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    Thank you for making me laugh when, many times, I wanted to sob for the sheer amount of stoopit in the world.

    Give those dogs some extra love from all of us …

  • Holy crap do those bring back memories.

    And I will FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER use terms such as Caribou Barbie, Juicebox Jesus, and so many others.

    This place we call the Internet won’t be the same without you. Or the bassets.

    Well, mainly the bassets.

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    They don’t care that in countries with proportional representation where Greens have gained political power, it has invariably corrupted them.

    So, if these Future Mental Health Case Studies are part of a political movement, but don’t want anything to do with winning elections, and maybe getting even itty bitty bits of their preferred policies enacted, their entire purpose is to … what, exactly?

    I mean, other than to bitch and whine like little children and acting holier than thou about corporatism whilst using a computer made by … corporations that send signals through … corporate-made-and-operated routers and servers?

    (Run-on sentences in honor of Das Crazykopf Pürity Trollß.)

  • How in the world is taking advantage of what your tax dollars help make possible a form of hypocrisy?

    So … I’m guessing this asshat will no longer take shots at people who are on Medicare, or Medicaid, or Social Security, or food stamps, or unemployment, as they’re just “taking advantage of what [THEIR] tax dollars help make possible.” Right?


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    Not sure if anyone has pointed this out yet, but Kansas City (the big one) has been in Missouri for … well, practically ever. At least since the invention of the steam engine.

    So, yeah, fuck Kansas. We Missourians have our own issues with which to deal, thankyouverymuch.

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    Maybe it’s just me, but I’m fairly sure that kids don’t view the Wall Street Journal as the arbiter of cool.

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    The problem with the Malkins of the world is that, to them, they’re on the correct side. Thus, if she had been around, say, during WW2, others might have been interred, but not her. Because she’s special.*

    Basically, logic/facts/reasoning never enters into it because it’s all tribal, and based on the right’s quest to destroy those Not Like Them. Period. Everything else is just white noise (um, so to speak).

    (* Yes, special in that short bus kind of way as well.)

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    he HHS mandate would require faith-based institutions to provide contraception against the teachings of their faith.

    No it wouldn’t, you stupid git. In fact, there was this whole discussion about how religious institutions won’t have to pay for it — the insurance companies will. It was in all the papers and everything!

    Good Sad to see the clinical fucking stupidity that marked most of Andy’s life didn’t die with him.

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    But not with taxpayer dollars and not with forced mandates squashing people’s choices.

    Unless it’s a gov’t mandate to rape women before they can get a perfectly legal medical procedure … or defunding PP, thus leaving millions of women without any choices …. or the choice for that woman to have that perfectly legal medical procedure in the first place.

    Those choices? Those are baaaaddd.

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    I know I’m a tad late on this thread, but I just had to note that no real cook would view that kitchen as functional.

    It’s horribly laid out and there’s almost NO counter space at all. No one who likes to cook to eat, rather than to show off their fancy gadgets, would view that re-mod as a success.

    (There’s also the toxic counter tops, but that’s been covered upthread).

    Maybe the contractor forgot to adjust a decimal point …

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    A 34 for me, so I IZ BE ELITIST!

    Dumbass quiz: “What does the word Branson mean to you?”
    Me: A place where stupid rednecks and/or old people watching horrible shows by has-beens and never-will-bes at night while spending their days getting their wallets raped at Steal Your Dollar City.

    Other odd things (other than the quiz in general):

    He gives the same points for lettering in band that he does lettering in sports. I’m sure that will come as a surprise to band geeks, as they weren’t exactly on equal footing with the jocks most of the time (except those of us in drumline, which was totes cool).

    If being poor, drunk, and stupid is what America is all about, then the public is a battered spouse and the GOP is just doing what’s best for them … “and so sorry, baby, about the black eye and ruptured internal organs that are the economy. But we only did it because we love you … ”

    He rewards people for knowing and/or being complete fucking morons. So +1 to him for finally admitting the truth: The GOP is where willful ignorance and clinical stupidity get you cushy gigs and Don’t Think Much Tanks.

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    They are engraved on every American coin. They are “Liberty,” “In God We Trust,” and “E Pluribus Unum.”

    That’s strange. Last I checked, neither of those phrases were in the Declaration of Independence.

    It’s quite interesting that, to celebrate the actions in 1776 of what were, in reality, a bunch of nobles, he’s focusing on a phrase (“In God We Trust”) that wasn’t added until the the 20th Century, and another one (“E Pluribus Unum”) that’s a Latinized phrase originating from a Greek philosopher.

    And it’s quite telling that he focused on today’s money, rather than on the actual document the founders created.

    The Wingularity HAS to be close.

    It just has to …

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    Um …

    is both unprecedented [1], arbitrary [2] and deeply offensive [3] to the intellectual openness [sic] that Arianna Huffington has purported to believe in.

    Why do conservative hate logic and numbers?

    He’s actually right about this:

    I realized the truth about the Shirley Sherrod story and the ACORN story were very different than I’d that I’d been led to believe by the liberal media who I’d trusted.

    The “liberal” media failed to point out nearly often enough that the ACORN sting was highly-edited utter horseshit, instead choosing to ignore the facts when they were revealed.

    So he’s got that going for him.

    Also, too: Nice to know his love of open and honest debate doesn’t extend to his own site. I guess getting pwned in his own place hurt his feefees even more than Bill Maher.