• The reason there aren’t any *real* Republicans like Barry Goldwater, Eisenhower, Taft, et al is because they’ve been purged from the party.

    When Reagan allowed the fanatics from the religious reicht to infest the party, they began to infiltrate the state and county parties, using the *same* tactic a generation ago they claimed Communists would take over the country!

    Once the religious reicht were able to bring enough numbers to the table to oust the moderates then in power, they immediately began to impose a litmus test on every member and candidate, eliminating those who refused to goosestep in perfect unison with their twisted, perverted, and un-American agenda!

    Thirty years later, the religious reicht is on the edge of becoming completely impotent as a political and social bully, which is the reason for all of these last-gasp attempts of continuing the culture war, and losing badly!

    We of the progressive and liberal bent need to continue the pressure and not let up for one second until these immoral degenerates are finally ousted from power and the moderates can retake their party back from these theocratic fanatics — non-violently as possible!