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    I didn’t read all 50+ comments so sorry if someone beat me in pointing this out: to say Mittens is “not visibly scary or crazy” doesn’t seem entirely accurate to me: the desperate, phony attempt to seem likable that he projects in every interview seems pretty scary to me, as well as very reminiscent of W.

    We all know the cliche about the serial killer who everyone says after the fact was “a nice guy”, “seemed normal,” etc. I doubt that Mittens is a serial killer but there’s some bizarre pathology he’s covering up for, beyond the narcissistic sociopathy that all of our political class now displays. He’s not likely to ever be Preznit, but if so we’re sure to find there’s some Nixonian-level demons rattling around behind that pretty face.

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    Events like this provide a good Rorschach test of peoples’ political maturity and basic values. With that in mind I looked at some of the right wing websites.

    To their credit, Little Green Footballs denounced it. National Review online has NOTHING about this vicious attack, it simply never happened. Big government interfering w/ liberty is only a problem when it asks corporations to pay taxes or clean up the environmental disasters they create, not when peaceful protesters face brutal violence for merely expressing an opinion peacefully.

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    I’ve been participating in Occupy Oakland since Wednesday, the night after Quan’s police state fiasco, because if this kind of s*&t is allowed there will be no “Hope” (C), there’s already no change thanks to Status QuOBama. The fact that 3,000 people turned out on Wed. nite to re-occupy Oscar Grant Plaza and that the [...]

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    The One Percent’s little Stooges are busy explaining that things are fine, nothing to protest. Shorter Chip Johnson at the “liberal” San Francisco Chronicle, Occupy Oakland protesters are scuzzy 20-somethings who drink cheap hooch and might someday attack the police. They are threatening public safety with a First Aid tent! Oakland should shut this [...]