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    I wish I could say these were my 10 favorites, but truthfully I had trouble thinking of the names of ten songs thanks to my swinish listening habit of setting iTunes to random and then turning on the screensaver. So here then are my songs with the most random plays.

    Iron Man – Four Tet (life changing)
    Bati – Getatchew Mekuria
    Brooklyn – Hauschka
    Slow Blues – Jimi Hendrix
    Friendless Blues – Eartha Kitt
    Do The Wrong Thing – Lounge Lizards
    You Os Tirk Pnake – Pov Vannary
    Sorrow – David Bowie
    Five Golden Sections – David Byrne
    Saloua – Erik Truffaz
    Unsolicited bonus cut: Spooky by Lydia Lunch

    Hmm, I think reinstalling iTunes last year really had a big impact on this list. And preparatory to life without Bogg, I’m enrolling in a community education origami class.

  • Absolutely the best. Thank you for all of it and best of luck with everything else in your life.

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    Still not sure how to start these random thingies in the new iTunes, so starting where JerryN ends….

    Everyday People – Sly & The Family Stone
    Chi Lu Tempo – Los Nouvellas Polyphonies Corses
    Almost Xiu Xiu, Almost Deerhoof – Xiu Xiu
    Vertical Invader – Weather Report
    Mystify – Eccko
    Driving Down by the Hudson River – Yuka Honda
    Achillipu (Achillifunk) – Mantecao y Su Combo de Rumba Moderna
    You Got It – Kenny Fickens
    He Loves Me (Lyzel in E Flat) – Jill Scott
    Post (Aigui) – Ensemble 4’33″
    and bonus Pena by Eliades Ochoa & Company Segundo

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    WARNING: Publication of this list of illegally downloaded music may make you an accessory to an imaginary crime with heinous consequences (if you are an unwed Native American mom or a Jewish college student).

    Brooklyn – Hauschka
    Crocodiles Don’t Lie – Steve Beresford
    Still – Karl Berger
    Thiaroye – Baaba Maal
    Feqer Bequmena – Essatu Tessema
    Got Any Kids? – Kool Keith
    We’re So Happy – Medeski Martin & Wood
    Avelut – John Zorn
    OPEN AIR (For Tommy) – World Saxophone Quartet
    The Right Track – Phllis Dillon
    and bonus cut Type A To E from Hiro Tsunoda.

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    Cannot in good conscience contribute this time around, having no clue what “record” stores are like nowadays.

    Once upon a time I thought living in the future would mean having very cheap access to every song ever recorded whenever I wanted.

    I failed to understand that the future would be about making sure fat old men who don’t know a Fender guitar from an upright bass would continue to be the sole financial beneficiaries of music recorded 70 years ago, music the original artists stopped being paid for about 69 years, 11 months and 29 days ago.

    I feel bad for the indie stores, of which maybe two or three in each state have survived (usually by reselling CDs which is different from selling used .mp3s in ways only lawyers can explain).

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    On Apple since 1990 and have never heard of anything like this. Jay in Oregon sounds like he has the best answer. It could also be a browser virus, which is the only kind of virus I’ve ever gotten on my Mac.

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    Try a few used book stores if you still have any in your area. These books are not scarce, and their lack of value keeps them from being listed online (creating the appearance of scarcity which some dealers rely on to get inflated prices).

    Also, Amazon lists 21-volume sets for $40 and up. Yes, you can spend $750 at Amazon for the same set, but again, there will always be sellers with high prices. These books have always been sold at cheap prices because they’re not collector’s editions, they’re simply sets of books for which the publisher didn’t have to pay any royalties.

    Most important? Every work mentioned can be downloaded for free from the Guttenberg Project. The Black series books are small print, thin paper and while I loved them when I was young, I’d rather read those books on a Kindle now.

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    $24 for a 20-volume set of Black’s Reader Service Company “The Works of…” books.

    I knew there was a reason why I still had mine.

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    Fox can’t comment on something until someone reports on it first, and since Fox doesn’t really “do” reporting they get very testy when the other networks fail to research a news story for them.

