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    I an easily imagine the administration conversation about this going something like …

    If we really want to destroy them, make their lives a living Hell then we have to consider just leaving them to their own devices, just like we did with Cuba for 50 years. Let ‘em suffer their own political system instead of seeking any ways for them to improve their lot.

    But, seriously, the problem there is that Castro was truly happy as a Communist dictator and Kim appears also to be living it up while everybody else is his slave. How could you disrupt his (and I mean HIS) economy?

    Well, taking a gander at the rich in America we can easily see it isn’t easy to tip them off the throne or change their lives in any meaningful way. For the super-rich you can even ding them by billions and it won’t affect them much. After all, how much difference does it make to a Warren Buffet (for example) if they make a couple billion less a year? It’s their accumulated wealth and their control of the system which continually replenishes them which is the problem.

    In America you occasionally get someone, advised by someone like Robert Reich, who says you need to force their quasi-illegal activities into the light and it will improve things. So, campaign contributions need to be revealed and sources of insider trading information needs to be revealed and the timing of stock-optioned employees of a company need to reveal their trading, so it can be compared to the release of corporate information to the public. These things shine light on the dark places, so the cockroaches can’t continue so easily.

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    So the question is how do we advance the progressive brand?

    It’s the same as it has always been for either party. You have to have something a majority of Americans want and you have to be able to govern better.

    There is one thing more advantageous for Progressives/Liberals *now* than say in McGovern’s day — it’s that the two parties are further apart with less overlap and that means whichever has the power has ALL the power (in that body of gov’t).

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    how to play politics by actually opposing the GOP instead of starting on their side

    I believe Obama knew he had a Dem Congress and wanted to get things done quick (of course, the ACA delayed that). The alternative you suggest would require someone to stake out an ideological position around which many issues fit tightly. Then you could take them on in a big way. Without that each bill is negotiable and it takes time.

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    435-district campaign

    That’s not a bad idea if you have the money and energetic people to do it. But, if you were to do that it would have to be based on some pretty important issues. You couldn’t run each district as an individual race. Who has the energy for that? Who has the organization and money?

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    We better do something about the damn Visigoths.

    Don’t forget that a major reason (discovered later) for the failure of Rome was lead poisoning from drinking cups. Very bad stuff.

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    I think the problem is he “pivots” too much. He pivots so much he just turns in a circle and never really gets anywhere.

    There are too many posts here which I can’t tell from ironic sarcasm.

    Does anybody really need to be reminded *now* of all the things America has been through in the last few years and how he keeps pulling us through? If people believe as you’ve said it’s no wonder they wouldn’t go out and vote for a Congress to support him.

  • -The passenger said they were going to their grandmother’s house, but the driver said he was going to visit his sister

    Love that one. Never let grand uncle drive you to his sister’s “known drug kingpin hideout” house. Heh.

  • The cop was really friendly and just wanted her to know about the tailight, apparently.

    That’s what “to serve and protect” looked like. How they get from the tail-light to searching the car is beyond me.

  • This is far too similar to the Stand Your Ground laws which say you don’t actually have to be in danger, you just have to believe you are. Once you unchain people from facts, then we are all going to suffer.

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    It’s a horrible thing. Where are the strict constructionists and other patriotic Constitution upholders from Congress, especially the Republicans?

  • If it was difficult before, how will any people of color talk to their children now about how to stay safe…especially around cops?

    This is an untenable situation and it has to be corrected quickly. If it’s clear a cop isn’t acting within the rules of the department and he hurts someone, then he should have to pay the same as you or I would.

    If a police department establishes incorrect rules or hires incompetent people for a job, then they too should be punished.

    If a culture of hate exists in a police department and anyone knows about it, then it must be revealed and the offenders removed.

    We simply can’t let this continue.

  • So now it’s summary capital punishment for selling loose cigarettes

    How many people are now thinking about the time they told a kid that “some day cigarettes are gonna kill you”.

    Cops are just out of control and I think a lot of it started with the election of Obama and the Right’s response and also with the Stand Your Ground law in Florida. Gun people, people on the Right, racist whites, all are really going nuts — more than usual.

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    (as from The Graduate) Jane, the future is rehabilitation!

    My mother fell and broke her hip. They did great work pinning her back together, but the surgery made her loopy for a while. She went to a rehab hospital (good advice) and they helped her with a lot of physical rehabilitation. She said afterward it really helped her a lot.

    Get well soon Jane. The world will obviously stop spinning if you’re not running this site.


  • former US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley proclaimed that the US government, via the CIA, should send arms to the Ukraine government then lie about it. Hadley made the statement after claiming to value honesty and calling Russia dishonest.

    And these Republicans are the same ones criticizing Pres. Obama about lying? Really?

  • In the recent elections it appears the electorate voted for Republicans and then also voted for all the Liberal ballot initiatives.

    Frankly, the public may be a bit confused.

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    25 people were arrested—for “incomoding

    Jeez, can you imagine the embarrassment if a friend asks why you’re arrested and you have to say “because I was incommoding”? Ouch!

    TX. Denton, TX “is where hydraulic fracturing was invented”. The community turned out to vote Tuesday—and voted to ban fracking, by 58% of the vote! And in spite of [...]

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    the D’s biggest deficit. They fail to put forth a vision for the future that engages the electorate

    It’s hard to put into a few simple terms, or even paragraphs, what the collection of ideas the Dems have really means. That’s one reason we usually hear policy speeches which focus on one small part of the [...]

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    I hadn’t heard/read that anywhere before now.

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    I suppose it reinforces the old idea that if you life big enough and often enough people will believe it. They just can’t believe you would say something that often and be lying about it because they would never do that themselves.

    Well, the Republicans have done everything they could to try to smear Obama and apparently some of the sticky spaghetti thrown against the wall has stuck in the minds of the voters. If this rules America then woe be unto all of us.

    I wonder if Thomas Jefferson, who said a well-informed electorate was required for a Democracy to work, would have recognized today’s well, but mal-informed electorate?

  • Obama decided to try and help Blue Dog Dems who are never going to admit they voted for him, never going to on immigration, and will never vote yes on any progressive issue

    I suspect immigration reform would be the first thing up for a vote in the House if the Dems take it over. But, the minimum wage increase would probably also happen the first day.

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