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  • former US National Security Advisor Stephen Hadley proclaimed that the US government, via the CIA, should send arms to the Ukraine government then lie about it. Hadley made the statement after claiming to value honesty and calling Russia dishonest.

    And these Republicans are the same ones criticizing Pres. Obama about lying? Really?

  • In the recent elections it appears the electorate voted for Republicans and then also voted for all the Liberal ballot initiatives.

    Frankly, the public may be a bit confused.

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    25 people were arrested—for “incomoding

    Jeez, can you imagine the embarrassment if a friend asks why you’re arrested and you have to say “because I was incommoding”? Ouch!

    TX. Denton, TX “is where hydraulic fracturing was invented”. The community turned out to vote Tuesday—and voted to ban fracking, by 58% of the vote! And in spite of [...]

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    the D’s biggest deficit. They fail to put forth a vision for the future that engages the electorate

    It’s hard to put into a few simple terms, or even paragraphs, what the collection of ideas the Dems have really means. That’s one reason we usually hear policy speeches which focus on one small part of the [...]

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    I hadn’t heard/read that anywhere before now.

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    I suppose it reinforces the old idea that if you life big enough and often enough people will believe it. They just can’t believe you would say something that often and be lying about it because they would never do that themselves.

    Well, the Republicans have done everything they could to try to smear Obama and apparently some of the sticky spaghetti thrown against the wall has stuck in the minds of the voters. If this rules America then woe be unto all of us.

    I wonder if Thomas Jefferson, who said a well-informed electorate was required for a Democracy to work, would have recognized today’s well, but mal-informed electorate?

  • Obama decided to try and help Blue Dog Dems who are never going to admit they voted for him, never going to on immigration, and will never vote yes on any progressive issue

    I suspect immigration reform would be the first thing up for a vote in the House if the Dems take it over. But, the minimum wage increase would probably also happen the first day.

  • If it were true the rich don’t care who they support/buy, then why do the Koch brothers only support Republicans and mostly TEA partiers?

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    Under the high growth, high tax economies of FDR/Truman, JFK/LBJ and Clinton, the deficits shrank and the debt burden shrank as the debt grew slower than economy because high taxes on everyone coupled with lots of tax dodges that rewarded investments that created jobs, like fast depreciation of jobs to build factories and immediate write offs [...]

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    Bailout the people, not the banks

    Usually these days this kind of phrase refers to the “bailout” the banks received during the recession. Well, that was an emergency loan and it had to be paid back with interest. The public actually made money on all those transactions. But, to your point. If you don’t bail out [...]

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    returning the prosperity to the country that was enjoyed before economic collapse, and that would mean working people earning a living wage.

    How much wealth was lost by the 99%? Responsible behavior might actually mean helping them to recover what was lost. But, starting with getting them on a stable path with “earning a living wage” [...]

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    “In the end this is their fight.”

    Whose fight?

    It’s the fight of the Iraqis who favor a democratic gov’t who want control of their own country. It’s the fight of other peoples, such as the Kurds & Turks and Syrians and so on, who don’t want that kind of radical militant Islamic force in their midst.

    It’s ironic the story says that because the air attacks have them in Syria that it’s failing — since it was only a few days ago the talk was about ISIL being in Kurdish territory (which is eastern Iraq). Since when is pushing them back into Syria losing or failing? No, the stickier fight will be eliminating them inside Syria where there is such a mess.

    Still, if we’ve pushed them back into Syria it shows progress.

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    FANTSTIC post. I loved it.

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    American can help, but to achieve a lasting peace the Israelis and Palestinians must both want it. You cannot foist Peace upon peoples who have so much hate in their hearts they would rather see their children dead in the streets than give up on war against the hated dogs.

  • Obama and the democrats had the power to fix this depression but chose instead to,help the bankers and short,change the stimulus and help to homeowners

    Uh, claiming they chose to help bankers instead of fixing the economy is belied by the record: the recession ended about July-August of 2009.

    The bankers weren’t just handed money, they were handed emergency loans they had to pay back with interest. Some of the banks even complained they didn’t want them and they were forced to take them by Bush’s Sec. Treasury Paulsen.

    The size of the problem and the intransigence of the Republicans and the knowledge it would run up the federal gov’t debt led to the size of the stimulus.

    What were your suggestions of how they could’ve helped homeowners? I don’t recall any big suggestions in 2009 which weren’t utterly ridiculous.

  • Obama issued blanket pardons for the some 1,000 guilty bankers and CEO’s who cauysed the recession and most of them profited handily from their illegal activities.

    That’t the main thing I will never forgive him of

    What’s your proof he “issued blanket pardons”?

    BTW, if he had to prosecute all those bankers just think of the local small-town banks and other mortgage lenders who knew they were issuing junk and all those realtors who knew those homes were over-priced and their customers couldn’t afford them. How many tens of thousands are we talking about then?

    It was a massive disaster and the president’s first goal, as I understand it, was to get things back in working order to save us from total disaster — a depression worse than the 1930s.

  • now that Medicaid is allowed to “claw back” medical expenses from the poor who qualify for it, many heirs will find their parent’s assets gone, if they have any.
    Any other reason to hate the ACA even more would be hard to find

    And your evidence it is the ACA which added that to the law is…

    Democrats will change that to end ‘claw back’, would Republicans?
    It should be done now!

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    People fight each other and regularly send their young stronger men/boys to do that. They naturally get killed/martyred. Each is possibly also telling itself their cause is just, their God is stronger and they will win…eventually. Who knows the truth of this? And, really, does it matter. They are at odds and will settle it [...]

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    Well, it’s just another area where obama is incompetent. Nothing he does is guided by anything other than political expediency.

    Are you saying we don’t have an immigration problem needing attention? Huh? Everybody else recognizes there is a problem, even some Conservatives.

    He has no core fundemental right/wrong value system. So lies and truth are the same so long as they serve some political goal. He can say one thing while doing the opposite and not lose any sleep. Heck, he’ll go golfing.

    Immigration reform is about controlling our borders, keeping terrorists and undocumented people out, but letting in temporary workers (like migrant farmers) and letting in students who may want to stay and work after graduation. Do Republicans really oppose solving these problems? Apparently some dunderheads do and think it’s ‘right’.

    Obama is enforcing the border law more than anyone has and Republicans oppose him. Why? Do they not know what’s ‘right’ when it comes to law enforcement?

    Republicans who oppose the DREAM Act seem to think it’s right that young kids who know no other country than America and know no other language or culture should be deported. How idiotic is that? Don’t they know any better? Where is their sense of right and wrong on that?

    No, I trust Pres. Obama’s sense of ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ much more than the Conservatives and it’s nothing to do with politics. Maybe it’s just another case of Truth having a Liberal tendency. Maybe what’s right has a Liberal tendency too.

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    You don’t vote to just support a politician.
    You vote, so you can tell them what they should do.

    If you don’t vote other people will be heard by the politician and their interests may run contrary to your own.


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