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    I’ll leave you with this from Human Rights Watch: Ukraine: Anti-Kiev Forces Running Amok

    (Berlin) – Anti-Kiev forces in eastern Ukraine are abducting, attacking, and harassing people they suspect of supporting the Ukrainian government or consider undesirable, Human Rights Watch said today. These forces, who call themselves the “Army of the Southeast,” seized control of the city [...]

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    Articles such as this make FDL into a joke. I know open penmanship is the sign of freedom for any venue, but this is just getting too much traction here. A good example is the “bait” argument here. Even as the originator includes the phrase “seem to be” to essentially make the claim as only [...]

  • The separatists are not going to agree to anything else short of total separation and annexation to Russia. Prohibiting locals in the East from voting just doesn’t make sense. The whole argument during the conflict has been about the interim government in Kiev, and now they are going to have a chance to vote in democratically elected President and his government again. The people in the east are still Ukrainians, even if the separatist ‘government’ considers the land independent. I don’t see how the world could pick their side on the voting matter.

  • If the issue is fixed, then it can’t be used for political football. So for sure, people will prevent it from getting fixed.

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    Ukrainian Steelworkers pushing out Separatists from Mariupul seems like the big story from there, today.

    Also, they will be spreading out to other towns and cities.

    Also there is some sort of TP rally in DC today…(10+ million expected by the rally supports, snort)

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    Still haven’t read through the entire report (so many words!), but some analysis from DSLreports does keep repeating the problems of paid-service, where you essentially get “free upgrade” paid for by the content provider (such as Netflix). Seeing as how this upgrade would need to be handled on the upper layers, the lower layers would not [...]

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    I haven’t read the most recent FCC-related statements yet, but the term “Pay to Play” refers to the Application layer. e.g. Netflix. Creating a separate “channel” or data handling of streaming content to separate it from regular packet data in general is applicable to the lower layers. I would say that there is maybe a [...]

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    Would it have been any different if it was a Norwegian oil company?

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    Ukraine Pushes On With Offensive as Russia Warns on Vote

    Rebels fighting for the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic said today that they’ll “burn and wipe out” Ukrainian forces unless they withdraw from the region by this evening.

    May 25th, mark it on your calendars.

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    Authorities Threaten to ‘Liquidate’ Crimean Tatar Council

    If the “violations noted above are not eliminated,” the “Crimean Tatar Mejlis will be liquidated” and “its activity on the territory of the Russian Federation will be banned,” [Natalya Poklonskaya] said.

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    Sounds to me like a false flag operation to justify Russian tanks in Ukraine.

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    Well, since all we can do is guess the future, here is my prediction:

    The separatists are not going to want to remain part of Ukraine, no matter who is in power in Kiev. Except of course themselves, but seeing as the separatists are still a minority even in the eastern Ukraine, that is not going to happen.

    So, the separatists are going to insist on breaking off and joining Russia. This is going to lead to Russian troops on the ground, without question, although it is likely that the involvement will be hidden, much like in Crimea.

    This will leave a very large population in eastern Ukraine with intent of remaining as Ukrainians in a dilemma. Do they stay and actually fight the separatists, or do they succumb to them?

    The west will likely reinforce western Ukraine to prevent it from getting invaded, but I do not see US or NATO going into eastern Ukraine, even if it becomes its own failed separatist state.

    UN may at the very end up sending in peace keepers, as a grand compromise between Russia and the west. But the east Ukraine will likely remain in a slow-burn civil war for many years to come between the local Ukrainians and the neo-Russians.

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    Speaking of history:

    The massacre took place in Volyn in the summer of 1943, under the leadership of a Ukrainian fighting force under the Neo-Nazi Ukrainian Nationalist Stepan Bandera

    In the summer of 1943, Bandera was in a German concentration camp for polilical prisoners, where he had been since January 1942. The Ukrainians do view him [...]

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    There is a fine line between ideologist and realist. Well, actually pretty big line. Right now the ideologists are playing right into the hands of those on the right who also want to repeal the law, but don’t want to replace it with anything more than the old broken system, or worse. If you want [...]

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    Yeah, but the are going to declare independence and become the new East Prussia. =0

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    It seems clear now from Putin’s remarks that Russia will not accept a NATO country on its border.

    Too late.

  • Sarin used in the “red line” crossing attack in Ghouta, Syria did not match known stockpiles held by the Assad government.

    If you follow the links/references, you’ll find absolutely nothing to support this statement.

    The plot thickens for the conspiracy nuts. For the rest of us in reality know that Assad is a dictator with horrible human rights record. He, along with his allies, did everything they could to prevent the investigation in the first place. If Assad had had his way, there would have been no investigation into the deaths, and he would still have his stockpile of Sarin gas. With Putin’s approval.

    It is only because of the Obama’s “posturing” that Syria had to give up it’s stockpiles, which is now universally accepted as a good thing.

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