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    I kicked off my closet door back in the 80s and haven’t looked back since.

    I’ve lost jobs, and I’ve had figurative doors slammed in my face when going for interviews so many times I gave up. I don’t live in the closet and I’ll be damned if go back in just to find work.

    I’m an activist, a rabblerouser, an organizer, and a fighter for allied causes.

    I go on hate sites like onenewsnow to refute the lies and distortions vomited by the hatemongers and bigots.

    I have an internet radio show every Monday from 4-5pm on transgender and allied issues because I want to make sure that our voices are not silenced, and that the deaths of my trans brothers and sisters are not forgotten.

    I go on to proclaim our victories and slam our defeats, because if we aren’t united in this fight: lesbians, bisexuals and gays — no matter what your economic status! — the bigots will pick us off one by one because we aren’t united, which scares the bigots to death!

    Thank you for your work, Autumn, Monica, Laurel, Kate, Leslie, Ethan, and all the other transfolk and allies doing what they can to advance our cause for equality.