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  • This dipshit reminds me of the bigot from Utah, Orrin Hatch, when made a whiney, stupid, and moronic statement expressing surprise when he said that he thought the Equal Access Act didn’t cover Utah schools from forming gay/straight alliances! He though it only pertained to bible clubs and such!

  • This is just another fictional front group for this hate group in a vain attempt to look legitimate, when in fact ALL of these front groups (like the so-called One Million Moms) are as fraudulent and fake as a three dollar bill!

  • That percentage will be even *smaller* this year, what with the traitors from ALEC/TeaBircher crowd passing all these voter restriction bills!

    These laws shrunk the time a Board of Election could send an absentee ballot and the days it would take for the BOE to receive the ballot in the mail.

    I wonder if these self-proclaimed “patriots” thought of that when there degenerates drew up these copycat bills? They keep spewing that their patriotism is *vastly* superior to everyone else, yet they draw up bills to *deny* these “brave and fearless heroes” tgheir right to vote!

  • Fuck that NO ONE should be going into that place and giving those racist perverts one more dime!

    The RPD has to answer for their blatant refusal to enforce federal law, so time to call the FBI and watch the hammer come down on *those* perverts too!

  • I agree with both Monica and M 1000%!

    These spoiled, rich, white gay men are what I would call “professional f@gs”, meaning they’ll sell out everyone — including their own blood family as well as their TLBG family — in order to keep their privileges, riches and false sense of security.

    I’ve said this in my guest lectures for both gay and black conservatives: Someone’s not gonna care that you make a six-figure salary, that your car is $50,000, your suit costs $1,000, your shoes are a few hundred and your $75 tie.

    All they see is a fa**ot/ni**er and NONE of your status is going to stop a bunch of thugs from hitting your head with an axe handle, then stomping you to a smear on the street.

  • I know one thing… if *I* was there and saw this obscenity, it wouldn’t have lasted three minutes unattended! A few gallons of gasoline and it would’ve made a nice flaming torch, not unlike the flaming crosses no doubt many of those inbreds dance around late at night…

  • I certainly hope the principal and the school district have deep financial pockets, because the mom of the little boy sure has a case for a multi-million dollar lawsuit!

    What’s up with these so-called “professionals” that they believe they have the right to violate a child’s civil rights like that! I’d like to see their reaction if *they* were forced to go through this for no reason!

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    I love the fact that these brainless perverts of the right wing use a pornography term to describe us, Autumn!

    Shows *whose* mind is really in the gutter, and it ain’t US!

  • I can’t *wait* for Sen. Frankin to tear the testimony of that bigot Parchal into little pieces so small, not even an electron microscope can’t find it!

  • You hit the bullseye with your first shot, Steve! This is something I’ve been bringing up for what seems like forever.

    But that attitude goes for *all* conservative minority groups, as well as those I call “professional f@gs”. They care not for the rest of us when they have a nice job, fancy apartment, expensive clothes, luxurious car, ad nausum.

    Why don’t they care about the homeless transkid on the street who sells themselves for just enough cash to get a ratty hotel room, food they’ve scrounged from a dumpster, and either a bottle of booze or a street drug?

    Why don’t they are about someone who’s been bullied all through school, and with no support either from the school and/or home because they can’t afford to fight the bigots off, goes out into the woods or a local park and completes suicide?

  • These nattering nabobs of negativism (thank you Spiro Agnew!) are jealous, insecure and downright cowards!

    You transitioned, Autumn and are absolutely allowed to wear the uniform appropriate to your gender.

    I don’t what it is with these fuckers who want to knock you down, but I have your back, sis and anyone who dares messes with you, messes with me as well!

    I may not have been able to adjust to military life (too much of a non-conformist!), but as Teddy said at the top — they aren’t worthy of shining your service heels.

  • Looks like that fat b@stard’s picking up where one of his predecessors (Cardinal O’Connor, may he burn in hell suffering from AIDS!) left off!

    Time for the moderate Catholics team up with the Reform Catholic Church and the Old Catholic Church and start taking over the parishes from the RCC and free the church from these parasitic, perverted, SOBs!

  • You have to remember dear that according to “Velveeta”, since *she* as Dr. King’s DNA and Coretta *didn’t*, that give this bigot supposed greater authority to speak about her uncle, and Coretta didn’t, because she was merely his wife.

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    Matt’s too much of a coward to do that, love! He’s all talk and no action.

    He wouldn’t step out of his delusional world long enough to take the challenge, because it would show him up to be a fool in the open.

    BTW… when will the FBI raid the Liberty Council’s HQ and arrest Bam Bam and his gang of bigots for helping Lisa Miller abduct her child, Isabella and having a supporter fly them to Guatemala in direct defiance of not one, but TWO state courts awarding Isabella to her other mother, Janet Jenkins?

  • I’ve been out as trans for decades now, and have been a vocal critic of the redfems for just as long.

    I see these hypocrites in the same light as Uncle Tom blacks who’ve never faced oppression, thus giving them the distorted belief that because they’ve “arrived” they’ll *never be bashed or discriminated, which of course is complete and utter bullshit!

    They’re also the reason *why* the backlash against women has been so successful — their condescending attitude and nose-in-the-air arrogance gave the sexist pigs in the GOP carte blanche to go on with their immoral agenda.

    I’m sorry to see Autumn, my sister and colleague be the target of such hate from these so-called “feminists”. To me, because I’ve been bullied almost all my life and lost way too many jobs, or not be hired due to my status, I really don’t five a flying f*uck about these warmed-over Second Wavers!

    My dear friend Joelle Ruby Ryan’s also been the target of these bigots, threatening her livelihood in the circle of Womens’ Studies academia, but he, like me, holds her head high (it’s *easy* for her, being 6’6″!) and carries on and fights back!

    Hang in there, Autumn… I have your back, and if you ever have need of a pitbull/bulldog bitch to watch your back, you’ve got her!

  • I’ve always sent an email to these news outlets when they hand Ferkins and his ilk slow-pitch softball questions asking the producers that when the next time they run a segment about blacks, will they have a Klansman on in full regalia as “balance” or when they do a segment on Israel would they put a member of Hamas or Al-Qedia on as “balance”.

  • Gee…. that also sounds reminiscent of the Klansmen in the pulpit who said not to vote for a “ni**er lover”!

  • Comperable to the myths surrounding other items supposedly up gay men’s rear ends: gerbils, light bulbs, ad nauseum.

    I agree with you 1000% that the religious reich/Christian Taliban are deluded into thinking they’re somehow superior to everyone else.

    Their pulpit masters have them believing that their faith and their piety is *so* superior to everyone else’s, they’re exempt from the biblical laws, even though they demand everyone else does!

    The anti-choice fanatics are a clear example! The Commandment states “Thou shall not murder”, yet these twisted degenerates, hopped up on rhetoric and hate, believe it’s perfectly fine to murder doctors and clinic workers because it so “save the babies”.

  • Typical coming from a professional gay, Maura! Selfish, arrogant, misogynist — in face they’re so much like the men behind the war on women that if it weren’t for the fact they’re gay, they’d be welcomed by the He-Man Woman Haters Club with open arms!

  • Agreed, Shane! Look at Nixon: he was listed as a Quaker, yet he served in the Navy during WW2 when virtually every Quaker refused to be drafted, and he to my knowledge ever went to a meeting while in public service.

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