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    Dammit! I mindlessly clicked on my TBogg link, just to be reminded you’re not here. I imagine this time will be the first of many.

  • As someone who remembers you from TableTalk and the crappy CNN message boards before that, it’s been a great run. The internets will be missing a whole universe worth of snark, so I guess we’ll just have to take things seriously from now on in.

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    The exemplar of right wing toughness is an imaginary fight against an incapacitated opponent.

    One imagines that Pawlenty was scared by a clown at a party as a child, and endlessly fantasizes about the time he will get even, but can’t, since he curls into fetal position whenever anyone ever mentions clowns. Which is awkward, since many people view him as one.

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    What amazes me about Nooners is how nobody ever calls her on her bugfuck craziness. I remember one of the sunday talk shows where there were talking about Wendy Davis, but then Noonan goes into one her trances, her eyes tightly clenched closed, and practically cries out in pain, lamenting that she’s the only one in the room that can see that she’s an evil babykiller. The other panelists just kind of shrugged it off, but frankly I would have laughed in her face.

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    Sorry, with all of the wide-eyed earnestness and credulity around here, sometimes it’s difficult to spot sarcasm.

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    Engines are NOT welded in place. They are typically on shock absorbing mounts, which are made of good old low tech rubber, often with a soft liquid center for absorbing a vibration. An engine solidly welded in place would rattle your teeth while driving. What usually keeps the engine from flying loose during a bad wreck in the integrity of the body surrounding it. the mounts will break away fairly easily. Often they will have another restraint system for the engine, but it usually isn’t needed, because anything which stops the car that quickly would be in front of the engine.

    There was a wreck at a NASCAR race this year, I think Daytona, where the engine got dislodged and flew towards the crowd. It was caught by the catch fence, but many pieces came off it and showered the crowd, causing a lot of injuries. And that was a race car, which is much better constructed than a street car.

    Basic physics, the engine is very dense and if something suddenly slows the car and isn’t in front of the engine, the engine is going to keep going. Newton’s second law and all that.

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    So long as McArdle volunteers to run point, I’m all for it. But I’ll hang back under cover and see how it turns out before I go in.

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    One of my coworkers is someone who believed the hype and thought the Romney surge was real and was going to sweep us all into a new conservative paradise. He got pissed off when I told him that Romney did well in the first debate, but peaked soon afterward and declined into irrelevance afterwards. He hasn’t been back to work after the election, and I suspect he’s just dealing with the fact that all of the people he believed in and all of the media sources he trusted were lying to him. I’m hoping that this helps him realize that he needs to get better sources of information and have a more realistic world view, but I kind of doubt it. The biggest tragedy about all of the Romneyworld lies isn’t that they believed their own bullshit, it’s that so many other people did and got screwed by them.

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    Even if they don’t concede Ohio, it’s over. Obama has 290 EV, which wins even without counting Ohio. Time to stop being a sore loser and concede, Willard.

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    Romney family refusing to leave their bunker. Somebody better get that dog out!

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    Akin’s bitter sore loser speech will live long as an example of why nobody likes the stupid motherfucker.

  • Well, here in the People’s Republic of Austin, TX, Capitol Metro is not charging any fare to ride the bus today. Clearly, they are bribing poor people with free bus rides.

  • I’d be pretty pissed if Romney won. I’m having a hard time believing there are enough stupid people to believe you can cut the deficit by cutting taxes 5 trillion dollars and increasing military spending by 2 trillion more. Or that you can trust someone who says something different every day of the week, and pretends that it was always their most sincere belief. Or that someone who outright lies about the auto bailout to try and fool people into voting for them is a good person. Shit, I’m depressed that he gets more than 10% of the vote.

    But riot? Nope. I might consider moving to a more sane country before the US becomes a third world hellhole, which would happen about the middle of Mitt’s second term.

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    Forget it, Jake. It’s Crazytown.

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    The weird bubble the right wingers live in is kind of creepy. The place where Romney is ahead in all of the polls and where people still care about Benghazi after Romney neutralized the issue with his horrible debate flub a couple weeks ago. I can’t wait until that bubble gets burst next week.

  • I it seems the stripes are distracting the skin’s receivers. This would a close game if they could catch.

  • Steeler’s throwback unis look like they’re the Beagle Boys. They’re after Scrooge McDuck’s gold!

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    I think Al Sharpton (!) had a good analogy last night. He was like a boxer whose corner has told him he’s ahead on points. He just waited for his opponent to get close and just clinched and held on until the referee told them to break. Again and again. This playing not to lose strategy didn’t work out so well for Obama in the first debate, but with the media in the tank for Romney it probably won’t hurt him too much.

    Romney’s big problem was the fact that he completely contradicted his well-known policy positions of the past year, and completely denied ever having them. Even the slow-witted are starting to notice the Etch-A-Sketch.

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    Most comets are just dirty snowballs, and they’re unlikely to have enough iron to make that work. On the other hand, there are a lot of asteroids that have a lot of iron. It just might work.

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    Never go full retard Ann.

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