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    105 FM Jam – De-Phazz
    Spineless Jelly – Future Sound of London
    Trapped (Hell Interface mix) – Boards of Canada
    I Love You For Sentimental Reasons – Fred Buccini
    Pleasure As Usual – Tortoise & The Ex
    Feel Free – Mozez
    Too Young – Nat King Cole
    Wachet auf, ruft uns die Stimme – Yo-Yo Ma
    Iron Man – John Surman
    Most Holy Mother of God – Jan Garbarket
    Bonus: I Can’t Be Alone – Sonny Boy Williamson II

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    I’ll Always Love You – The Mad Lads
    Diana – Wayne Shorter
    The Squirrel – Miles Davis
    Both When I Am Alone & When We… – Four Tet
    Oily LIghtning – Jazzfinger
    You’ve Been Chose – Propositions
    Ikoyi Mentality Vs Mushin Mentality – Fela Kuti
    You’ve Changed – Sarah Vaughan
    My Honey’s Lovin’ Arms – The Mills Brothers
    Khili Re – A.R. Rahman

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    My last email address for you seems to have expired a long time ago, but I can help with the Pizzicato 5 if you email me at mark.gisleson@gmail.com

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    Using Antony and the Johnson’s “I Fell in Love with a Dead Boy as a launching point, iTunes mixed this:

    I’m Blue – The Ikettes
    Highlife – Mono
    Hold On, Help Is On The Way – G. Davis & R. Tyler
    Archie’s Funeral – Ry Cooder
    What Would – Soldiers of Jah Army
    In The Ghetto (alt take 4) – Elvis Presley
    Uncle Albert – John Lennon
    Stans Soluble Fish – Animals on Wheels
    Show – Patricia Barber
    Solitude – Duke Ellington

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    I’d settle for just one post like this a week. I’d whine and would want more, but I would settle for this. Gladly.

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    Random “food” mix:

    Food Stamps – 24 Carat Black
    Tapplin – Trim (from Soulfood Vol. 4)
    Cat Food – Crimson Jazz Trio
    Sentinel (Lunar Defense) – DJ Food
    A Prayer Before Tea – Food
    Power of Kung Food (remix) – Seatbelts & DJ Food
    Devil’s Food – Patricia Barber
    Sea-Food – Wang Changcun
    Twix – Trim
    Food for My Soul – The Dragons
    and My Name in Food from The Voodoo Trombone Quartet

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    Shit, there go all my weekend plans. I may have to go out and find a life now.

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    I’m sorry I took down my blog. If it was still up I’d search it to see how many times I linked to a Scarecrow post. I’m guessing the difference between how many he wrote and how many I linked to would be the number of his posts that I tragically missed. He was a [...]

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    The arbitrary feature changes on the new iTunes do suck, but it’s handling large databases much better than before. I’ve pirated painstakingly collected a library of over 100,000 songs, and it handles the workload pretty well. But still no iTunes DJ so I used Tom Waits as my jumping off point to create a random list:

    Jeepers Creepers (take 2) – Django Reinhardt
    Ouaga Saga – Mokhtar Samba
    Nandarou – Studio Ghibli
    Key to the Highway – John Lee Hooker
    Love for Sale – Cannonball Adderley
    Don’t Take It Out – The Funky Muchachos
    Resignation – Brad Mehldau
    Rose Room – Sidney Bechet
    Night and Day – Ella Fitzgerald
    Levi’s commercial – Jefferson Airplane
    and Alpha et Omega by Hermas Zopoula (no, I never heard of him before either but there he was on iTunes staring back at me)

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    New iTunes won’t let you generate a random ten without first giving it a song to start with, so I searched for Robert Palmer and these are the next ten songs that came up:

    Piensa En Mi – Duo Pérez Rodriguez
    These Times – Ernest Ranglin
    I Wish I Were Twins – Coleman Hawkins
    Les Nuits – Nightmares On Wax
    Joe Cool (instrumental) – Vince Guaraldi
    Hysterical Strength – St. Vincent
    Electrorloge – Troublemakers
    El Evangelio – Wganda Kenya
    Mommy Daddy You And I – Talking Heads
    Story of Mr. Paul – King Radio
    and Team Clermont from Momus and no, none of these songs reminded me much of Robert Palmer although I do miss the old button configuration which Apple changed on the new iTunes because, well, I guess because they could, Apple now vying to become the new Microsoft.

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    A transaction tax on stock trades would be wonderful but your use of the term “sales tax” makes me think how wonderful it would be if all stock purchases were taxed at the same rate as the sales tax rate in the state the buyer claims residency in . Suddenly living in low-tax states wouldn’t look so [...]

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