seriously, that it disappoints me to see FireDogLake joining Obama in his drive to reinvigorate the Cold War.

  • One of these days, people are going to finally figure out what the government and the press were doing to the LaRouche movement all through the 70s and 80s, and why they were doing it.

  • This looks like a lot of Luddite speculation and Romantic technophobia, like Hermann Hesse’s “war against in machines” in Steppenwolf, or Mary Shelley’s dire warnings about Benjamin Franklin’s research into electricity (Frankenstein). Meanwhile, the regression to more primitive technologies is producing an actual body count, such as the 17 people who died when a windmill collapsed in Brazil. Where is the media outrage about that incident?

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    If this signifies the decline in the electoral appeal of the ruthless and misguided imperialist policies of Dick Cheney and his fellow neoconservatives, may we expect the early departure of Obama?

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    This is very much on the mark. However, fans of FireDogLake should take a moment to consider how the very same principle applies to the so-called “scientific consensus” on Anthropogenic Global Warming, a theory which has been used to justify all manner of crimes against Third World Nations that seek to develop their economies and break free from colonial exploitation.

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    I agree with FDL on just about ever issue except the dope legalization campaign, and this one. Would you be so kind as to provide a similar breakdown on who is funding the AGW campaign? In my view, this is another facet of the whole neo-colonial policy: tell the Third World nations that they must never develop, because it will cause the oceans to rise and drown them. Keep them trapped in the role of providers of cheap labor and cheap raw materials. Create a new speculative bubble with nonsensical “carbon credits.” Enforce backwardness in a way that has a net effect on nature that is harmful. And ironically, the same environmentalists who have opposed every advance in technology (except for n entertainment) are now presenting themselves as the defenders of “science.”

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