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    Well, it’s just another area where obama is incompetent. Nothing he does is guided by anything other than political expediency.

    Are you saying we don’t have an immigration problem needing attention? Huh? Everybody else recognizes there is a problem, even some Conservatives.

    He has no core fundemental right/wrong value system. So lies and truth are the same so long as they serve some political goal. He can say one thing while doing the opposite and not lose any sleep. Heck, he’ll go golfing.

    Immigration reform is about controlling our borders, keeping terrorists and undocumented people out, but letting in temporary workers (like migrant farmers) and letting in students who may want to stay and work after graduation. Do Republicans really oppose solving these problems? Apparently some dunderheads do and think it’s ‘right’.

    Obama is enforcing the border law more than anyone has and Republicans oppose him. Why? Do they not know what’s ‘right’ when it comes to law enforcement?

    Republicans who oppose the DREAM Act seem to think it’s right that young kids who know no other country than America and know no other language or culture should be deported. How idiotic is that? Don’t they know any better? Where is their sense of right and wrong on that?

    No, I trust Pres. Obama’s sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ much more than the Conservatives and it’s nothing to do with politics. Maybe it’s just another case of Truth having a Liberal tendency. Maybe what’s right has a Liberal tendency too.

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    You don’t vote to just support a politician.
    You vote, so you can tell them what they should do.

    If you don’t vote other people will be heard by the politician and their interests may run contrary to your own.


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    Fukushima weather report: Hot, real hot, too damn hot. If this isn’t a warning to people about “let the free market regulate itself”, then nothing ever will be. I guess we’ll have world-wide higher rates of cancer for a century or so. Oh, but isn’t it worth it so a few thousand humans can live [...]

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    Like the (seemingly) wasted money on “Defense” before 9/11, what are we spending our money on if it doesn’t protect us from terrorist attacks and if it doesn’t keep the price of oil lower and if it still lets in drugs by the boat-load and drug money (into the banks) by the billions? We need to be getting more for our tax dollars or stop taxing & spending that money, so we can spend more on something we get results on.

    Make the bankers pay a bigger price for their crimes or apologize to the Swiss for bothering them.

  • I doubt Obama hired Blackwater to do anything in Ukraine, so who did?

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    One more story we won’t see on the evening t.v. news.

    What will it take for the public to discover the problem isn’t in their own lack of efforts or in “big government”.

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    Republicans said they were for health care reform if it was done in a market-based way, so they invented it at The Heritage Foundation. Obama implemented it and they said it was bad.

    Republicans said they could deal with too much carbon in the atmosphere, but only if it was done in a market-based way, so they invented Cap & Trade (Yep, they did). Once Democrats started talking about implementing it they said it was bad.

    Republicans, including the Bush family, say immigration reform is essential, but once Democrats offer proposals they said it is bad.

    Republicans have said they want a flat tax, including Romney who proposed getting rid of deductions, but once a Republican House committee chairman Dave Camp began looking into tax reform they told him to shut up and it wasn’t going to be done.

    Republicans LIE or don’t know their own minds.

    The crazies who said they had the right to use nature and graze their cattle for free also say that in Oklahoma you should pay a fine to put up solar panels and “graze” for sunshine power.

    The Right is NUTS.

    Republicans talk all the time about the “free market” and how there is too much regulation, yet the Koch brothers and others want to prevent Tesla from competing in the automobile market in several states (because they use a different business model). They also convinced Tennessee to stop using highway lanes dedicated to buses because it interfered with people using gasoline made from Koch-brothers oil.

    The right are LIARS and takers.

    If the Koch brothers want to argue the solar panel industry gets too many gov’t tax benefits, then they should argue for reduction or elimination of all the gov’t benefits to the oil & gas industry. It’s billions of dollars.

    No, the Koch brothers don’t have America’s best interests at heart.

  • It’s things like this which really anger the taxpaying public. This must be fixed by letting people compete in the market which HP is apparently trying to rig. The gov’t should also immediately change to save the money.

    The worst isn’t that somebody is trying to make a buck. It’s that everybody is paying through the gov’t and nobody there has a personal stake in saving money until the big bright light of the media hits them in the face with questions.

  • It always appears they are fighting to get the oil to market despite a tin-pot dictator’s desire to keep it. But, holding it off the market does keep prices higher and ensure it can eventually be brought to market when it’s necessary. When Kuwait was stealing Iraq’s oil and Saddam Hussein declared war on Kuwait [...]

  • My god, even illegal drugs aren’t ‘free market’. Just another monopoly with the governments finger in the pie.

    Maybe if the didnt interfere the business would have died off. But, think of all the U.S. cops it would put out of work.

  • Many, if not most, states have a balanced budget provision in their constitution. If a profligate legislature & governor decided to ignore that and the Court said they had a duty to balance their budget it could come to the same argument — that the Court can’t demand legislation.

    Interesting stuff.

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    Bush close to the Saudis and the Saudis close to Israel and the Saudis close to Osama bin laden & al Qaeda

    These dots connect to draw what picture?

  • Read The Woman Who Wouldn’t Talk which is about Susan McDougal. This isn’t new.

    What I want to know is *who* gave the orders.

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    We know to make the world economy go. GDP growth is better and corporate profits are very high. What we still have trouble with is regulating it and preventing lobbyists from changing things to screw it up and (the big one) creating a system whereby ordinary working folk get a good share of the pie [...]

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    So, the longer the fight goes on the more the Russians can sell arms in the region? Make it bloody for the Russians, so they have more incentive to end it quick. And, if they’re going to extend the suffering make them share in the cost of the humanitarian aid to nations like Jordan too. [...]

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    States may decide to clawback? How’s that Obama or the Dems?

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    If you’re serious about changing the world you must vote. There is no viable alternative in America. Want to regulate companies and the rich better? Want to change taxation law? Want to do more to protect the environment? Want to change the way wealth is distributed (after being produced by work), taxed, saved and so [...]

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    Dean Baker makes it very clear when he said:

    These changes have not been reflected in improved conditions for those at the bottom as minimum wage workers are more educated and experienced than ever.

    The infrastructure is making their start better, but the work place and the larger economic system do not enable them to move [...]

  • I can’t imagine how the people at these agencies think they get to decide their own mandate. It’s the job of Congress!

    But then, Congress hasn’t been doing its job very well recently. When Republicans don’t even think they have to show up it’s pretty pathetic.

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    I can’t say I’ve seen much of this group, but I recently watched (most of) a marathon of Breaking Bad. I was very impressed. I had previously watched Weeds, which is also about the drug business, but that was a comedy. They were both terrific with great writing and acting. Together they make an amazing story about something which is usually only horrific and tragic.

    The “best actress” and “best supporting actress” categories are amazing lists of very talented women. How can you pick one, just one?

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