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  • Walker has openly admitted his agenda of tricking and repressing Americans and destroying the middle class and labor.. for his corporate buddies. Like Bush, Walker dropped out of school and behaves as if he’s been given a lobotomy but that doesn’t stop him from being a psychopath with the same personality as Hitler, and difference, a psychopath is a psychopath. Walker once threatened a police officer’s life who stopped him for a ticket..unfortunately he wasn’t charged with that crime which is a felony. Walker is completely terrified of anybody gaining any advantage or power over him since in his psychotic dreamworld that would threaten him personally. The only agenda that would make Walker and his sidekicks like Fitzgerald satisfied is the destruction of the constitution, democracy and free enterprise and the whole of America slammed into poverty and slavery with all of the weath consolidated into the hands of a few corporatists..who by chance hold key government positions.. in other words the goal of Republicans is to turn America into a second China. The repression in the US has already gone a long way courtesy of republican traitors who together have the same agenda as Walker. USA has the largest prison system in the world and the most funded propaganda machine and no country but the USA has murdered as many people in illegal wars since the times of Hitler and Stalin. Walker also has no concept of morality and would freely admit this is his end goal..since no decent person can accept his true level of depravity and evil.

    For Walker and his thugs, his personal war against America is already lost. Hitler also banned trade unions as part of his agenda, and Hitler also paid with his life for his evil agenda. His entire gang of war criminals ended up hanged. Walker’s thugs have rammed through an attack on the american public illegally, the next step to stop his rampage is an agressive court case. Walker will be hounded out of office in short order and preferably into a long prison term.

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